Don’t Worry about Social Scorecards: You still hold all the cards

Hey, even with me, I had planned about a $10k trip to Disney World over this past winter, but with Covid restrictions and all the stupid masks, we cancelled the trip and spent the money in other places that didn’t have such dumb restrictions. Who wants to pay all that money to a vacation spot where you have to run around with a dumb mask in the hot sun?  Not me, so we took our money elsewhere and will continue to do so.  This stupid idea that these corporations have like Disney and Carnival is that their product is so desired that people will be willing to cave to their Covid rules to participate. But in reality, they are only slicing up their own market share and hurting themselves, and it won’t take them long to learn that lesson.  All these companies got these stupid ideas from the communist country of China where they have been doing just this kind of thing for along time.  But you have to understand the proportional reality of basic economics to see just how foolish it really is so that a reality can be planned going forth. 

They have around 1.3 billion people in China and a GDP economy that is producing around $20 trillion per year, about the same as the United States.  There is quite a push by them to become the dominate world power economically where they overtake us, which they can largely only do if they trick us into playing the same dumb games they force their society to live with, which is with all these restrictions, the credit score manipulations so that if you want to buy a certain car, but you have a bad social score because of something you said on social media, then they will turn you away until you can prove that you can behave. The trouble is we have less than a third of that total number of people contributing the same essential economic numbers, actually we have far less due to a number of circumstances who are actually contributing to the GDP meaning that our economy is a rocket engine compared to the propeller of China and that is due exclusively to the overly managed nature of their entire society.  The more restrictions you have from a government the less activity you are destined to get as a result.  China has been looking for that balance of power for many years and they have concluded that their only path forward is to trick other nations into adopting their policies and behaving like they do, so that they can then sneak out in front economically and take over the best in the world position. 

Of course, dumb companies in America who have been lured to believe that China will give them access to their 1 billion people are willing to do whatever China says because they think that is the only way toward their continued growth, is to penetrate these communist markets instead of dealing with the saturation point that is showing up on their growth charts.  That is certainly where Disney has been looking, but they all have similar thoughts and that is why we are hearing that these same companies plan to adopt communist politics on social manipulations through scorecards to drive American economic behavior.  However, reality has a lot more to say on the matter than any of them are willing to admit to.  Those same American companies, like Disney, and Nike along with many others are used to begging for our business.  They have invested hundreds of millions, if not billions, building their brands so that people will spend $10K on a vacation, or will buy the products that finance makes it easy to purchase with low interest rates. 

The truth is, if you are a hard worker who shows up at a job every day, and you have good credit as determined by your habit to pay back your loans, these companies will continue to eat out of your hand and you will remain in control.  If you don’t like what they are doing, don’t buy their product and they’ll get the message really fast.  I would say they are already feeling it, but wouldn’t dare admit it this early in the game.  All these liberal policies, especially on energy are starting to cost people a lot of money and they will alter their plans accordingly costing many of these companies many hundreds of millions of dollars in lost opportunity cost.  In China they get away with it because there are no other options.  In America, there are always options and as everyone learned with Covid, there was a shelf-life on generosity that people were willing to put up with an overly restricted society.  The amount of rebelliousness that is on display now regarding people and mask mandates were not well thought out during Event 201 where pretentious liberals in love with communist societies obviously didn’t think everything through from all the angles.  They would have done well to consider some of the sociology concerns rather than just listening to a few communist economists who are contaminated with their ideological view of the world instead of the cold hard truth of reality.

Yet the message is the same to you, remember that you hold all the cards and it won’t take the corporations long to realize how valuable your business is to them.  They have gotten greedy in going for these Chinese global markets and many people will lose their jobs over this move, and those same corporations will be seeking desperately to earn back your business.  The rules are still true, if you are a quality person and you have worked hard every day, the world will still beat a path to your door.  Its not the other way around which China is trying to establish where you are lucky to do business with them.  You continue to hold all the cards and should never forget it.  And don’t be afraid to rub it in either.  Just don’t take that cruise if they have the Covid restrictions.  Do something else until they figure out the lay of the land and the path to true economic activity.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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