Liz Cheney Did it to Herself: Taking a stand supporting election fraud isn’t a good idea

It is baffling that Liz Cheney would think she has the gas in the tank to run for president in 2024.  At best, she might be a 3% of the Republican Party kind of girl.  I mean, these people are in the Beltway, they talk to the consultants who get paid to only think about these things, yet she and Mitt Romney types of people believe they have a chance in this world of politics when there are options like Trump out there.  Or Ron DeSantis.  Liz comes from an astute political family. As I said in the video above, she should know what kind of role her father played in the Bush administration and understand why we liked Newt Gingrich and his Tyrannosaurus Rex skull that used to be in his office.  Americans who are voting for the GOP don’t want someone who “gets along” with members of the Democrat Party.  Most voters see that the Democrat Party is the enemy of our way of American life, and they’d like to see all of them destroyed.  They don’t want bipartisanship; they want victories.  And the position that Liz Cheney has taken after the presidential election of 2020 is highly destructive to her brand.  No matter how much she or the media insist that there wasn’t election fraud that kept Trump from being elected president for a second term, she is obviously out of step with how GOP voters think.  And she and they should know by now that taking Trump away is not the way to pave the way for her run for president.  Taking the best person away doesn’t, by default, make it achievable for her to run automatically.  Liz Cheney shows just how out of touch many politicians are, and they shouldn’t be.  They should know better, not less.

Anybody with half a brain knows that there was massive voter fraud in the last presidential election.  First of all, the math doesn’t add up.  Joe Biden can’t get 80 million votes, the most in history for any presidential candidate.  The voters just weren’t there.  For Democrats over 70 million, we need to be looking at making up votes by political operatives.  We have seen our own FBI getting in on the action of presidential coups, so just by looking at the behavior of some of these flawed characters, we can see that the intent to commit voter fraud was undoubtedly there.  Facebook and other social media companies used their platforms to push the Russian narrative in the last election to set up the election fraud story in their favor.  While everyone was looking at Russians and Trump unjustifiably, the media companies were making deals with China to steal the 2020 election because they knew there was no stopping Trump.  They had to cheat, and they knew they had to hustle even to have a chance. I’ve been all over this country and in several cities within it.  I’ve talked to many people.  There is zero chance that Joe Biden won 80 million votes.  So for Liz Cheney to hope for honesty in the presidential election show extreme ignorance on her part, something the rest of the GOP is learning not to do.  She is part of that old guard who believes that believing in the system is more important than standing for something people can vote for.

There is this issue of the Biden Justice Department sweeping in to stop the Arizona election audit because they know what will be found.  Already in Maricopa County, it has been discovered that the Board of Supervisors deleted most of the evidence from their records on subpoenaed materials that were supposed to be turned in to Senators ten days before the auditors could get access to them.  Of course, there isn’t evidence of these crimes because the people in charge deleted the evidence.  Well, in my book, deleted evidence is evidence.  If they don’t want you to see what they are trying to get rid of, there’s a reason why don’t you think, dear reader?  Destroyed evidence is still evidence; it’s evidence of “intent.” But that’s not all; it’s just one story of thousands emerging regarding similar actions all across the country anywhere that digital voting machines counted vote tallies in the last election.  In truth, there is a lot of evidence; it was recorded that the 2020 election was the most significant cybercrime in the history of the world and that China was at the center of it.  They were at the center of Covid, and they were at the center of stealing our election and giving it to Joe Biden so that they could have an easy guy to beat on the world stage.  And yes, there is plenty of evidence in computer analysis gathered on the night of the election hour by hour.  It’s at least enough to have a court hearing on the matter.  But instead of going to court to defend the actions of the cheaters, the cheaters are trying to attack the issue out of court, destroying any evidence they can get to and attacking the people gathering that evidence. Hence, they never plan to go to court because if they did, they would be slaughtered.

Liz Cheney and other mainstream Republicans should know and understand this situation.  They could remain open-minded to the various options.  They don’t have to take the Trump line on the matter.  With a crime this big done within our intelligence agencies and political parties, taking a position that values more the public belief in our election system without there being an acknowledgment of the problem is far more dangerous. It is why Liz Cheney finds herself in trouble and losing power.  She did it to herself.  By declaring as she did, and Mitt Romney did, or Mitch the Bitch did, they showed the world that they care more for how things look than how they are.  To be worried that exposing election fraud is more dangerous than accepting it says everything. When you have to look at the politicians themselves, they are more interested in the perks of the job and the social structure of it than in being effective at that job.  They want the good ol’ days where they could lie to people, and everyone would go back to sleep.  They have not admitted to themselves that the point of the Trump election was that people, voters, were tired of being lied to.  They were tired of this system that did not represent them.  They are tired of losing to other countries like China.  They are tired of it all, and people knew it before the election, and those who want that system to continue conspired together to cheat and hope they might get away with it.  And Liz put herself front and center on the issue by building her entire political platform on protecting that cheat and trying to divert attention to the riots on January 6th from angry people who are just getting madder.  Somehow, she thought she would be popular enough to run for president, which only shows the level of ignorance that we are dealing with regarding those traditional types of Republicans.  Politicians like Liz Cheney put the system over what the system was created for, the management of our government.  Instead, she is willing to accept massive crimes to protect her perception of what value she brings to the management of that government.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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