John Boehner Misses the Cause of the Capitol Riot: It wasn’t Trump–it was politicians like the former Speaker

John Boehner isn’t a loser because we’re mean, its because he thinks like one

What nobody wants to admit, and this is very clear in the comments John Boehner uttered while promoting his new book on his life and times as Speaker of the House was that the violence at the Capitol was because people did not want to go back to having politicians like him running Washington D.C. again.  The violence at the Capitol was as much a rebuke against John Boehner as it was against election fraud which the establishment types that Boehner loves so much didn’t want to hear because they weren’t and still aren’t prepared to fight that fight.  Those kinds of Republicans, “John Boehner” types of Republicans are not ready to fight that kind of fight, where they stand for something, anything.  What John Boehner gives us is what he shows on the cover of his book, a cigarette chain smoker sipping on a wine glass.  His cover reminds me of James Comey actually who made similar references to wine drinking in his book on his termination from the Trump FBI.  These people like the social parts of the political jobs in Washington, but they don’t like the work.  It wasn’t Trump who egged on rioters, it was people sick of the political system John Boehner represented, and people didn’t want to return to those days, especially with Mitch McConnell coming out at the same time as a major RINO Republican just like John Boehner.  The fault for the riots fell on the shoulders of the many politicians who let down the voting public, and that is where any blame should be distributed. 

As I said in the video above, I know John Boehner through good friends of mine who are also good friends of him.  A review of my hundreds and hundreds of articles from the time when Boehner was Speaker of the House will show that I was very critical of him because he was anti-Tea Party.  And I was very Tea Party.  I remember a meeting with the Boehner people in 2010 where I asked them how we could get out of the United Nations, because at that time there was so much concern about the smart meters that was being put on our homes, and it was all driven by the United Nations looking to bring the world under a one-world government.  The Boehner people sort of laughed at the request as if my thoughts were driven by conspiracy theory.  Then there was another time where Obama had made some appointments that were impeachable offenses, and I had the evidence and the legal position in my hand.  I rode my motorcycle through the January rain to hand-deliver the contents to John Boehner’s office personally, which I did.  They of course thought the idea of impeachment of President Obama was ridiculous.  I tried to work with John Boehner, to bring him into the fold, and he stiff-armed all of us in our local community who were trying to stick to a Constitutional small government.  He was a big government guy who was much more of a Democrat than a Republican and it caused a small civil war in my community which he became so sick of that he retired.  He was a cry baby who embarrassed us with his estrogen-laced diatribes and it was obvious he wasn’t up for the job.  So, we pushed him out and replaced him with the great Warren Davidson—a much better pick who represents us to this day. 

Then to make matters worse, Boehner turned around and became a pot lobbyist for legalized marijuana.  Personally, for me, I am as anti-pot as I am Hell or the poisons of the Devil himself.  I’ve ended entire long-time friendships with people just because they tried pot, so for me, it’s a deal killer.  As much as I thought John Boehner was a big government RINO who was certainly part of the problem in Washington when he started to become a pot lobbyist, that was the end for me.  I pulled back from some of my political activity around town because I didn’t want to deal with him at events.  He made me as sick as a person can become sick.  That’s how I felt about John Boehner before he came out to slam current members of the freedom caucus like Jim Jordan and Ted Cruz and attempted to put a final nail in President Trump so that he could hopefully get good enough press coverage to sell a few books.  It was and is one of the most disgusting things in politics that I can think of, largely because I know a lot about the inside story of the crying loser that is John Boehner.  What he said to the media about Trump and the MAGA movement is a gross distortion from a mind in denial of what caused Boehner and others to be pushed out of public office.  People like Rob Portman, whom I also know.  I don’t know him well now, but I knew him well when he was first getting started.  Who he is today is nothing like what he was when he first got into politics and it always sickens me to see that transformation change, from a hopeful small government freedom fighter to a wine sipping pot advocate that wants to make love, not war, when the war against our very lives is on our doorstep. 

To hear Boehner crying about why he failed as a Speaker because everyone is so angry these days, that social media allows people to voice their opinions too easily making it hard to rally people behind a common cause only displays to me a lazy politician who wants things to be as they were, where you worked 9 to 5 and shook hands with the enemy for a fabulous nightlife of banging wine glasses and talking about golf.  It’s not against the law to be a wimp, and John Boehner is a wimp.  But when you represent a community and then try to force an agenda down their throats advocating for globalism over Constitutional principles, then that problem is on you.  People got sick of politicians like John Boehner.  I met him here and there, but he was always distracted and aloof like he couldn’t wait for his next drink.  By contrast, I’ve been able to get in touch with Warren Davidson many times since his term started, and that’s with many hundreds of thousands of people in that district competing for attention.  Davidson is a good hard worker and an honest politician.  Boehner is lazy, sloppy, and a dredge on the system who wants peace because he’s too stupid and comfortable in life to fight for anything.  And the Democrats knew it.  And Trump was a fighter like Davidson, and these are the kind of people we have been replacing the Boehners in government with.  Just like a kid who was cut from a high school sports team, Boehner can make up all the reasons for his failure that he wants.  But the truth is that he caused the Capitol riots and those like him.  People were so unhappy with the thought of returning to those crooked days of wine glass deals by RINOs that they were ready to fight.  And in that case, instead of just thinking about it, they stormed the Capitol in protest.  The fault wasn’t there’s, it was in people like John Boehner.

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