Yes, We Know Why Ahmad Ali Aliwi Alissa Killed 10 White People: The government just doesn’t want to tell you

The first problem with the mass shooting of Ahmad Ali Aliwi Alissa is that we have the government investigating itself and the role they played in provoking the kid into violence.  After a few weeks of looking into the matter authorities came away and punted as to the cause stating that they could not conclude on a motive.  Well, I’ve seen the kid’s Facebook page, its floating around out there, he liked PS4, he was very sensitive to racism, he was an angry kid, he was a consumer of pop media culture including the news, and he was certainly an anti-Trumper.  Without question the shooting as I said in the video above had enough conditional elements that we know about to reach a conclusion, which is that the young killer went to that grocery store to kill as many white people as he could, which ended up being ten innocent people.  Why, well the kid was an Islamic radical, much like the guy who attacked the Capitol recently and used his car and a knife as a weapon to kill an innocent person.  Some of these radical religions lately have been empowered by the Biden administration into thinking below the line and blaming others for their status in life.  They see that progressives are attacking the white founders of America so to bring it down, and now under this administration of victimization, these radical young people want to be a part of history as interpreted in their minds to do these kinds of actions.  And there is your motive and conditional cause.  Government has created an atmosphere of violence and victimization that has taken the cap off the craziest radicals in our society and set them loose to prey on the innocent.  And they did it on purpose to help them advance their anti-traditional American agenda. 

This Ahmad Ali Aliwi Alissa case reminds me a lot of the San Bernardino shooting just before Trump was elected president where the FBI knew what was happening but didn’t want to call the Christmas party killings an act of terror for fears of setting off the radical Islamic extremists who might protest in anger over the designation.  The FBI even let the media into the home of the killers to “investigate” just a few days after the murders so to contaminate the crime scene which should have been on lockdown for weeks to conduct a proper investigation.  I have no doubt the way that the FBI watches things that they knew what Alissa was planning.  They knew he bought the gun just a few days before killing all those poor people at the grocery store there in Boulder Colorado.  They were watching his email chatter and his social media posts and they had a pretty good idea what he was going to do, yet they did nothing about it.  Just like in San Bernardino, just like 9/11, just like many cases where terrorism becomes the act and authorities are always a step behind.  Then when the killings occur, the villain is quickly swept up and processed away for people to have the false hope that the courts will provide justice—which of course they never do.  Yet the real killers and villains are the ones conducting the investigations of violence that they actually played a part in. 

Then of course there is the region of Boulder Colorado itself where so many of these mass shootings have occurred over the years, what I call in the video conditional elements.  I don’t mean to bring conspiracy theory into the matter because to me, this Boulder case is pretty open and shut, the kid was sensitive to racism and the media culture doing the heavy lifting for the Biden administration heard the dog whistle and did his deed so that progressives could push gun confiscation under the new administration with what they thought was a justified gun grab that people might support.  But I have written extensively at times about the occult and how it ties into the Denver Airport which is very nearby.  That region of the world, the center of America where the traditions of the Old West are everywhere have left behind clues to their mindset and political intentions with the art that is all over that place, starting with the demon horse outside but then showing quite graphically the apocalyptic art that is shown openly there which officials say mean nothing.  But the local Mason’s lodge is standing by the enterprise thinking they are playing a role in the grand scheme of things as just another secret society makes a play for world domination.  You know, the usual stuff.  Then of course that mentality spills over into local politics and you find the conditional elements of anti-American sentiment that creates the school shooting in Columbine, the Batman shooting at Aurora and now this shooting of white people only at the Boulder grocery.  The result in all those shootings which were just a few miles from all the locations as suburbs of Denver was never to dig into the shooters themselves for justice, but to go after gun control measures which then would leave America defenseless from the evil intentions of a change state government that can’t but help but give away their plots which spill over into artwork at the Denver Airport almost like some maniacal riddle they dare us to figure out before the destruction of our species.  

Ultimately, we have the government investigating itself for the evil intentions we see playing out everywhere.  This government, the Biden administration, which is Obama part two wants to bring down white America completely and leave behind a progressive European extension with a communist government tied to China and a new World Order ran by the United Nations.  And they poke the stick in the cages of these dumb young kids, fatherless, smoking too much pot which is also legalized in Colorado to help pave the way for these kinds of mass killings, and it is also the government that is encouraging a victimized class of misplaced immigrants, such as the kid in the Boulder case, to express themselves through violence, which of course is happening more and more.  The ultimate goal is to take guns from society so that government can have complete dominion over innocent people.  And this kid like all the mass shooters will be tucked away somewhere and treated nicely for the insanity that their trials will prove to be their downfall.  And we will have even more people living off the government dime with the full intention of destroying our economy so that the dollar is no longer the standard for the world.  After all, one more insane criminal living behind bars who can’t even think of being a productive citizen is something the richest country in the world can afford, right?

I really didn’t want to go full conspiracy there but how can you not.  The government is lying to us when they say they can’t find a motive for the killings.  But yet they are pushing for gun control without knowing the details that caused the killings?  No, the government knows what caused Ahmad Ali Aliwi Alissa to kill ten white people in a Boulder grocery store.  They just don’t want to tell you because they fear that the polling numbers for some gun control measures under the Biden administration might lose some of the white voters they are trying to destroy in American society.  And to not see that you’d have to be blind, and stupid, which many of us are not.  We might not want to admit that our government is that bad, and that the FBI is that openly corrupt, but the evidence is glowing like Vegas lights on a clear night.  It might be painful to know these things, but yes, we do know them. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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