Covid Governors Panic: The mask of public safety has been ripped away leaving behind the face of tyranny

Can you hear the panic?  The all too quick quips from governor press conferences all across the country preying that there will be a new variant of Covid-19 that might actually be deadly, hoping to use more emergencies to hold onto their dictatorial powers.  Especially in Kentucky where Andy Beshear is desperate for an excuse to keep Covid going longer, because he has enjoyed too much the misery the virus has brought with it.  I shouldn’t blame the virus actually, it’s the government’s reaction to the virus that has been the problem.  Covid-19 has been a below the line dream for the big government progressives who want to destroy America any way they can, and this virus and the strategy of the World Health Organization types to get the entire planet to listen to their cries for climate change found something that would panic everyone into listening to their political theories for a change, disguised as public health of course.  And if ever there were any doubts, the panic in the governor’s voices scanning the horizon for another variant of Covid that might not be stopped with the current vaccines is unmistakable.  It’s actually pretty scary to think of what kind of world we’d be in if Trump hadn’t been president and pushed to get all these vaccines made.  These people were never planning to return to a social normal.  They wanted a zero-emission society for their religion of climate change and they were going to perform it by collapsing all the economies of the first world powers forcing people to hide in their homes as the state governors shredded our constitutions with emergency authority that they’d never give back.  Only now, its time to give those powers back and the panic is acute.

I’m certainly not a fan of the vaccine, but Trump saw we had a problem and like any good executive, he pushed to get an answer to the Covid problem.  All these public health doctor types working for liberal politics planned to tap straight into the bizarre world of Bill Gates and his many dollars of funding by trading a collapse of America into funding avenues for their continued scientific projects.  The trouble was none of these antics were very scientific.  They used voodoo science to scare the hell out of everyone to force compliance without there ever being a solution, ever.  Under Democrats, especially the Joe Biden administration of corporate handlers and liberal activists there would have never been a vaccine.  That there was a vaccine only accelerated the corporate desire to cheat in the last election, to get Trump out of office.  There was never supposed to be a measure to get society back to normal.  Amazon as a company never wanted normal.  They wanted people locked in their homes buying from them as the brick-and-mortar stores collapsed due to inactivity and activism from governors who created Covid restrictions to support the new liberal Green Agenda.  It was never about a virus; it was and will always be about killing Western Civilization so that China could advance their communist economy into the only power on earth that made money during 2020.  Of course, Amazon wants to come out on top with that deal, they are part of the zero-emission push to change everything we do in the world which ultimately serves them and liberals with their utopian fantasies.  And to accomplish that, they need us all locked up hiding from a fake viral outbreak.  Oh, yes, Covid is a real sickness.  But it was the pandemic that was fake, the voodoo science that was expected to turn mainstream and trap stupid people who didn’t know better into ruining their own world out of fear.

The pressure has come from all the governors who have opened in spite of the fears coming from the medical community, the Dr. Fauci types who were aghast that the Texas Rangers opened their baseball stadium with a full stadium packed arm and arm.  And that Indiana dropped their mask mandates and most of their other restrictions calling the bluff of Kentucky to the south and Michigan to the north in being the first of the big Midwest states to reopen to the economy that built our world in the first place, without the government laying in the way of everything we do telling us everywhere we go to wash our hands and wear a mask like some insane motherly figure that we can never escape from.  They broadcast public messages on our televisions and radios every day espousing complete lies about Covid-19 and the strategy on how to deal with it.  And now that they’ve built this infrastructure of terror, they don’t want to give it back.  Looters hoping to hatch the next get rich quick scheme have opened up all these testing facilities hoping to have perpetual customers in a changed economy are now seeing the gold rush dry up.  People have their vaccine, thanks to Trump, and now they are ready to get back to normal life and to not hear from government except at election time.  The daily press conferences, the public health messages, the fear of health officials calling you up to find out since you have tested positive for Covid who you talked to, where you’ve been and where you intend to go have been way too much and people are done with it.  The momentum to return to their lives has outpaced the panic in the blue state governors.

Mike DeWine lost it a bit the other day when he reluctantly indicated he was pulling back some of the restrictions on public gatherings.  A reporter immediately asked him if he was doing so because the legislature had wrestled away power from him with S.B. 22, which will go into effect this summer.  The way that DeWine answered told the whole story.  He’s angry that the legislature overturned his veto and that he has lost forever as governor the emergency powers that he has abused now for over a year of Covid lockdowns.  DeWine is thought to be a red state governor, but in all reality, he led the charge to the lockdowns and has been just as bad as the governors of California, Michigan, and New York.  He has been acting as a liberal and the power certainly went to his head.  Disguising tyranny as public safety, governors like DeWine have been able to mask their true intentions toward liberal causes behind concern for the health and well-being of all.  Yet the result has been the destruction of people and their lives while government sits insulated behind the power grabs and the ruined mess they left behind.  So, any plans that the government had for complete destruction of our constitution, and for all 50 states to function under the tyranny of their governors all taking their orders from a central government at the United Nations has slowly crumbled away into destruction.  Thanks to Florida, Texas, Indiana and South Dakota, the power grab for the Green Agenda has been broken and people all across the country are breaking for their lives back and are no longer listening to the government that has let them down at every level.  And from my point of view, its more than about time!

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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