Gun Violence is Caused by Liberal Failures: Done on purpose for the goal of government control over people

Are you seeing the pattern, this past week another very non NRA type of person conducted a mass shooting, this time it was Aminadab Gzxiola Gonzalez, which turned out to be a case of workplace violence in Southern California, specifically Orange County.  Four people were killed, and one was injured as the gunman went on a shooting rampage at the office complex of a realtor and as the media was quick to point out, it was the 3rd mass shooting in just two weeks.  Oh, but they forgot one, which is the one from Virginia Beach that I addressed in the video above.  There was really four, even more than the media wanted to admit.  Actually, I’m surprised that this one with Gonzalez they wanted to count, because of the guy’s name.  Maybe it was because he was older, but he certainly didn’t fit the profile they were looking for.  But if they can exploit it for gun control, then perhaps they no longer care about the details.  After all, the shooting in Virginia Beach didn’t result in more than four people being killed.  Only one died, but there were eight others who were shot in a gang bang type of affair that would have looked familiar in a movie like John Wick or the video game Grand Theft Auto. 

Most of these articles and the members of the media are not NRA members, and they certainly aren’t part of the mainstream culture of America.  They are hired to report the news by corporate media activists so if they want to keep their jobs, they need to advocate for progressive causes, and as we know, progressives want to get rid of guns in society and they will exploit any action that will help them do it.  They don’t really care that the mass shootings are happening, they just want to use them to advance their gun control measures.  However, they have a problem because the killings are not coming from white Trump supporters who are in the NRA.  Instead, and this is the case with all four of these shootings over the last two weeks, they are coming from names of people who don’t have Anglo Saxon types of backgrounds.  Only the one in Atlanta comes close to the kind of person they want to see causing all this violence which they tried to directly attribute to Donald Trump’s blame of coronavirus on Asians, without dealing with the real problem of sex addiction. 

In fact, the four mass shootings that occurred all have in common breakdowns in behavioral circumstances which can be looped back to liberal causes.  In Atlanta, its sex addiction which progressives and their pornographic society have advocated for, and which the big tech companies make abundantly available as a means of controlling the animal instincts in human beings, which makes them more compliant to government mandates.  Then there was the shooting in Boulder Colorado, which came from a known Islamic extremist who specifically targeted white people.  An obvious case of racism by a young immigrant kid from the Middle East and was an anti-Trumper.  Not an NRA type as the media wanted, but they tried to divert the cause of the shooting away and to exploit the emotion of the killings to provoke gun control measures among politicians.  Then of course there was the shootout at Virginia Beach just a week ago from this writing which involved lots of minority types of kids obviously influenced by violent video games and entertainment culture.  They were fighting in the streets and in the clubs like they see on those entertainment venues obviously not thinking of the consequences of their actions as if they thought they were all going to respawn after they were shot or killed.  Then you have this Gonzalez guy killing these poor people in Orange County.  I wouldn’t say we don’t understand the cause of those killings.  Obviously Gonzalez knew all the people he attacked and at this point we could call it some variation of workplace violence, where emotions run wild in a business climate where people are trying to make a living and things get out of hand. 

In all the shootings we are looking at serious breakdowns of the expectations that liberalized society has set, that ends up falling apart in these people who then turn to violence to resolve their conflicts.  I would then offer that it was the liberal plan all along to break down elements of our society for a good ol’ Kotter change state by removing fathers from families, promoting pornography in entertainment, violence in movies without context, and turning to racism every five seconds in our media culture to stir up the emotions of the disenfranchised at every opportunity to enact violence on the culture they seek to conquer, which is traditional American value in this case.  People who belong to the NRA, grow up with good fathers who give them Red Ryder BB guns to learn firearm safety, and would maybe even join the Boy Scouts to become better people are not the people doing these mass shootings.  It is the products of liberalized society who are failing and turning to guns to resolve their quandaries with existence.  They are almost pushed into it by the media culture who of course want to exploit those deaths so to enact the gun control measures which was always the plan. 

Now of course those of us who oppose gun control want a civil society.  We want law and order and respect for our fellow people.  We see guns as a way to maintain a civil society.  In all these mass shootings for instance, we didn’t see a good guy with a gun there to put down the threat.  There was no concealed carry holder around to end the violence before the police arrived.  That is actually the reason the violence happened, and it might be very hard for average people to admit to themselves that is why progressives in the form of Democrats and some Republicans are against fully embracing a society of guns and CCW owners roaming around in public to keep violence from happening, because progressives want the mass shootings to happen so they can use them to advocate for the removal of guns from society, and thus, the easy control of government over the people they manage.  Ultimately, that is why you hardly heard a peep about the shooting in Virginia Beach because it was a gang bang affair, and that kind of thing isn’t relatable to the average person in society.  But the grocery store shooting in Boulder and the workplace violence situation in Orange County California does, so that is why those were exploited as opposed to others. But they all are caused by the liberal policies of politics that have gone wrong or gone right if the point of view is to remove guns from society with emotional stories that the public might support as a result of the tragedy.  But I see something different in these post Trump years.  The Biden administration and the handlers behind him have overplayed their hand.  They’ve especially done it on this gun violence issue trying to exploit every occurrence to full effect.  People are catching on, and they are numb to the emotional plot points, and its not working.    

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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