Taxation is Theft: Today’s Democrats are no different than the robber outlaws Jesse James and Al Capone

The tax push by Joe Biden is such an insult, to demand that we pay more money for the terrible services that the government provides displays so arrogantly what the system intends.  It’s robbery and nothing less.  And to review the history of Democrats, this is how they’ve done it for years.  A simple study of history will show that most of the biggest criminals in history were Democrats, most notably, Jesse James who used to hold up banks and trains and justifying the action as activism against post-Civil War reconstruction.  Only now, they don’t even do the work of actually robbing us with gunpoint.  They just use the IRS and the power of the military to conduct their theft of those who work, and create value in society so that they can give that wealth to the degenerates of liberalism to spend on their vast evils in the world.  It’s the same game that Jesse James played only now Stacy Abrams and others have learned to rob everyone legally, by stealing votes through Covid inspired voting law changes so that any voice that people did have to control how tax money was spent could be eliminated. 

Notice how in the Trump election of 2020 that even Republicans wanted to move on from any discussion of voter fraud.  That is because they understood the theft game that was at play.  If people didn’t believe that they could control their government through a vote, then they might get mad.  Yet we learned in 2020 that Democrats just like any bank robber or train hold up will do what they want regardless of who opposes them.  And Republicans didn’t have the guts to stand up to the robbers.  They couldn’t admit to themselves that what was happening with the voting cheats was the ultimate insult so they chose not to look at it so that they could continue the illusion that government is good and their role in it worthwhile.  But early in the Biden presidency, we are all seeing precisely what we expected, an out-of-control political party that is intent to raise taxes which is essentially legalized theft.  The money isn’t going to our use of government services, but for the insatiable hunger that government has for spending and acquiring power with the money they have confiscated from the voting public.  So long as Democrats control the vote through early voting, mail-in voting, and signature ID, no matter how many Republicans vote for the restraint on tax money, Democrats will always be able to override the opposition by making up votes.  It’s no different than when Jesse James and his brother and various gangs with the Youngers would rob trains all for the righteous purpose of fighting Republican radicalism that was forcing the South to give up their slaves and turn them to free people. 

Democrats and some Republicans in on the theft game expect the IRS to replace Jesse James and the concept of law to replace the gun in our faces, but what they intend to do with the money is the same.  The stolen money will be spent on indulgence, whores, and luxury for the criminals at the expense of the honorable and noteworthy.  Just as in the days of the Old West, we are expected to put up our hands and give over our gold watches, our homes, even our very children for the offerings of peace that the robbers will give us if only we just cooperate.  The taxes that the Biden administration is demanding are for things no sane person would want, especially funding abortions, drug migrations into our country poisoning our youth by border crossings, and funding communist efforts around the world.  But we aren’t supposed to ask those questions.  We are supposed to participate in a vote to feel like we have some say in the matter, but the Democrat machines run by activists like Stacy Abrams in Georgia will produce the election results that are needed to set up the train robbery so that Democrats stay in power and can loot off the rest of us unchecked and without recourse. 

That is what Joe Biden is saying to us when he says he wants to raise taxes on the “rich” and corporations.  Any money wasted by the government for actions that people don’t support through honest elections is no different than a train robbery by Jesse James or any other outlaw in history. Another Democrat, Al Capone of Chicago is still followed today and through the works of Saul Alinsky have made up the essence of the modern Democrat Party.  So, the Jesse James example isn’t unusual.  Sometimes it makes things clearer to strip away all the modern trappings and view things for how they are, which is what we have here.  Open theft by criminals using political activism to hide their true intentions—theft from those who work hard and have money.  The Democrats want the same thing Jesse James wanted, a compliant bunch to rob so he wouldn’t have to kill them for noncompliance.  But that is the message to us now, to comply with the orders of the robbers only this time the thieves are an established government who now make up the rules we all are expected to live by.   The reason Democrats want to measure history only back to the Civil Rights era of the 60s is clearly to hide their criminal past where their roots were in the KKK and criminal outlaws like Jesse James and Al Capone.  Their strategy started with hijacking the Civil Rights movement so they could completely undo reconstruction and become government to protect their desires to rob society of everything they took a notion to utilize.

Someone told me the other day that going back that far in history to measure and reference modern behavior was not practical.  I argue otherwise.  We still refer to our American Revolution and use a Supreme Court to interpret the laws made up by our Constitution, written during that period.  For the same reason that Jesse James tried to cut off the Pinkerton’s from investigating their robberies and for all the hostilities that the law represented to their actions, modern Democrats are no different and their goals are just the same—to undo law and order, to gain power through chaos and to enrich themselves by their activist actions.  Republicans play their part as the bank manager who simply does what they are told and hold up their hands to avoid being killed.  It’s not guns anymore that they use to hold up the banks and trains, now it’s cancel culture.  But the intent is no different.  The motivations to confiscate wealth from the rich and give to the poor are no different than the outlaws of the Old West or the evolution of those criminals into the mobs of Chicago and most every other blue-run city. And eventually, over time, the criminals sought to commit their crimes by becoming the government and thus writing the laws that they controlled so that they no longer had to do the work of holding up banks at gunpoint.  They simply now use the IRS to demand the money be sent straight into their pockets.  And that is the cold hard truth of taxation in America and the motivations for doing so.  It’s not a patriotic duty to pay taxes, it’s just submission to a criminal enterprise. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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2 thoughts on “Taxation is Theft: Today’s Democrats are no different than the robber outlaws Jesse James and Al Capone

  1. We know we have criminals at every level of government; from the school board to the presidency. Unfortunately, each level has financial support from individuals with self interests, unions, special interest groups such as Chambers of Commerce, corporations, lobby groups etc. How do we fight these groups? How do we enforce term limits? I would suggest we start with school choice. Currently public schools are indoctrination centers. The nationally organized unions are in control. Most of these unions are controlled by Moscow trained enforcers. Who authors the mandatory books and curriculum? All coming out of the leftist controlled Department of Education. We are losing our children and our country.


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