The Eco-Terrorist Bill Gates Says Covid Will Be With Us Until 2022: States that ignored Gates did well, states that listened didn’t

Not all states are equal. Some governors really screwed up, some did really well with Covid

It has been interesting to see things around the country economically coming back on.  About the same time that Bill Gates reported that life wouldn’t be going back to normal until 2022 and that we needed to hit some targets of vaccinated people, the new movie Godzilla vs Kong came out which we went to see, and it reminded me of why I think of all the Covid advocates as eco-terrorists.  It was in fact the last Godzilla film that was complete with eco-terrorists, who wanted to unleash all the ancient monsters who were frozen away in hibernation for perhaps millions of years, to destroy all the humans on earth to save it.  Well, that is all fantasy of course, but the concept of eco-terrorism is very real, and there have been a lot of Bill Gates types who are clearly acting as eco-terrorists, and they have the money to fund it against the world.  In this case it was Covid-19 that they unleashed, not a bunch of ancient monsters, but the effect has been much the same, complete domination of our global economy in order to save the earth from the impact of human invention.  How absurd it was to listen to Gates speak, as if he were a doctor and not just a wealthy climate change advocate who wants to drag the world into a zero-emission society.  Thankfully, people are sick of it and are pushing for a normal life in spite of what Gates and his posse of blue state governors are screaming about.  And there is panic among those governors as their plot is being exposed.  People are going back to normal whether they like it or not.

I saw the Gates interview while going to watch that latest Godzilla movie in the theaters at the nice theater at Liberty Center, Ohio where people were playing at the park in front of it and were spilling over into the surrounding streets just to get out of the house.  It was a long way from normal, and people all seemed to have a bit of shell shock to their behavior, but it was a big step from the ridiculous lockdowns that we had just experienced as a culture.  But this wasn’t just a local behavior.  As I said in the video above, I just spent much of a month traveling all over the United States and everywhere I went I saw this pushback against the mask mandates and social distancing that the CDC had come up with as Bill Gates loomed in the background.  Yes, it has from the beginning been an act of terrorism disguised as a health concern.  For most of the political players it was a way to change election laws and put their guy Biden in place with voter tampering through mail-in ballots. But for Gates and his eco-terrorists, it was a chance to save the earth from their distorted opinion from the pesky humans that have infected its surface.  Gates may not be able to kill them all off, but perhaps he might be able to sterilize them through vaccinations so they can’t reproduce and keep them locked in their homes in as close to a zero-emission existence as he can hope for at this particular time.  That isn’t science fiction, but facts based on his actual behavior.  If this vaccine isn’t the sterilizing one, the next one may be.  This in the eyes of Gates is just the test bed to see if he can get away with it if people are dumb enough to blindly follow medical professionals to their own doom.

Sterilization of the undesirables was in fact the first thing the communists did in China when they took power in 1949.  And of course, we all know of their one child policy.  Don’t kid yourself that Gates and his eco-terrorists aren’t thinking the same way using vaccinees to sterilize people so to depopulate the earth of people in order to save it.  They had success with dumb people following them to their own dooms, in destroying their own economies, so the eco-terrorists are incentivized to do it again.  Our behavior did not deter them but encouraged them to try again, this time with even more destructive force.  Ultimately it will be up to us to push back against it.  Now from my perspective, I have seen up close and over vast distances, people are done.  Some governors as I said in my video have done a good job handling Covid and some have been terrible.  I am still looking for the answer and I have asked some very powerful people who should know, why the governor of my state, Mike DeWine was asking for far reaching dictatorial power a whole year before the launch of the Covid terrorism.  DeWine was already thinking about these things early in 2019 before anybody could even conceive of what a Covid lockdown might look like, or if it was even possible in a free society.  The buzz was out there of what was coming.  We know DeWine’s lover Amy Acton was in the know with the Gates group so they were obviously working out the details of the eco-terrorist act well in advance of the coup attempt later in 2020 and that should disturb everyone.  Amy Acton in case you have forgotten has been Ohio’s Health Director.  Once the heat was turned up on her relationship with the Governor, she removed herself from the public eye, but she has still been looming in the background whispering in his ear the utterances of the eco-terrorist goals—to shut down society to save the planet earth from humans.  As ridiculous as it sounds, and as much of a plot from some disaster movie it may be, it is the truth of the effort.

Notice how this article does not lend any credibility to the science of Covid.  That’s because its all complete bullshit.  Completely, and now looking back as people can now see, some states that never fell for the nonsense, like South Dakota, with Florida following did really well with Covid as other states such as Michigan, New Mexico, New York and other blue state regions have crushed their people and their economies in tyrannical ways.  The eco-terrorists did catch people off guard by crying wolf on what they called a deadly virus when in fact it was just taking a cold and making it seem statistically worse than it really was.  It reminds me of the old Harrison Ford movie, Mosquito Coast where the father moves his family to a Central American town to get away from the world and all its evil capitalism by telling them that the world has been destroyed by nuclear war, only for them to find out later that he was lying to them to imprison them to him. The government led by eco-terrorists like Bill Gates have done the same thing to all of us with Covid-19 and now they are just dragging the story out as long as possible to do the maximum damage they can before people fully rebel against them and stop listening forever.  From what I see people have learned their lesson and a majority of our population will never fall for such a scheme again.  But its important to know that if they tried before they’ll try again.  Only the next time, it will be something else. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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