Our Education System Trained Us to Be Slaves: Unlearning what you’ve learned

It’s something we must talk about, especially if you don’t like to some degree where we are as a nation, and why the attackers think they can spike the football in our faces and that the game itself is over.  I’ve been warning about this moment all my life and have written literally millions of words and countless articles to the cause. I’ve done television to point out this problem and hundreds of hours of radio as well over the years, so it’s a topic I know a lot about, yet like an addiction, people cling to it the way children cling to a parent no matter how bad that parent is, because its all they know.  Its our education system that has been teaching us all the wrong things in life leaving us to arrive at this time in place trained for the government attack, and our eventual societal collapse as Americans.  They’ve planned this in liberal circles for decades.  As a matter of context, I was at a social party in the 90s full of liberals in a very fancy place overlooking downtown Cincinnati where this topic came up.  Many of the producers of the controversial play Equus were there so I heard from their intoxicated and oversexed mouths the plan myself, spoken to me as a peer, so nothing I am seeing today comes as a surprise.  Liberals always knew what they were planning to do and they built the public school and college curriculum with those strategies in mind and now we are seeing the results.  The most infected generations are now in charge of our society and any rivalry they had with those from the Old Days are over because most of them have died away for the most part.  And now we are seeing the results of their long-planned attacks.

When it comes to college, I deal with a lot of college graduates.  I’ve been there myself much more than I think is necessary.  I never liked it, I never thought it was the thing to do even while I was there.  I have always been skeptical of public education and I would react violently when the school system tried to prepare me and my fellow students for “college prep,” only to find that the entire college experience was a scam not any different than we are seeing from the woke companies coming out of Georgia in reaction to the new voting laws there.  When people wonder why these companies follow so close the rules of a woke attempt in taking over everything we see and hear, well they did it for the liberal colleges.  They agreed to only hire applicants who have gone through the rigor of the social programming.  Mostly, especially the larger companies, they agreed to only hire applicants from college which meant that if you wanted a good job, you had to go through their meat grinder to get there.  And by meat grinder, we all understand that’s what it was, we were taught to listen to the authorities in the form of a teacher, mostly a liberal one, and give up our individual ambitions along the way concerning ourselves with collective peer pressure socially instead.

That has left most of us defenseless in this kind of society where giant corporations like Facebook and Twitter can play the roles in election fraud that they have and people might feel it, but they won’t see it because the critical thinking to catch it has been taught out of them.  We also don’t know what to do with the role the FBI had in creating a coup with Trump to get him out of office because we have all been taught since early grade school to blindly trust the teachers of our classrooms.  Our government is corrupt and well beyond the need for an ass kicking at every level, especially fiscally, but they act just like every public school in all our neighborhoods, taxing and spending using kids as extortion methods of changing our entire society, or else are the modes of conduct.  We have come to accept that behavior, so we have just been pushing all this deep inside.  We hoped that we could vote for Trump and that would change things, but then they saw how well he was doing in the last election they took him from us and let us know that further actions would not be tolerated.  We have been shown that we either put up with all this, or we will feel the pain.  We will have our jobs taken from us, we will be made fun of in the media—just like a high school locker room ironically.  Our memory of being picked on as kids has flushed out into the present leaving most people to see that there are problems, but they have no intellectual capacity to do anything about it because resistance was taught out of them from a very young age.  This is why the government thinks it can get by with what its getting by with now. 

As I said in the video above, the criticism of Trump supporters was largely that many of them were not college graduates—not what I call “broken horses.”  That doesn’t mean they were literally stupid, but liberals were having a hard time dealing with people who grew into adults and could still think critically, because at a key time in their life whether they just couldn’t afford college, or they picked up a trade and just never went, they survived what many people fell to.  College life wasn’t about learning, it was about conforming.  The bad behavior like the drinking, the sex, and all the parties were about smashing personal standards out of a need for relief in what was being taught.  And anybody who wanted a good job, especially in government felt they had to go through that process to make a decent income in life—because way before woke was woke, companies agreed to play ball with the college system to hire applicants, which is why they think they can get away with it now with vaccine passports, MLB, and even our recreational drinks, which as what we are seeing out of Coke.  As a result, most people these days have no idea what to do about the problems they are seeing because literally their entire lives they have been taught by these people and don’t know any other way to think.  They may understand that something is wrong, but they can’t act against their core programming to fix it.

Years ago when I first published this Blog I did an article on those who were most successful in life who did not go to college.  Statistically speaking it is the college dropout and the person who was taught at home and avoided the public education system altogether who has the best chance at success in life and making new inventions.  College won’t make you a millionaire like many think, it will get you a decent job maybe, if you follow the instructions at every phase of your life.  If you dress the way they want you to, root for the college sports the way the system is designed, if you stay in your lane as they say and don’t question reality too much.  Oh, you can question whose house will host Thanksgiving this year—if the government even lets you have Thanksgiving, but don’t wonder if pot should be legalized or not.  The government wants dumb, compliant people, so they want pot legalized, and taxed.  Don’t question election integrity.  Don’t try to live life outside of your social circles as determined by your level of educational advancement because the system has everything all worked out for you.  And when you see them committing crimes, you just get back to your lane and look away—if you know what’s good for you.  That is what has been taught to all of us and now we see why.  The question left for you dear reader is what are you going to do about it now?  It’s going to be painful to unlearn what you have learned.  Can you take it?

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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