Why the Left is Turning on Andrew Cuomo: Protecting themselves from crimes committed under Covid

For me, everything about Covid-19 is a joke.  The entire 2020 government response was a joke at best, incompetent governments trying to suddenly tie their stupidity to the mask of illnesses.  It was always going to be a disaster for losers like Andrew Cuomo to give them that kind of power under emergency health orders.  Of course, they were going to screw it up.  As did all the blue state governors.  When Biden gave his little speech on the Covid mess this past week they know they must continue soft selling the scandemic by setting little goals to get out of it, like setting objectives to be able to gather in small groups on the 4th of July.  As Biden said that you could almost hear the speech writers begging for a day when all this would be over.  They’ve all gone all in on using this virus for election fraud and they are desperately trying to keep the wheels from falling off before the government says that its safe to return to normal life.  People are heading there anyway so time is running out fast. 

And that’s where people like Andrew Cuomo really failed, in making decisions for people based on their sheer incompetence.  People like him should never be in a position to rule over other people.  That’s ultimately what nobody can afford in the wake of all the problems, is people realizing that the blue state governors and mayors are just diabolically flawed that people may never trust them the same way again.  Even after all we’ve been through, Biden is asking for us to continue the ruse for just a few more months, until July 4th where government might give us permission to live once again.  Well, at my house just like last year, the 4th of July wasn’t about asking the government for permission to celebrate.  I didn’t ask the CDC if I could have family over to my house to have a hamburger.  We just did it and we will continue to do it.  The government is irrelevant in the process.  But for the political class that has their ugly fingerprints over so many deaths, they must show a managed recovery out of the mess in order to sell the commitment to the mess in the first place. 

It’s the same game with Cuomo, he killed people by sending Covid patients to nursing homes.  But so did many government types who abused their authority in the same way for the same result.  So, to hide that from the public, they have thrown Cuomo to the wolves on this sex scandal lining up a long list of women who are now declaring that the governor has been sexually abusing them for years.  Obviously, this conduct has been going on for a long time, but suddenly now in 2021 we are supposed to care about it.  It’s the way the political left plays the game, do you see it dear reader?  It’s the same deflection that they always use.  It’s the same way that Biden used the 4th of July to attempt to reassure people that Covid is still real, but that the government that put us in trouble with it will always be the government that takes us out of it.  And if Andrew Cuomo must go down in a blaze of glory because of his scandal with the nursing homes, then the political left will pick the means for which he must go down.  A sex scandal rather than murder. 

In 2020 one of the biggest things I lost was my cans of Mello Yello because the Coke bottling company needed the aluminum for their other, more popular productions.  The only way I could get Mello Yello was in plastic bottles.  I always knew that life would start getting back to normal when I could get Mello Yello in cans again.  Well, this past week, that happened for the first time in nearly a year.  Mello Yello was in cans again!  And you know for that to happen, government had to reassure a lot of people up and down the supply chain that Covid was coming to an end and that artificial restrictions such as aluminum shortages caused by government reaction to Covid were almost finished.  I always felt that the aluminum shortage was a stupid problem because like all the rest of the Covid problems it was caused by the stupidity of government, not by anything real, such as a supply chain problem.  The problem wasn’t that there wasn’t any aluminum but that due to too many government restrictions imposed by an out-of-control health department, the Coke company couldn’t get enough of it to manufacture all their products.  So, I had to go without Mello Yello in cans for most of his past year.  But like magic, suddenly cans were back, and everyone understands why.  Government has lost the will now that the election is over to continue using Covid as a ruse.  They hope to make it to July 4th just to continue selling the virus as if it were ever a real problem. But truly, it has always been an excuse for blue state governors to pad their egos and abuse their authority under emergency powers.  Then to cover up the bad behavior, to use Covid to avoid justice.  When that didn’t work, well then, a sex scandal would do the rest of the job. 

The thing that people continue to forget on Covid and the government is that really bad people will lie to you, and these have been really bad people.  Andrew Cuomo has been a really bad person.  Its not like he woke up yesterday and suddenly abused all these women with sexual foul play.  But admitting to that problem is far less costly than in admitting to what extent Cuomo and many others like him abused Covid and are now at risk of ruining the ruse forever.  They held on to that power too long.  People did die, and now that the world is returning to normal faster than the government would like there is a very real danger of the whole house of cards coming down around them.  And if that happens, the classic sex scandal defense won’t save any of them.  Not this time.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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