Its Time to Swing on the Noose: Let the Democrats choke on it

I feel bad even bringing it up because there wasn’t anything Trump could have done about it.  It was an election year.  Nobody had ever seen this kind of malice coming from a shadow government before.  Heck, people have a hard time admitting that there is a shadow government, let alone that its not something they are in control of.  So, It seem unfair to hold Trump to such a measure, but if we are going to be honest, Trump made a huge mistake by playing along with Covid.  The result is that a fake scientific community is still laying claim to being the authority on science and the designation of a global pandemic as something the world should be concerned with, and that is still the basic policy driver behind so much government expansion that we are seeing on a daily basis.   The effort it will take to put this genie back in the bottle will be incredibly difficult.   Its still possible, but it will be much worse now than even a year ago.  Now I wouldn’t blame Trump for it.  He was learning about this stuff along with the rest of us.  Nobody really understood how deceitful these monsters were.  Well, I did.  But I can certainly understand how and why normal people would miss the mark.  To see this stuff for what it was you must admit to some basic traits about the human race that few people are ready to admit to and that really is the essence behind the Covid scam.  Most people just don’t have it in their hearts to see the truth, and the villains are well aware of this natural cover that they always enjoy. 

That’s also why our plan must be to let them run their course and hang every mistake on their necks with their full weight.  Right now, the political left, the insurgents are just running through the bullet points on their script without considering reality at all which is interesting.  Its yet another reason that they had to tamper with the election of 2020 through Covid relief laws made up as they went along, to allow for massive election fraud to put them in power and fulfill all these goals.  Such as the notion of using Covid relief payments as a foundation for a universal wage.  Part of the script has been to just give people money, to make more dependents out of normal people and as long as the MAGA movement was in the way, they always had an excuse for why their utopian paradise wasn’t working.  Now there is no opposition.  Trump is hiding out in exile and everyone else is on their heels.  There is no opposition to speak of now with the House, Senate and the Executive—even the Judicial all in this socialist takeover long planned in America.  It’s the nightmare scenario for sure of what the world would look like if the people of Georgetown suddenly were in charge of everything, this is the world they would give to everyone.  They think it makes sense, but to the rest of us, it’s a pretentious escapade of wine drinking mixed with second generation wealth that nobody understood how the first generation made the money in the first place.  They are only good at spending it. 

I would still argue that we are a lot better off knowing what we do today.  What we were doing in 2016 wasn’t possible because there were too many malicious characters who had been hiding in plain sight to deal with.  We had no idea the FBI and Justice Departments were so corrupt; we had no idea how vile the Obama administration had been and how politically manipulative they were.  We had no real idea how deep in bed many of our own people were with China and how rich our politicians were getting off the relationships.  In hindsight, it should be very obvious.  But it was hard to see going forward.  Nobody was coming out and saying just how much they wanted to see America fall to the rest of the world, including many in our own political circles.  I was certainly there, but I understood that most people just don’t have room in their hearts for that type of hatred of people in general, because to see it, you have to hate it.  And to hate it you must be ready to make that judgment in a world where judgments are looked down upon.  So that means you must break that peer pressure and be comfortable with the ridicule.  Trump certainly wasn’t signing up for that.  He wanted to be America’s cheerleader, and the parts of his job that allowed him to do that, he was spectacularly good at.  But it was the wrong game all together that we got pulled into playing. 

That is also why I’m more reserved about all this than I might have been in the past.  Now that we’ve all hit the wall, there really isn’t anything to be afraid of.  The Democrats have done all this on their own without any help from Republicans, other than them just laying down like weaklings and letting them do their will.  That means that the script with all its flaws will be exposed for now on against a world that clearly didn’t vote for Joe Biden.  And the plan was always to just pay people off to shut up.  But it took too long to get out the $1400 checks and this is all as easy as it will ever get for them.  And its no paradise, not by a long shot.  Its hard to have power and to keep it, so now that burden is on the Democrats, and its obvious that they will choke on it.  And for our part, its time to swing on the noose to help the process along.  But nothing else. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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