CEOs Deserve to Make a Lot of Money: Average workers don’t own equally the risk it takes to run a business–Karl Marx never figured that out

It’s the same old communist push from progressives in the United States, politicians like Sherrod Brown from Ohio and Elizabeth Warren, the loser we know so well as the Indian claiming “Pocahontas.”  We’re talking about their positions on CEOs, that they make too much money, many times more than the average worker.  Whenever you hear some loser like them saying, “CEOs make 400 times more than the average worker, and that something needs to be done about it, what you are hearing is a know-nothing loser who has the economic maturity of a cat spaced out on catnip.  I address this issue in some detail in the supplied video but let me spell it out briefly.  CEOs make a lot of money because it is they who shoulder the risk for all the workers.  There is nothing wrong with being an average worker, but there is also a lot of safety in earning a living.  CEOs have no such comfort.  It is they who make a company successful or not, and it is they who own the risk for possible failure, of whether there is a job to even punch a time clock to.  There is no such thing as shared ownership of workers and creating a business, any business.  Such thoughts that they are in any way come directly from the works of Karl Marx and are picked up by loser politicians like Sherrod Brown and exploited purely for political purposes by the ignorant and purposely malicious. 

CEOs are great for society

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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