Never in America: China is at war with us

America Can’t be Taken Over

We know now that China is at war with us.  Many people who read my site have long known it, but now the mainstreamers are getting a taste of it and are scared.  China and other hostile players worldwide are angry at America; they are looking to topple our country.  They don’t like that people want to leave their countries to come to America through immigration.  They don’t want to compete with America and utilize a new kind of warfare to destroy us.  And if all the hostilities between the nations weren’t bad enough, the use of criminal cartels is pecking away at us to weaken us for the big event.   Americans in reaction have been talking about fighting back, but what do you fight back against?  Since childhood, we are all taught that combat involves something you can shoot at and be visibly angry about.  But these villains these days are not so easy to see.  There is no galvanizing Hitler among them.  Only smiling faces from our enemies and offers to co-mingle.  Yet that is part of their plan too, to fight us on terms they enjoy, not on terms we understand, and in those moments of indecision, they mean to destroy us totally and completely.  Those who don’t see the fight and want to believe that somehow, we can all get along are the people these enemies are targeting.  The combat is unlike anything any of us have been trained for.  Our childhood stories and media culture didn’t prepare us for it.  Yet, we still must find a way to win.

For me, I am 100% certain we are going to win. I’ve seen enough of the enemy from the 2020 election to consolidate my thoughts on the matter.  It’s clear as a sunny day for me.  It won’t be without effort.  It certainly won’t be easy, but when you know who your enemy is, you can then devise a way to beat them.  And in this case, I can certainly see their weaknesses; it’s in concealment, hiding just out of reach.  Now that we know that beyond speculation, we can learn how to strike them and end their plans.  Yet, many people are now presently terrified of where our country is.  They thought America was unsinkable, like the Titanic.  And now they can see the water filling up the ship for sinking.  That is precisely the psychological approach that China intends for us.  They mean to shock us into stagnation so we can sit rudderless at sea and fall to the bottom of a deep ocean, never to be heard from again.  That is how they plan to put down their riots in Hong Kong.  That is how they mean to take over Taiwan and acquire Japan.  China has global domination plans, and if they can get rid of the United States, they will have an open door to all their hopes and communist dreams.  But they are smart enough to know that America is far more robust than they are, so to beat us, they must defeat us without a physical conflict.  And that starts from rotting us from the inside out.

That is where they don’t understand Americans.  The quest for freedom has been a long one, and America was formed out of that basic human need, and once people see their freedoms eroding, they do rebel.  We can see that now with the mask mandates being lifted.  The Biden administration can do nothing because several GOP governors are lifting all their Covid restrictions well before the July 4th deadline ruining the Democrat platform for restoring normalcy to our society.  Democrats representing the China aggression in the world essentially needed to have the government put itself between disaster and lifestyles, and it hasn’t worked.  People grew tired of Covid and started breaking ranks. They gave the government the benefit of the doubt, and when the Biden administration tried to milk Covid out longer, people took matters upon themselves.  Not everyone, but enough to break the ranks.  The same thing is happening over the election fraud issue. All government-aligned elements, the corporate intentions to align with China strategically for the future, the social media platforms to set up the story that no voter fraud occurred—yet competition is emerging.  Mike Lindell’s Frank Speech site has come about to undo the Facebook tampering that was supposed to be a sure thing for the Chinese insurgents.  They had tampered with elections for a long time and previously used the Russia story to tire everyone on the topic before the real questions could even be asked.  The proof of voter issues from Mike’s site is getting a lot of attention and is gaining steam, which like Covid, will see a day soon where the story gets out of control, and China will not be able to contain it.

The voter fraud issue has been done in China, Russia, North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, and many other places for years.  And they tried it in America by building up a decade of trust in social media like Facebook and Twitter for free.  Then on some future election, they would flip the switch and steal an election once they thought they had everything in place.  The problem for them is that America is not a compliant society, and it never will be.  Americans are friendly, maybe a little gullible.  But they will never give up their freedoms.  Some will, but not the whole nation the way China is compliant, or the people of England are.  America is way too diverse for complete control. That is what we are seeing as a reaction to Covid, election fraud, even the power of the Democrat Party by outright socialists and communists now.  The insurgents from China and other places do not understand Americans, and they are currently unsure what to do based on their observations of our behavior.  President Trump was never supposed to happen; people were supposed to stay scared of Covid-19.  They were supposed to trust their government officials and remain locked in their homes wearing stupid masks.  What China sees now was not supposed to happen.

China was never going to attack 300 million gun owners directly like in Red Dawn.  They had to attack our culture instead, and they started with our education system.  We have trained our youth into our destruction.  We see the damage from years of this behavior, yet enough Americans resist by creating options for themselves that conquest is not possible.  People are now homeschooling more than ever before.  They are fighting their school boards over critical race theory.  They are boycotting corporations that are sucking up to the Chinese communists.  Americans are coming alive and taking ownership of their lives in a way China wasn’t prepared for.  And the Democrat party wasn’t ready for the response either.  Seeing the resistance firsthand, it’s not the riots in the streets like their party engages in. Instead, what they are seeing are people who don’t care about their political class.  People do not like Biden.  They didn’t vote for Biden.  And now they are ignoring him as if he didn’t even exist.  This has left the Chinese perplexed, for none of this was in their plans.  And that is how we beat them by doing what they didn’t think of.  Which is precisely in our nature and why we will never be conquered. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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