Wokeness Will Soon Be Out of Fashion: And not a moment too soon

People will do a great many things to survive, if they think there is a real danger to themselves and the people they care about, they’ll follow the rules of a loser government up to a point.  During the last year of Covid we have watched most people take a wait and see approach to the perceived danger.  If that culture says to watch what you say about some woke aspect of a culture, they’ll play along as long as it doesn’t cost them anything.  But the minute that the government can no longer prove that there is a danger, or that the danger is noticeably overblown, people will quickly move to their own values.  That means this massive investment in social construct, into accepting transgender politics, equalization among the sexes, in open border advocacy, are false constructs that do not represent the values of normal people.  They will only listen to such arguments out of self-preservation from an overreaching set of government bureaucrats.  When the values of a society are not aligned with the needs of that society, rule breaking will then become the respectable norm.  But blind adherence to a social norm that is created by a tyrannical government is not natural and will be abandoned by a population at the first opportunity. 

Just as the belief from the government was that Covid would bring us all a new normal, where the rules of Covid protocols would dictate a change in social norms.  As if people would accept for the rest of their lives that we would have to wear masks, that we would have to socially distance.  That all the ridiculousness in avoiding Covid would become the standard government procedure.  I have been enjoying lately watching people come back to life, one year after Covid was shoved into our lives we can see the signs of a world post Covid returning to normal.  Its little things here and there, like the Tampa Bay Bucs parade for winning the Super Bowl where people enjoyed life without socially distancing or wearing the dumb masks and the media had very little to say about it. I was at a few restaurants this past week while the NCAA tournaments were on and they were packed.  People were ready to spend money.  The idea of going to baseball games and actually filling up stadiums again are very much on people’s minds.  This was not the intention of the government doomsayers who were intent to change our society to a new normal.  People want normal again, and nothing else.  And that will be the same type of situation with wokeness.  People must want the market trends; they can’t be imposed on everyone just to stick out of regulation.  Without people believing in why we do things, any trend that is put forth will lack its own energy to maintain itself for any kind of duration. 

Whenever I watch one of these academic approaches to social mind control, I find it bewildering that the participants are so stupid.  I mean we all have access to the same books, the same history of human behavior.  Much of this stuff is well studied, yet time and time again they think that they have mastered the efforts for change and that people will drop their need for personal rebellion and suddenly seek instructions for their basic existence.  And that is always at the heart of most progressive governments where they believe that at the heart of all management problems among a society is a large central government to manage the affairs of everyone.  They have no evidence that states that such a large central government was ever successful, yet they plan as if it’s always been the case ignoring the obvious warning signs of social discontent.  China for their own problems has clearly bitten off too much for themselves.  They now have the world captivated to their cause, but they do not have a history of success to display they actually know what they are doing.  China has problems managing their society everywhere.  Particularly among their men.  They have feminized their males; they have too tightly controlled their females.  They are not inventive and are showing massive problems on the horizon that a large government will never be able to inspire growth out of.  Yet they are the ones setting policy controls through the media to steer society from one woke policy to another. 

It will be with the same lack of fanfare that the woke trends of our times now will fall away into ridiculousness as the social controls of today are scrutinized beyond defense.  People will accept the opposite of what we call wokeness now, the default mode will be the opposite—everything but wokeness.  It just takes too much work to think about all these pronoun problems, and all the overly sensitive modes of engagement meant to make lazy people feel less bad about themselves.  There will be a day not so far away where people will make fun of woke terms the way people now make fun of bell bottoms and other outdated social trends that in hindsight make us wonder what we were thinking when we came up with them.  History will remember the criticism, it won’t remember the act itself or what caused it, because neither was created out of necessity, but in an arrogant attempt at social engineering by inferior academic pin heads.  And when it does, we will all have a good, needed laugh.  We will make fun of the losers who created so much trouble for us because they’ll deserve the ridicule.  They’ll deserve our criticism spectacularly.  And the more we do it, the more healthy our society will be as a warning to those future micromanagers, to keep their dumb ideas to themselves and not to transfer to the rest of us all their neurosis.  For as thick as it feels today, we will surely enjoy the snap back into reality for which we are all owed.  It will be a good day when that happens, and we all certainly deserve to see woke culture ridiculed to the ends of the earth with great fanfare.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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