Bill Gates’ Sex Dungeons, UFOs and Covid-19: How to cover up the crimes of the century

The Only Way Out: UFOs

As sad as it is, I think the only way out for the government is to point to these alien stories so that they can tiptoe out of the corner they’ve painted themselves into.  The only rational reason that so many UFO stories have emerged recently is that the government attached itself to too many crimes and that people didn’t take the bait the way they were supposed to.  I wondered how the government would get themselves out of the mess they created with Covid-19 and the massive election fraud currently being uncovered through these many state audits.  These are all big stories, some of the biggest in the world, and now it appears they plan to bury these stories with the biggest story of them all, the possibility of life on other planets.  Since I brought it up the other day, many other people have responded with the same thoughts.  This story certainly has legs and may sound far-fetched.  But it is the only real option for so many complicit people caught up in the biggest scandals and crimes in history. 

We know about Bill Gates and his involvement in creating the Covid-19 crises with his massive funding because there are now frequent stories like the one from last week where special forces military are said to have raided the ranch he owns outside of Cody, Wyoming.  He supposedly had a sex dungeon there for little kids.  The tip came from his crazy wife Melinda, who just a few months ago was on the news all the time telling us how to live with Covid and how the world needed to get to zero emissions to save the earth.  Now we find out that things were so bad between one of the most powerful couples on the planet that they couldn’t stand each other—Melinda’s big problem with Bill’s relationship with Jeffery Epstein.  From there, things go down the rabbit hole pretty deep, and we get into all kinds of bizarre sex rituals and perversions.  Much of it, we’ll have no way of finding out the truth.  But what we do know is that the Bill Gates brand is forever destroyed.  In the past, no matter what was going on with Bill Gates, the rumors of depopulating the earth to save it from humans would have been discussed but not be taken very seriously.   Or Bill’s connections to the world elite who want to take over the world by governing the governments of all the major countries from the shadows.  That geek founder of Microsoft that we have had a fondness for is gone.

And that is what I was wondering at that outbreak of Covid.  I never thought of Covid as anything but a scam from the government meant to tamper with elections, and Bill Gates was involved from the beginning.  I thought it was quite a gamble for him even to be involved, but it was easy to see where it was going.  What I couldn’t quite get was what these people would do once they were caught, and let’s face it, most all the mainstreamers did get caught, and they are having a real hard time talking their way out of it.  This event certainly did bring down the Gates marriage and Bill Gates himself.  Before all this, he was respected.  There was always smoke, with some fire under it, but the Gates brand was one of the best in the world and kept it concealed.  He was well respected and could get on any television show to speak about climate change, as stories like this supposed sex dungeon that cost $36,000,000 under Irma Lake Lodge that Melinda leaked existed, not so much now.  Instead of being the friendly family from the Gates Foundation, which replaced the Clinton Foundation as the driver of all global socialism and was aligned directly with China communist activism, now Bill Gates is only known for being a connection to Jeffery Epstein, his good buddy obviously in gross, deviant ways. 

If you look into people’s lives like Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates, what you discover are people with warped minds who have a gross sense of sexual proclivity and get involved in politics to get access to targets of their sexual indiscretion.  They mean to hide their desires behind do-gooder foundations and invented global menaces like global warming.   People don’t call them out because they leave the back door open, hoping to get some of the money that these philanthropists give out like candy.   Even if such indiscretions are suspected, people seldom talk about them until the pressure of their crimes gets so great that somebody snaps, like it looks as if Melinda Gates did.  Then we learn something of the truth all along.  And that’s what I knew would happen after 2020, where people like Gates put his name on Covid and helped facilitate election fraud.  After Dr. Fauci told us all to hide in our homes like fools wearing masks to hide our faces so we couldn’t talk to each other, as they committed unspeakable crimes at the lab in Wuhan and used Covid as a cover story to keep it concealed, we know now that it was all to hide government crimes.  There are so many bad, terrible things that resulted that it left me wondering.

Now we know that the government’s alien stories are now admitting to what they plan to use to divert our attention away from the crimes they have committed.  Nothing would be more significant than learning that our government has been working with aliens for a long time and that we have some Full Disclosure event as John Podesta and Hillary Clinton have been wanting for years.  Did anybody notice that the Clintons have been wiped away from politics currently?  Is it because they are holding the matches to the fire creating all this alien smokescreen for the most significant crimes of the last thousand years anywhere on the earth? I’d say yes.  You have to look at these people not as normal human beings but as deranged losers who will do anything to fulfill their fantasies of power and control over others.  They aren’t like the rest of us, which is precisely how they get away with so much.  And if they ever do get into trouble, as Gates is now, they think so little of us that they count on the next shiny object to divert our attention to something they control, and that’s how they have been getting away with things over the many years. 

With Covid going away so fast, ironically just as fast as Bill Gates had to go into hiding and could no longer go on Sunday shows to sell the fake dangers of Covid-19, UFO stories came to replace the covers of crime that these losers had been hiding under.  UFO stories were meant to replace those cover stories just long enough to tiptoe out of that painted corner they had trapped themselves into.   But this time I think it’s not going to work.  They went too far and did too much.  The media culture they controlled is sinking in a changing world, and people have not been distracted this time by the next shiny object.  People who have survived all this are pretty tired.  One thing that China should have learned is that Americans are not like the Chinese.  While the Chinese people will follow directions without question, Americans will show compliance until they can figure out how to undermine the people who want to control them.  That wasn’t clearly understood at the start of Covid; now it’s all blown up in their faces.  Which then only leaves UFO stories to shield them from reality.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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2 thoughts on “Bill Gates’ Sex Dungeons, UFOs and Covid-19: How to cover up the crimes of the century

  1. The government of the USA is infiltrated by the Mafia. The Mafia was once the 2nd Gov in the USA, now it is the Gov. Look at Mafia Princess Pelosi, Mafia Cuomo Brothers, ad nauseam. Killing, racketeering, extortion, etc.


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