The Guilt Dominion Revealed in their Court Case: Democrats can’t win elections unless they cheat, and they know it

Here’s the problem with the Dominion voting machine mess, they had an alliance with government, where the government was involved in a coup to remove a president that the people popularly elected—legally, and they all got caught.  Yet they have destroyed as much evidence as they could to erase their footprints, they have control of the media which desperately wants to help the government with their coup, and they believe they can contain the story and sustain their claims of innocence.  But that hasn’t worked, so a few months into the Biden administration, Dominion has found their brand damage irreparable, so they are lashing out with massive lawsuits trying to get the upper hand and try their many court cases in the court of public opinion instead of within the real court where discovery is unwrapping them in ways that look to be bad for their case.  Even if a guilty party destroys all the evidence of what they have done, or they get others to cover up that evidence for them, behavior can still reveal guilt by association.  When Dominion put Fox News on a lawsuit for $1.6 billion what they were essentially stating was their guilt, the same as they have done with Sydney Powell and Mike Lindell, along with others who were involved in proving that President Trump won the 2020 election with voting machines that were switching votes from Trump to Biden. 

If Dominion were innocent they would not be going on the attack, especially with the leaked statement that supposedly Sydney Powell was backing off her comments about Dominion in court stating that nobody would believe her “no reasonable person” position after the election and that her own $1.3 trillion lawsuit should be thrown out.  Turns out, that leak which the media ran with was untrue, just as most of what the government position has been, untrue.  But its hard to know in a world of hyper ridiculous statements who is telling the truth.  I believe Sydney because she is an old school federal prosecutor.  I believe Rudy Giuliani, because he has a history of being a credible character.   However, I don’t believe anything Dominion says or does because I don’t know them and they act guilty, with these leaks and their behavior with lawsuits.  When a court case is going bad, usually the attacker is the one trying to gain momentum, which is why the Fox News case has been announced so late in the process.  Because the actual case is pretty weak and not even the media can keep the lid on it much longer.  This far into the Biden presidency people were supposed to have given up on this stuff.  But as I said after the election, people will be talking about this election fraud years from now.  Dominion will never get their reputation back.  As I said after visiting Roswell New Mexico, people 70 years after the supposed UFOs crashed there still spend their days thinking about the government cover-up.  What does anybody think is going to happen when 75 million people get their vote cheated in the 2020 election?  Did they really think they’d just go away and become compliant to the new administration?  Apparently, they did much to their doom.

But you can see it in other actions too, especially after Georgia attempted to make some good out of their role in all this mess by reforming some of their laws.  Democrats have flipped out and they instantly went to corporations like Coke and Delta looking for consensus builders to drive the narrative away from any national reforms on voting, because liberals know they can’t win elections unless they can cheat the vote.  They need early voting for all their slugs of supporters, their drug addicts, their welfare recipients, their barely alive losers who can’t even role out of bed in the morning to go to a real job.  That is why early voting even on Sundays is important to Democrats, because they need more time to push their supporters out from in front of the television to take part in a civic duty.  Then of course they need mail-in ballots because some of the Democrat supporters won’t leave the house for anything and they can’t be counted on to vote.  They may run out to buy drugs, or to get a new tattoo, but they certainly don’t and won’t vote.  Smart people go out and vote for Republicans.  Dumb people go out and vote for Democrats and those are the people with all the problems in life.  But without those losers, Democrats have no supporters, so they need all kinds of voting laws to make it easier for their kind of people to vote, or for some activist like Stacy Abrams to vote for the people who won’t do it themselves, with the mail-in voting scams. 

Of course, the big philosophic debate this all brings up is should stupid, lazy, drug induced people vote at all?  How can a republic survive if such lowlife dumb people are part of the management of it?   The answer is that of course it can’t, which of course the Biden administration knows and understands.  Supporters of all these voting changes that allow cheating and late voting to count are the same people protesting national anthems, have an open border policy, want drugs to become legalized, and advocate for mass killing through abortions.  In other words, they want the foundation of America to be killed off and forgotten so that the world can move on to some global utopia as conceived by the insane for the goals of lunacy.  And getting really dumb Democrats to vote any way possible, even if cheating is required is their assurance to satisfying their goals.  That’s where Dominion came in as it was understood by blue state governors and attorney generals.  If rigged elections where needed to flip a House seat, or to contribute to a needed Senate win, then the votes could be switched from some remote location and nobody would know. 

The problem became heightened when too many people voted for Trump and it forced all these criminals to do more than a little to cheat, and the breadcrumbs are everywhere.  It will take years to sort out, but if it was all going well, Dominion wouldn’t be trying to sue everyone to set an example to shut down the little people who have evidence but wouldn’t dare bring it out in the open because of what is happening to Sydney Powell and Fox News.  People see that activity and they think, “if they are getting destroyed, what chance would I have against the government and its Dominion machines?”  That would be a good question and its all part of the plan of concealment.  So long as the court cases destroy the people with the evidence, then in that way, Dominion can destroy the breadcrumbs that come to their door and everyone can hopefully get away with the election fraud of 2020.  But I would point to the behavior of these bad characters and state that the guilt is indicated by their behavior, not so much in what evidence we actually have.  Their desire to destroy evidence and to hide the facts give them away and show a vast conspiracy that must be uncovered.  And that pressure isn’t going to go away, it will in fact last for hundreds of years and I don’t see any of these Democrats surviving that.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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One thought on “The Guilt Dominion Revealed in their Court Case: Democrats can’t win elections unless they cheat, and they know it

  1. I know that the Arizona Maricopa County Board of Supervisors made a deal with the Devil’s Dominion Vote Altering Fake Tabulating System’s developer, the Evil Eric Coomer, through whose software, Ugly Hugo Chavez and later Maduro were able to “STEAL” their elections. They, the supervisors, aka, Communists and AZ’s Sec if State Katie Hobbs and even our Republican (RINO) Gov Doug Ducey threw all AZ voters under the communist tank treads to cheat for joe Nit Wit biden and CCP STOOGE mark kelly.


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