The Evils of Consensus Building: Its happening to you every day to cover massive government crimes

Consensus Building is Evil

There is a pattern to all the evils we are witnessing for those who haven’t noticed yet.  But it isn’t new; I’ve published hundreds and hundreds of articles on the topic, which can be found with an easy search of my site here.  About a decade ago, we called it The Delphi Technique, a method of building consensus among groups of people in school districts toward justifying progressive budget justifications.  They have since changed the name of it to many other things. Still, consensus building is now the primary objective in just about every social behavior. It means that the government has chosen to manage mass groups of people with a very top-down communist approach, which is very unsatisfying, even to people who lean to the political left.  The reason is that consensus building is designed to apply peer pressure on the participants to act against their intelligence and individual ability to think.  The intent is to make it clear to all that whatever decisions are made are for the good of all, not the satisfaction of the few.  Its collectivism 101 and is now used in every social interaction that we have.  Media heads are using consensus building to establish that there was no voter fraud in the last election.  Or that we should trust everything the CDC told us about Covid-19.  Or that we should elect politicians who are friendly, not practical.  Critical race theory is just another consensus-building exercise meant to establish in our minds that Democrats are here today in the 21st century standing to fight slavery.  They will never teach in public schools that Democrats held slaves and fought a war to keep them as the American Constitution sought to free them under Republicans.    

Most people have from their birth a certain level of trust in others that their intellects have never matured into thinking on their own.  This leaves them particularly vulnerable when it comes to manipulative people who try to sell them cars, condos, or big government plans created by rich billionaires meeting in Davos so they can do what all A-Type personalities since the beginning of time wanted to do, rule the world.  In public schools, consensus building was always used to justify the out-of-control spending school boards and the labor unions present to the public that has to pay for all the nonsense, in business its to mitigate the needs of management to conduct a business when labor unions demand the façade of being joint owners of the management activities from the perspective of the worker.  That is usually when a company must hire a consultant to defend production from the social expectations of communism which has seeped into the foundation of every labor union and is as anti-American has to put a communist flag on a front porch instead of an American one.

The premise of consensus building is to convince people, such as in a jury of our peers, to agree on what is presented despite their personal beliefs.  We accept that what’s good for the many is best for the whole, and if you are an offshoot of thinking, you need to get with the program.  That is essentially what lawyers do in court; they build consensus toward the guilt or innocence of their clients.  If jurors ever want to go home from deliberation, they will have to reach an agreement with their peers.  That is very democratic, but our nation was never intended to be anything but a republic.  We elect representatives to cover us in the legislative process so we can do other things.  But rule over the affairs of our country is not majority rule as they say in democracy. It’s meant to let logic reign supreme and let individual input debate the premise of a collective mass and to convince thinking people to change their minds, perhaps.  Consensus building is hidden behind the same intent; only the goal is to prove a preconceived notion and then inject it into a group setting and drive approval among that group through consensus building, surrendering their private thoughts to the thoughts of the mass group. 

The psychological goal of wearing masks by government mandate during the recent Covid experiments where governments worldwide were testing what they could get away within the public was that the masks were meant to build consensus.  No matter what you thought of the virus, the act of wearing the masks was forced compliance to admit that there was a threat to our society.  If you didn’t believe that the virus was deadly, you would be forced to think the government could put you in jail for not wearing one or that they could destroy your business, your life, and everything you would ever hope to be.  So you had to accept some level of danger, allowing the government to build a consensus in society.  Once that was established, when the subsequent crises came along, people were already trained to accept the consensus-building efforts on a mass scale, which in America was accepting election fraud.  It’s no accident that all the media outlets and government participants, even in the GOP, were trained to accept without question that any mention of election tampering was taboo and off the table.  Many people have been trained to think that individuals must sacrifice for the greater good; they bought into their self-preservation technique.  That is the point where Liz Cheney got into trouble along with Mitch McConnell.  They may have thought something different about the election results or saw that the attack against Trump helped them with their political futures, so they came to a consensus on the matter for all those reasons and more. That’s how consensus-building is used to cover up crimes when in fact, we should be using thought and intellect to expose crimes. 

That is why it is evil to utilize consensus building in any endeavor.  Getting along in society is not more important than uncovering any truth, whether the topic is UFOs flying around or election fraud.  As thinking human beings in a representative republic, we should always seek intellect over the agreement.  Self-interest will allow the best idea to surface through debate.  But to bend society to the will of the masses and use consensus-building tricks to expose the weaknesses of our childhood training into a cover-up of mass crimes and budget overreach is pure evil.  The scheme is being used to perpetuate massive criminal intent by the world’s governments by making innocent people complicit in the process.  And that is where we find ourselves today.  These consensus-building tools are not new, but their variants have moved from something you could name like The Delphi Technique to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.  Those are not methods of communication as much as they are consensus-building tools on a mass scale to take local opinions and connect them to the world at large, not for the enhancement of communication, but to attach the individual mind to the masses of group consensus.  If people disagree with you, they can criticize you just as they might in high school, where many people learned consensus-building social behavior through a simple rewards system.  Do what the masses say; they will like you.  Buy the popular jeans, be at the big party or be chastised, or even take the latest drugs, drink too much alcohol, or be labeled a freak.  Now that is done on Facebook to hide crimes of government and their meddling in our elections.  And that is why consensus building is a vast evil that needs to be eradicated, but before we can do that, you have to know, dear reader, that it is happening every day, and to you directly, just about everywhere you go.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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