The Reason Biden Wants to Take Your Car: Its the 7th grade all over again, welcome to the controlling world of liberalism

In case it has not become obvious to you dear reader, especially after the gun control measures that the Biden administration plan to attempt were just unleashed, liberals are all about controlling your life so that you don’t extend too far away from their lazy limitations as below the line types.  They want to control you through Covid and mask mandates, they want to control you through property ownership and taxes, and they want to control you through commerce which Wired Magazine learned that in Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan he actually wants to get rid of highways so that he can push you onto public transportation instead of driving your car.  Liberalism is like a continuation of public education middle school where immature concepts are the most important thing in the world to them, peer pressure is the governing force, and adolescent fears are behind everything they do, including popping zits in the mirror of the bathroom so they don’t get picked on by their peers who are stuck in the same kind of mud.  But its true, the Biden administration actually wants to spend trillions of dollars on infrastructure to take away transportation options, because they want to control where you go, how you get there and what you do when you arrive.  You can read the Wired article for yourself at the link below.

Cars like guns are centerpieces of American society and our desire to be free to do what we want, when we want to.  To have an economy so rich that the highways across our nation always seem to have a car going somewhere at all times day and night.  Some people are going to work, some people are going on a trip, some people are just driving around.  But liberals want a zero-emission world, they don’t want you to have that freedom and they intend to take it away from you.  And so far, they have had every indication that they’ll get away with it.  After all, they took away your president.  They have taken your money through taxes and wasted it on liberal causes.  And they have pushed us all into a woke world where the weakest define life as we know it through every below the line thought process known to the human race.  So, it should come as no surprise that liberals want to add to the national debt so that they can spend extraordinary amounts of money to take things away from you. 

I remember when I first started this blog way over ten years ago now and the Streetcar down in Cincinnati was being debated and I told everyone back then that it was a loser project that would eat money and have nobody riding it.  Well, guess what, in 2021 that is the case, the cost of operation for it are in the red and staying there forever.  It will never generate enough money to justify what Cincinnati spent on it.  It is too slow, too crowded when there are people on it, and it doesn’t take you where you need to go, or want to go.  Its faster to walk honestly.  It is a useless contraption that is an idea progressives have always wanted but the rest of the world doesn’t.  Yet they are surprised every time people reject their ideas.  Similarly, they have been pushing high speed rail for years between New York and Washington D.C. and Los Angeles and Las Vegas, and San Francisco but reality says that’s a dumb idea that costs too much money to do too little.  The bullet train from London to Paris which I’ve been on is nice.  Its fast.  But it is permanently operating in the red because the money makeup doesn’t work.  There is nothing like a car that can get people where they want to go whenever they want to be there.  They don’t have to build their lives around a train schedule and the limits of a government-controlled infrastructure.  If a highway is blocked due to construction or a wreck, people can divert away using other roads to continue their journey.  But with trains, you are just stuck waiting on a slow government to get their act together which often takes way too long. 

Here’s the thing that is hard for them to get.  And as much as people would like to stigmatize us all into nice little categories their tiny brains can relate to since liberals are essentially grown-up 7th graders who have never matured beyond those intellectual pubescent limits, I don’t hate liberals—just as I don’t hate kids.  Yet when you get your fill of them, you need a means to distance them from your life.  I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately.  One of my favorite places in Cincinnati is the Zoo which is filled with lots of hippie greenie weenies and PETA types.  They have solar panels and all kinds of liberal dreams on full display.  But also, I like learning about new things and I do like that those kinds of people have jobs in an economy where I can go and see animals maintained well in habitats that are similar to nature so I can study them and enjoy them without having to fly to Africa.  I want to experience the world’s animals quickly, cheaply, and get back to work in life.  I also want running water and some good food from a nice restaurant which you can get at the zoo with great views of their exhibits.  I don’t mind that they run most of the zoo with solar energy and run their vehicles with electric cars.  I enjoy those kinds of places but when I’m ready to get away from them, I want to get in my car and go home where I can listen to what I want on the radio, drive as fast as I want getting home and give myself some distance from the fat slob that is in the car next to me.  If I was on a train, that dude would be sharing air with me.  In my car I can roll up the window and turn on the air conditioner.

Liberals want you trapped in their messes, their limits, and their very limited outlook of the world.  I bring up the zoo because most of the people who choose to spend their time working at a zoo are bleeding heart types who may be well-intentioned, but they also tend to be below the line people who don’t feel that they can compete in the world and they want to drag the rest of us into their mess where they can have perpetual company.  Psychologically, they have good intentions, but their foundations of thought are rooted in deep neurosis and immaturity—a very limited view of the world and its many gifts.  They cling to nature as a security blanket, not as an opportunity for more human invention where there are even more places to go and more ways to get there, such as Hyperloop.  Liberals are always stuck in the same kind of things in the same expensive ways because they ultimately fear adapting, and they expect the rest of the world to hide those fears by forcing their participation with the same kind of mutual limits.  And that ultimately is where they go wrong, why they personally cost so much to maintain regarding budgets, and how they are so devastating to the world around them.  They want to control the rest of us because they are too timid to live in the world of choice where ultimately people may choose not to sit next to them on the train, or drive to their house, or listen to them talk.  That is why they are so obsessed with controlling you, because if they can, then they won’t have to deal with the rejection of choice in a free society.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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