Woke Culture is Government Mind Control: The essence of being free is to think your own thoughts

There are lots of conspiracy books on the government experiments with mind control.  Many would assume that these mechanisms of mind control would be super scientific and would involve technology at some level.  But in truth, mind control is really a series of simple tricks that are well exampled in the post 2020 election cycle and are more psychological rather than literal.  For instance, the current social trend of wokeness is just such a form of mind control, the design is to tear away an individual’s personal judgments about something then to replace that value system with a government sanctioned position.  Such as forcing people to accept gay rights or transgender politics into policy making decisions so that our emotional barriers are removed to such things.  However, when we talk about freedom, we aren’t just talking about physical rights, such as rights to have a firearm to protect private property obtained through hard work and tenacity.  We are most importantly protecting our right to think what we want, to own our private thoughts.  This current government/corporate conglomeration certainly has as a goal to remove private thoughts through peer pressure to obtain a collective result of net zero judgments so that the government can replace what our thoughts are—and I find that profoundly insulting.  Recently, because of the woke trends and my statements about the freakshow health director from Pennsylvania that Beijing Biden has put on his staff, the Rocky Horror Picture Show dude, I have had several angry comments thrown my way, which are completely irresponsible and hostile at the most basic level.  But it also serves as an excellent platform for discussing the essentials of personal freedom that are at the core of this woke argument of our modern times.

As I said in the video above, my view on life and how we interact with each other is that we have an obligation to treat family members, work associates, political affiliates, everyone really as fairly as possible.  Saying that, I know lots of people from many diverse backgrounds and can think of off the top of my head several people who are now calling themselves transgender.  I personally interact with hundreds of people each week, sometimes thousands, and nobody could ever accuse me of not treating anybody with utmost courtesy and respect.  In fact, many people who know me well are bewildered how I can hold my opinions about so many things the way I do.  However, as anybody who reads here knows, I have a great many strong opinions about a great number of topics, and my mind doesn’t get changed once I determine a position.  For me my social projection is a shield to guard my inner thoughts, I don’t feel it necessary to unleash my inner thoughts to the acceptance of group behavior, which is the essential ingredients behind many of the government mind control experiments that have been conducted over the years.  Humans are social animals and they seldom graduate their thought processes beyond that of children who look for peer approval before arriving at a conclusion.  If you deny the peer approval, you can thus control the thoughts of the people seeking it.  My position is the reverse, I gather outside influence then determine out of all the data what I think about it and I arrive at my core values that way, independent of outside shaping. 

That means I can deal with gay people, or transgender people experimenting with their psychological output to society in general with a polite façade of fairness, but I can also have an opinion about their behavior that may be good or bad.  My thoughts on the matter are not subject to the definitions of a government, a media, or a peer of any kind.  My thoughts are my thoughts, and I am free to have them.  In any independence movement, personal thoughts are the very first thing we should be concerned with.  We have an obligation to fairness and all the variety of people that there are in the world and why they think the way they do, but we are free to have an opinion about things based on our experience.  We are humans and we have a right and obligation to judge.  When a government, or anybody for that matter tells us “not to judge,” they are essentially telling us not to think, and its at that point that we stop being human, and certainly where we give up our core responsibility to independence. 

What we have been seeing among the government commitment to woke culture, and even the corporate scams to suck up to the power of government, such as we have seen from Disney, Coke, Facebook and many others is an acceptance of mind control.  They aren’t interested in fairness in society, they want to control what you think about things and how you come about to think it, which is the most dangerous kind of mind control yet attempted in the history of the world on such a mass level.  While it might seem harmless enough to disguise mind control behind fairness, it is not the same thing.  They are two different processes, not one that is mangled together meant to destroy the entire thought process of personal judgment.  Once we allow our minds to fall to such mind control, we lose the ability to think about anything, which is the goal of these aggressors.  While the surface argument might be to insult our sensibilities with transgender politics or gay rights, we forget that the real issue is simply sexual politics—something that really only concerns us as human beings for about 30 years of our lives—and so in the process of doing all this we lose our ability to think about everything from big topics to small topics for the young and old alike forcing us to turn to government for our definitions of thoughts. 

True, I do have a unique perspective on this, I live my life in such a way and have for a long time.  I’m willing to give a bit while interacting with people I strongly disagree with.  But when I get away to the quiet of my own mind, I turn myself loose to enjoy the freedom to think what I want when I want to for as long as I wish and that is how I’ve maintained a balance over many years happily.  I share it here to help whomever can find peace with it.  But it is deeply insulting to even hear any accusation meant for less developed people to be held to the government defined judgments of a woke culture.  That certainly doesn’t apply to me and I have to remind everyone thinking and doing that kind of activity that once you give up your ability to think for yourself and to have opinions formed from your own experience, you have thrown yourself on an alter of wokeness to be programed by a stupid society of government pinheads who could care less about fairness.  All they want is your mind and that by playing their silly woke game, you are surrendering the most valuable part of yourself to a bunch of idiots essentially for free, and that is a really dumb thing to do. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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