Why to Buy a MyPillow Product: Mike Lindell’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel

Mike Lindell did great on the Jimmy Kimmel Show

I can understand why Mike Lindell went on Jimmy Kimmel to face an obvious hit piece against him. I’ve been there myself on a more local issue, but I can certainly relate to the danger of doing so.  Mike has had a rough life, mainly because of his actions.  He has an addictive personality which he filled with crack and cocaine abuse.  I was turned off by Lindell for a long time and resisted buying any of his MyPillow products because of it.  But because of all the excellent work he has done with and for President Trump, I have let him in, and I now have lots of MyPillow products in my home and RV. They are excellent products, they do make me sleep great, and I want to keep supporting Mike Lindell in his efforts because what he has done with his new wealth is some great good.  He has been one of the leading advocates of election fraud that has cost him a lot.  Most of the box stores have removed MyPillow products from their inventory which is a standard action that liberals all have.  They mean to destroy any company that does not agree with them, and that was what culminated in Jimmy Kimmel inviting Lindell on his show to attempt to make a fool of the MyPillow inventor.  Mike Lindell did the one thing he could have done to deal with such a challenge.  He went on the show and attacked the problem rather than let the problem attack him.  I think he did such a great job that I’m going to buy a few more pillows from the former drug addict, the now-born again Christian, and leading voice of redemption for the 2024 Trump presidential campaign. 

Watching the interview with Kimmel, which Lindell features on the front page of his new Frank Speech.com social media site, is the standard to make friends with the guest so that you can lower their defenses yet attack and make fun of them as some extreme personality.  Kimmel meant entirely to shame Lindell into some admission that he’s a freak with a fried brain that couldn’t be believed of anything regarding allegations of election fraud.  But Kimmel is part of a larger story, the corporate story of an attempted coup where they took over our election process and put a puppet in place that they moved the mouth and expected us not to notice. Kimmel’s job, which is why he has a late-night show anyway, is to establish cultural norms through comedy to build social consensus.  Lindell has been funding the efforts to root out election fraud, and now things are getting hot, particularly in Michigan and Arizona.  The plan was to be well past all this by now.  Because of the wealth of Mike Lindell, he has the financial resources to have these investigations.  Since the government won’t audit themselves, Lindell has used his new power and influence to get the message out on his own through his funding and launch of the latest social media site to compete with Facebook and Twitter.   Now that he has, many millions of people are now seeing what they suspected was always there, fire under the smoke of election fraud. 

So it was Kimmel’s job as a member of that corporate media to bring Mike on his show and ridicule him into hiding.  You would be surprised how common all this is.  It’s not the kind of thing that gets discussed in everyday conversations, but most of us are well aware of its presence in our lives.  It’s one of those over-the-shoulder things that haunts most people in everything they do.  Kimmel, during the interview, went well out of his way to paint Lindell as a person still affected by crack addiction which is why he couldn’t accept the election results of the 2020 presidential coup.  There isn’t any other way to talk about it.  The election was an attack that should insult all of us.  It certainly wasn’t a fair and honest election.  But much to his credit, Mike Lindell was slick and very optimistic, and he was able to overcome all the opposition against him on that remarkable show. I’d advise anybody concerned with these kinds of things to study how Lindell handled himself with great humor and humility. I’ve been in that exact kind of spot before, as I referred to earlier. I’m not a very humble person and never plan to be.  I don’t do drugs, I have never done drugs, and I work my ass off every day of the week, including Saturdays and Sundays, before the sun is up and well after it goes down.  I don’t have room in my life for losers like Jimmy Kimmel, and if put in the same situation would have had a confrontation with the comedy host.  However, due to his past, Lindell is very humble, and it was just the right formula to turn the tables on Kimmel and keep the interview very positive.  Mike won supporters, which wasn’t the plan of the Jimmy Kimmel Show.

The Proof is Clear on Election Fraud

Over the past week, Lindell continued to do well for the cause by hosting a rally at Mitchell, South Dakota, in the famous Corn Palace.  It was a great event with thousands of people who showed up to support the launch of the Frank Speech social media site, which is coming on after a lot of trouble launching.  The media reviews of the event were horrendous; they are worried that Lindell will disrupt their plans, nothing seems to be stopping this born-again religious Christian, and I am having fun watching it.  They can’t seem to find anything to take away from him.  Usually, with these kinds of big-time business owners, they (meaning the villains of election fraud) find some weakness, something you care about and exploit it socially to keep you from doing more of what you do that makes them worry.  But what can you take from a guy who puts 100% of his trust in God and feels that the money he has made from MyPillow is a tool to bring justice to the world?  What can they take from Mike Lindell when only a few years ago, he was looking for crack crystals in the carpet of his apartment for one more hit that he was desperately craving because he had lost it all?  He knows what losing everything means, and he’s not in fear of it now.  Mike Lindell isn’t about the opulent lifestyle his new wealth could give him; he’s about justice, which has these evil people in the government and the media very worried.  There may be only 1 Mike Lindell out of millions of people, but that’s the truth of all these things.  It only takes one to bring it all down.  It only takes one sperm to conceive a baby.  It only takes one person to give birth to a revolution, local, national, or globally.  From my position, I see Mike Lindell as one of the most critical people on the face of the planet.  The least anybody could do is to buy a MyPillow product from the guy and keep this new revolution of justice going because it is the future wave of freedom and liberty.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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