Now Bill Gates Wants to Blot Out the Sun: More evidence that he and his wife are climate terrorists and Covid-19 was their scam

Bill Gates is a Climate Terrorist

It’s not that I’m being unfair to Bill Gates blaming him for the world’s shutdowns over Covid-19.  But he put himself in that position with his radical tampering with vaccines, governments, and viral studies connected to sociologic economic conditions.  He did it to himself, and as I argue in the video above, I would propose that his wife Melinda Gates is a lot on the psycho side, being increasingly disconnected from reality as a climate change activist who has not had to filter out her radicalism through the filters of reality because of the massive wealth she and her husband have.  People want their money and are willing to tell them anything Gates wants to hear to get it.  This is why Melinda has evolved into a complete lunatic, lost to reality.  With their acquired wealth over the years and becoming used to living in a reality that is completely false for decades due to that wealth, Bill and Melinda in their quest to justify themselves have taken up the many false narratives of climate change, which is almost completely politically motivated, to save the world from a crisis only an insane person would or could see.  And that makes them a massive threat to the rest of us especially now that we know about the Gates plan to blot out the sun to save the earth from the sun’s rays in what they are calling solar engineering.,March%2028%2C%202021%207%3A38%20PM%202%20mins%20reading

Gates could never pull off such a thing with the governments of the world, after all, who would let him put a massive chemical shield in the high atmosphere simulating a nuclear winter, or massive volcanic eruption so to cool off the earth for a few years?  To even fund such a thing, you have to be so distorted by science and reality to think climate change is such a threat that the danger is imminent.  That’s important because Gates has shown himself to be a person who thinks he knows best when it comes to other people’s lives and that if he has to break the laws of sovereignty regarding nations to save the earth as he believes it to be in danger, then he’ll do it.  To violate the airspace of the world to pull off a global cooling of the atmosphere is beyond arrogant and truly shows the psychological problems at play with Bill and Melinda Gates and their global work to improve a world as viewed through the crazy lenses of their distorted, corrupt minds.  I say corrupt because it’s obvious that their access to money has been bad for them, they have lost touch with reality because of it.  Instead of that great wealth being a tool for them, it has become a hindrance.

Now, back to my statements about Bill Gates as a global climate change terrorist.  Based on what we know now about this contemplation about blotting out the sun, who thinks that Gates hasn’t role played shutting down the world with a fake viral outbreak to force humans to begin thinking about a zero-emission world.  The purpose of the lockdowns after all from a terrorist’s point of view, and the politicians who were suckered along in the process, was to force changes in our economic behavior, get people to not drive their cars so much, to limit their movement and confine them to their homes.  Even when the science of Covid-19 showed that being outside, that hydroxychloroquine helped, that UVC light killed the virus in minutes when exposed, we as a collective global civilization listened to the various CDCs and the WHO which were heavily funded by Gates on what to do, which was lockdowns and nothing else.  And when the methods were questioned, the people doing the questioning were attacked socially and much peer pressure was applied to them to change their behavior.   

I’m not willing to give Gates a free pass, as many are.  Many people want a chance at some of his money, so they won’t call him out on his behavior.  And they certainly don’t want to call him a climate terrorist—because that would get them blacklisted from any future consideration.  That is why Gates and his crazy wife are so dangerous, because they use their money as a weapon to not just advocate for all these Bond villain international schemes, but also as a weapon to drive social behavior.  What the Gates family is doing makes the Varsity Blues college scandal look like a swim in a kiddie pool.  Its nothing.  What all the tech billionaires have been doing has been detrimental to the sovereignty of all free people, and Bill Gates has been leading the way with radicalism because he thinks he’s too smart and people will never figure it out because he’s the software guy that not even the government could bring down when pressed about being a monopoly with Microsoft.  Only the government did get him, and they broke Gates down.  Do I think that Gates is on a plot for revenge for the government tampering of Microsoft?  Yes, I watched the deposition tapes and Gates was plotting his revenge as he spoke.  And then there was of course Melinda, the software marketing girl at Microsoft who managed to bed the geeky Gates and suddenly become one of the world’s best-known philanthropists.  With billions of dollars in her pocket and a compliant husband, Melinda was suddenly a goddess of environmentalism on the world stage with nobody to stop her.  With their money, they could buy governments.  Buy private companies, and thus, become more dangerous than any military on earth.  They could destroy cultures and countries without even firing a shot in aggression.  Instead, like a Venus Fly Trap, they sit dormant until the unsuspecting victim crawls into their mouth.  Except with these terrorists, the trap is disguised as concern for a new religion of earth worship.

Like any zealot who has ever roamed the earth to conquer new territory, or in this case, the world’s governments and bend them backward to serve this new climate change religion which is but a cover story for communism, Bill and Melinda have proven to be more dangerous than any military.  We are taught to recognize military authority as a threat, but not a smiling, lying scheming philanthropists like Bill Gates and his crazy do-gooder wife.  Doing good is a nice thought except when it is but a mask for attack and insurrection.  To overthrow capitalism and leave behind only those who could afford the cost of the purge, the billionaires who are behind so much global political turmoil.  There have been few as dangerous as Bill Gates driven by his wife toward insurrection while selling it to the world as for their good on 60 Minutes.  But many couldn’t admit to the danger on Covid because the viral outbreak was sold to us as saving us from death.  But they lied to us, Gates lied to us, and he knew it all along.  Just as he is preparing for this solar shield.  He doesn’t care if it’s illegal.  He’ll make it legal.  He doesn’t care what people think, because he thinks he’s the smartest guy in the world.  And the push behind it all is his wife Melinda who went from Microsoft Marketing Manager to global terrorist and climate activist with billions in her pocket to make it happen.  And nobody is there to stop her or him because literally, everyone wants some of their money, which is why terrorism is happening unchecked. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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