The FBI Pushing Socialism on Netflix: “Operation Varsity Blues” hidden truth

A Review of Operation Varsity Blues

I would recommend the Netflix documentary Operation Varsity Blues highly although there is a lot of information that shows a very dark side to the role our government plays in the manipulation of our lives.  That wasn’t the point of the movie, it was meant to make people angry that the college admissions system wasn’t fair.  What I saw in the movie was more FBI activism and a heavy dose of socialism selling by Netflix than anything.  But the production values were high, it was entertaining, and I learned quite a lot.  The most amazing thing to me, and I hear this same kind of thing from everyday parents wrapped around the axil of guilt for any wealth they have managed to gain for their lives, that guilt coming to them from socialist influences looking to tear all that down in our capitalist society, that those same parents want desperately to get their kids into a good college to justify everything.  They think, and this is what drove the college admissions scandal in Operation Varsity Blues, was the prestige that the helicopter parents could tell their friends and neighbors providing their kids with a good opportunity, was more important than being a good parent.  I try all the time to tell parents like these shown in the movie, your kids want your time and love.  They don’t want a mechanical placement into the jaws of society systematically intent to bend to peer pressure which comes from the governments of the world toward aims that serve those same governments, or the people who fill their pockets with fundraising dollars.  Kids just want love and a parent who has good things to teach them.  It’s not hard, yet by the time you finish with this movie, you wonder if such hope for children is ridiculously naive. 

Yet it was again a radicalized FBI mired in scandal at the time the Operation Varsity Blues event was happening.  The FBI had been caught trying to cause of coup of President Trump both before and after the election of 2016.  Comey had gone down in flames manipulating FISA warrants and orchestrating the Russian Dossier that was at the center of the expensive Mueller Report.  The FBI was also under attack for covering up the Hillary Clinton email scandal as well as getting caught not looking into the Hunter laptop which they knew was a problem early in Joe Biden’s campaign for president prospects.  By all appearances, they did not open much of an investigation into that issue to protect Daddy Joe in hopes that he might become president.  The selling of office power didn’t concern the FBI to foreign governments, yet we are to believe that the FBI was hard at work looking into these parents who wanted to get their kids into elite colleges with a sting operation that took a lot of effort and man-hours, as shown in the Netflix film.  From my viewing, the FBI intrusion was pretty petty.  They were essentially intruding on a free market need.  If the parents valued those schools so much that they were willing to spend millions of dollars to get their kids into those schools, what’s the problem?  Selling political influence to foreign nations like the Biden’s had been doing seems like a much more serious problem. 

However, that’s the point of this Netflix movie.  Their point in making the film was first to show that evil rich people were able to get their kids into colleges over other kids and that a more equal approach was needed.  It was essentially an argument for socialism in the admissions process.  Then the second point of the film was to explain that one college wasn’t any better than another college.  The important thing to the filmmakers is that people pick a college and go to it.  Don’t try to get into Yale, Stanford, or USC.  They all teach communism and socialism to students, so pick one and go.  Don’t get hung up on status symbols.  It was the kind of argument that I might even make, except I would say that college isn’t necessary, where they very much want people going to their liberal institutions for instruction.  What they want to do to college is to make them all equal which is a not-so-subtle way to forgive college debt so that the government can then make college free to everyone.  By removing the prestige government hopes to utilize it as a free institution, much like public education.  In that way, the liberal institutions can still get everyone brainwashed in their machines of left-winged thinking.  Kids can still go and party.  And graduates won’t have an unfair advantage to potential jobs later than others who didn’t go to a prestigious school for whatever reason. 

That is after all what Operation Varsity Blues was all about, parading around parents by the FBI who targeted them for embarrassment so that government could take down the prestige of some colleges over others.  It was a form of socialist mockery of the rich, the well-to-do that have always been tortured in cultures taken over by communism, such as what we saw in Russia, Cuba, and China.  Those like the wealthy in the Netflix movie were forcibly embarrassed, on purpose and for what, trying to do something good for their children.  As I said, there is a certain neurosis into believing that a school of any kind can make or break a kid.  There is certainly guilt in the parents for caring more about what their neighbors and friends think of their parenting than in actually being a good parent.  But at least these parents cared enough to spend millions of dollars on their kid’s college educations.  Whether it’s the front door, the side door, or the back door, I would argue that everything about a college education is a scam, so how could these parents cheat the system when the system itself is built on cheating, lying, and misrepresenting the product? 

The FBI was only interested in this case to divert attention away from their criminal activity.  And, because they are behind the push for socialism at all levels of our society because they believe that is the future of America.  They attack rivals to socialism and support it with a coup wherever they can, which is completely the point of Operation Varsity Blues.  It’s more of the game of attacking the rich and parading them in front of the poor for lynching so that future rich won’t want to display their wealth or perhaps won’t want to become wealthy in fear of the government-sanctioned stigma that comes with it.  Considering things that way, the review of Operation Varsity Blues is something much different than how the material is marketed.  And for those who can see the obvious, they see it for what it is.  The movie is worth watching and should be viewed by I think everyone who pays taxes and cares about education issues.  However, the biggest scandal of all is not cheating on college admission exams, but the role that the FBI continues to play in an insurgency of our country from a capitalist country to a socialist one, and that is something we need to pay very close attention to from now on. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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