The Puppet President: Proof of a shadow government every time Biden talks

I would direct your attention to the South Carolina primary where Biden was on the ropes and had to win.  If you’ll remember about that time all the other candidates decided to rally behind Biden and he ended up winning that primary and suddenly from there on he was the front runner.  Clearly the entire event was orchestrated by invisible handlers who were not part of the presidential story.  Then it got worse from there as the Biden campaign refused to let him hit the road, kept him locked in his house while they used Covid-19 as an excuse not to campaign traditionally.  Then we saw Trump work his ass off to win 75 million votes only to have the election stolen away with an impossible number of voters being counted days after the election to eventually give Biden the presidency.  The message to all of us was that the handlers were never going to allow us to have President Trump.  They were clear in letting us all know that the presidency was not controlled by the people of America.  Even though its supposed to be, the message was clear to us, they were going to give us Biden, even as dumb and slow as he was, and we were going to live with it.  They were almost rubbing our faces in it. 

Of course, this isn’t a sustainable position.  We have all assumed for centuries that we elect our presidents through elections, and people are going to resent not having control of their government.  They won’t put up with this caricature set-up that we see now.  In the short run people will go along because they are civil, but as things go, the expectation will be that a shadow government unelected is not going to be acceptable.  I have no fear that this caricature style president that we have with Joe Biden will last long.  But that it is so obvious is an excellent learning opportunity to take what we are seeing and apply it to the theory of conspiracy theories going back decades.  When people have said that all American presidents, except for President Trump have been owned and operated by a shadow government since the beginning, there is now proof of that behavior.  Its no longer a theory.  What is new though is the lack of hiding it from the public any longer.

It will be interesting to see how long this Biden caricature can continue, how much or how long people will put up with it.  Typically, people don’t care about government positions unless they get in the way of people’s lives.  But even the ceremonial stuff like Biden addressing the nation on the 1-year anniversary of Covid is flat and eventless.  People get that the silly Covid speech was only constructed to help sell that the government needed to do what it did to alleviate the crises—for which they created—but Biden could barely even deliver the lines.  He can’t even play the puppet well without all the stuffing coming out during the performance.  And people won’t put up with that.  If they are going to be lied to, they expect the politicians to at least put on a show about it so not to make people look like such suckers following such an oaf.  Joe Biden is no Bill Clinton or Ronald Reagan, people who could at least read the script and make people feel like the president was in charge instead of an army of unelected bureaucrats hiding in the shadows. 

We also know now why Trump was so successful and was able to achieve so much in a short period of time.  Because as an executive, he was able to actually solve problems.  In the past, the shadow government people proved to be incompetent and presidents didn’t know to question things.  They just read the speeches that were provided to them.  But Trump didn’t need any of them and was able to actually fix things the way normal people would.  Yet that was never the way it was supposed to be, presidents were not supposed to be in charge.  We were only supposed to believe they were.  In reality, they were to remain controlled by the shadow government.  What’s good is that at least now, we are talking about the actual shadow government instead of speculating about its existence.  Everyone can see it; they are just off stage from where Joe Biden is, and they now have to spend all their time trying to hold him up.  And when he drifts off message, they are the ones who put up the color bars and cut the transmission.  We are seeing the shadow government more than we ever have before.  So, if there is anything good to come out of all this it’s that we no longer think of such things as a conspiracy. 

I often measuring things by pressure, you can learn about the truth of something as pressure will reveal behavior based on the forces acting on it.  As a response to President Trump being elected in 2016, which nobody thought would happen apparently, the shadow government got caught flat footed.  This forced them to double and triple down during this election season of 2020.  They didn’t even care if they got caught tip toeing through the paint in the corner.  They just wanted control back, which is what we are seeing.  They picked Joe Biden way back at the South Carolina primary because he wasn’t very smart, wasn’t going to cause them trouble, and wouldn’t be a challenge to them in the least.  And we are seeing the cost of that decision.  The cost to them is in the lack of credibility.  It costs them everyday to send Joe Biden out to talk nonsense only to stumble through the lines aimlessly.  It hurts the brand of the shadow government to have such a knuckle dragger representing them.  But to have a nice compliant puppet they had to pick Joe Biden.  Their need for control exceeds their need for credibility.  Obviously, they have realized that when it comes to presidents, they can’t have both. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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One thought on “The Puppet President: Proof of a shadow government every time Biden talks

  1. Joe Biden is nothing more than a dishonest, disgusting, big shot Nit Wit. The truly deadly one is “she who shall not be named.”


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