Covid is Over: Ohio and Indiana are taking back their states from out of control government

I enjoyed the exchange, I thought it was healthy.   But I also thought it was a year too late.  We should have been having these discussions in the opening days of the lockdowns.  It was in fact Governor DeWine of Ohio who was one of the first to go too far, and started shutting down restaurants, changing elections, and behaving like a single point failure tyrant expressing every reason why we have constitutional law to begin with, to limit government power from people who show they can’t handle the pressure and get suckered into an international scam as coronavirus obviously was.  Now the masks and all the ridiculous rules are meant to give a cover story to the scandal, so that people believe everything was really just as serious as the government said it was to justify all the trillions and trillions and trillions of lost dollars that was sucked out of our economy in an effort to help the Chinese become the dominate financial power by 2028.  I’d rather have Rand Paul too late than not at all, but we needed him in April of last year instead of blasting Dr. Fauci in 2021, after all the damage has already been done.  What felt good about watching Paul grill Fauci was that it was really the first time in public any politician or media personality had scrutinized Fauci to his face, including Trump.  Everyone tried to play it both ways with Dr. Doom, and he used that reluctance to lie, cheat and scheme all of us right over a cliff.  He deserves everything he has coming as people realize slowly how suckered with Covid we have all been. 

Its not that Covid wasn’t a sickness we had to deal with.  I know lots of people who have had it, some of them many times.  But to project it as a killer, as it was sold to us where we needed to suspend our constitutional liberties, or else, was malicious.  Whether it was on purpose or accident, it happened because our entire society allowed themselves to move away from a constitutional republic and emerge into a dictatorship by governors.  Not exactly what Trump planned when he went along with Dr. Fauci initially, and Bill Gates who were already blaming Trump for every car accident, every sniffle, and every heart attack that suddenly fell under the category of a Covid death.  I think Trump thought he could outsmart these malicious characters who launched this against him during an election year, and once he gave in to it, and DeWine started a chain reaction that the rest of the country followed, election laws were changed which then put liberals in power with scandalous mail-in ballots.  And that was used to perform a coup against President Trump and give us the mess we are dealing with now politically, Democrats in power everywhere, even though we didn’t pick them at the ballot box.

But it took a lot to get people to wake up and start rebelling against this out-of-control government.  I knew it would come eventually, but I didn’t think it would take this long to get there.  People should have been protesting this government during the summer instead of waiting until things were irreparable socially and economically.  But since Dr. Fauci was put in his place with Rand Paul, suddenly people are feeling bolder in proclaiming their distain for Covid-19 protocols.  I suppose that people had to see just how far the government would take their mandates, and how they would refuse to give that power back well past the time to do so.  Its one thing to tell people something, its another to see it for themselves and its obvious that people needed to see the evidence.  Well, now they’ve seen it, they’ve heard how Joe Biden plans to drag all this out until the summer and it proved to be too much for Red State governors, starting with Texas, then Florida, Alabama, Oklahoma then Indiana.  Even with the case counts going way down, and Covid testing facilities trying with everything they can to squeeze more life out of all the testing they can get through their system to justify their existence, DeWine has still been holding on.  He even passed Stand Your Ground laws to make a deal with Republicans in the House and Senate to spare him from the wrath he has coming. 

However, its over.  Covid has been dead and buried for weeks, yet the government doesn’t want it to go away.  It was their biggest chance yet at grabbing total power over everyone and destroying our constitutional republic.  And this should be a lesson to everyone involved.  Government can never be allowed to have that much power, because when they get it, its like crack to them.  Highly addictive and justifies all the power grabs they sought to achieve by getting into politics to begin with.  These politicians need to be punished many times over far worse than what Rand Paul did to Dr. Fauci.  The media that propped up these tyrants need a lesson taught to them too, for the role they played in the mess.  For the way they idolized Governor DeWine for being far worse than any Democrat in Ohio we could have voted for, in taking over the state based on the superstitious whims of his tiny, incompetent mind.  At last, we are freeing ourselves from these terrible people, the latest being the governor of Indiana reacting to the inevitable.  People are sick of Covid and the new government rules pulled out of their ass to deal with it.  It was a hard and costly lesson, but at least finally, people are starting to fight back.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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2 thoughts on “Covid is Over: Ohio and Indiana are taking back their states from out of control government

  1. Thank God Ohio and Indians have the courageous Patriots to take back their states!
    Liberal Communists moved to Arizona and helped Biden STEAL the Presidential election, as well as Martha McSally’s senate seat that went to CCP Stooge, mark kelly

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  2. The States should not be bailed out. They’ve plundered both unemployment insurance and workers compensation benefits for at least 7 or 8 years. The State’s fat needs cut, and cut deep, leaving behind only what is right for the AMERICAN people. The courts that have been racketeering are in need cleaning out, too. BIG TIME. As well as so do a lot of the so called “commissions,” whose lies desecrate the law of the land and the good people, need to go. Thank you for sharing your expose.


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