The Government Puppet Anthony Munoz: Using celebrity to sell corruption

I’ve seen the Anthony Munoz commercial advertising trust in government’s response to Covid-19 one too many times.  For those not in the Cincinnati television market, Munoz is an old Bengals football player from the 80s.  He does a lot of charity work and is active in the community, so he is respected and liked now that he is in his 70s, so he was a perfect candidate for the government to turn into a public service announcement on TV.  Surely, wherever you are reading this, whatever town in America you live in, you are seeing similar personalities in your local market trying to explain trust in the CDC and the public health doctors regarding their coronavirus response.  In this specific case, Munoz is talking about getting the Covid shot which people are becoming more and more skeptical of as we get past that 50% of the nation grouping.  The government is getting worried, they have a lot of vaccine, but not enough people interested in getting it, so they have been parading around these celebrities trying to use peer pressure to shove people into getting the shot as if refusing were some kind of anomaly that might displease people like Anthony Munoz.  To my eyes Munoz is just another washed up dumb jock that hasn’t done anything in life since the 80s and when the government needs a mouthpiece, it is odd that they picked him and that he thought so little of his reputation that he offered it in spite of the political turmoil that comes with the stigma.  And it was a stupid thing to do, for him.

This week has shown a lot of the subtle trends I have been talking about which do have the government in a panic presently and increasing their spending on these public relations announcements hoping that the public won’t rebel fully and just stop responding to government threats.  This week in Ohio after all Stand Your Ground legislation went into effect which has the gun grabbing community in a panic, because the needle is moving in the wrong direction for them, and Dr. Fauci was aghast at the sight of a Texas Rangers baseball game where the stands were full of people like normal since that state has gone full on open, dropping the mask mandates and social distancing requirements.  Indiana has done the same leaving all these insecure blue state governors like Mike DeWine terrified that the cover-story of Covid-19 is being ripped away from them.  They have abused their emergency powers for over a year now and they are not giving those powers back.  Instead, we are getting commercials from old football players who people trust encouraging them to play the game of Covid just a bit longer so the ruse can keep a story going keeping the government in power over your life.  With Florida open, Texas open, states like Indiana open, terribly run states like Michigan where that governor has the worst cases of Covid that there is in the country, along with New York, there is no longer a cover for their power grabs.  Covid, people can see, wasn’t nearly as deadly as was the government reaction to it.

So to answer Anthony Munoz in his commercial where he states that over his career he listened to his doctors, so why during a pandemic would he stop now.  That must be the dumbest statement in the history of dumb statements.  The first problem with it is that the government created the designation of pandemic without any proof of the fact.  The World Health Organization, and the CDC that followed had political motivations for the Covid-19 virus so they are the ones who screwed up and called it a pandemic to shove people fearfully into giving up their rights to governments across the world.  They abused their power and to mask their folly, the government has been making commercials like the one with Anthony Munoz hoping that people won’t notice.  But how can you have a pandemic when the fatality rate is just a bit higher than the common cold?  The difference as I have been saying in the videos above is that government, globally, changed the way they managed a virus.  Any other year we would have treated Covid-19 like all the variants that came before.  None of them statistically deadly, but something people got and got over without changing behavior socially. 

Then to go all in and convince people that to get back to normal after the government shut down everything in our lives, that we’d have to get these vaccines in order to participate in the world again was just another of the latest scams.  Of course, there were a lot of people who wanted the vaccine because they vote for Democrats and are pretty dumb anyway, so they believe the government designation that Covid-19 was a pandemic.  But a few weeks into the vaccine treatments you start getting into voters who voted for Trump and are true Republicans, not the wishy washy RINOs like Mike DeWine.  They need more information which the government can’t give them, so they are not rushing out to get the vaccine.  That’s when the government ushered out Anthony Munoz to hopefully get those people to get their “shot.”  After all, if they don’t get their “shot” the government is going to look pretty stupid and ineffective.  They might even be laughed at during the next Davos meeting. 

And many of these Dr. Fauci types were saying the same thing this week.  Their panic was that Texas, Florida, Indiana, Oklahoma, and many other states were going full open and dropping their Covid mandates, and people were happily going back to life as normal ignoring the government types completely.  The panic is that once people realized that Covid didn’t spike and kill people that everyone will realize that they’ve been lied to by the health experts from day one.  Then what will happen?  If the narrative isn’t that we can get back to normal if we get the covid shot, but that people went back to normal before they got the shot, and nothing happened, then how would the government ever be able to save face in the future?  Well, the answer is that they blew it.  They cried wolf and the wolf never came.  We saw pictures of wolves painted here and there to scare us, but there was never a wolf when it came to covid.  All we saw in fatalities were the usual statistical groups that die of things that happen.  The government likely killed far more people through isolation, suicide from misery, and nursing homes by putting infected people in places where healthy people were, but with weakened immune systems.  And that assumes that such actions weren’t done on purpose to make the death numbers higher to justify all the government control.  For this discussion, let’s give the government the benefit of doubt and just say that they were just plain stupid in their reaction to Covid-19 and the social policies around it.  Then to mask their terrible response, they sent out dumb old jocks who are washed up nobodies and stick their hand up their rumps to make them talk, like puppets which is what Anthony Munoz was for the government—a mask for their failed policies by using celebrities to hide their bad decisions and corrupt intentions.   

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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