Teacher Unions Have Destroyed Public Education: As long as it exists, schools will always fail

With the context of hindsight, John Dewey was an idiot, the so-called father of public education.  The way public education was created, and who ended up running it, the teacher’s unions, government schools have been an unmitigated failure that in its current form is irredeemable.  Teacher unions have destroyed any hope that government schools might ever work, then the content of Dewey’s progressive intentions set the whole thing up to never change to adapt to the needs of the world.  So those combinations of events have delivered us to this current precipice.  If you are hoping to return to the good old days of public education where you sent your kid to school hoping they’d learn something that might get them a good job in the future are gone, and they aren’t ever going to come back.  Teachers this time refusing to return to class after essentially getting a year off due to Covid-19 have shot themselves in the foot by taking advantage of the situation, without considering what the cost would be to their industry.

The biggest problem with government schools is that they are not built to make exceptional children grow into exceptional adults.  Rather, they are there to teach your kid to follow instructions, not to think for themselves.  And secretly most parents are OK with this approach because they are too lazy to teach their kids anything anyway.  They want a compliant child who does what they tell them to do, so the system has been allowed to grow into the monstrosity that it is now.    The greatest myth of our times is that teachers are heroes and are the front lines between success and failure of our society.  They hold the key to a child’s future, and a remarkable number of people actually believe it.  In truth, most schoolteachers are lazy and after a decade in the profession are nearly useless as they typically become radicalized into liberal activists and they then teach our children this radicalism.  While its true some teachers are idealistic in pursuing the profession.  They come out of college wanting to save the world and they are most useful in these early years.  But their light goes out quick, within 4 to 5 years.  By the time they become radicalized by the union and the teacher’s lounge, the only get more liberal as the years go, and more expensive.  School districts would do better by dumping older teachers and saving the money for new teachers coming right out of college.  But the union will never allow those kinds of things to happen which is why the industry will never come back as it was.

With a heavy teacher’s union presence in the current White House Beijing Biden is stuck between a rock and a hard place between the need for the free babysitting service that is the teaching profession and the lazy teachers in the unions simply looking for any excuse to stay home.  Now that safety has taken center stage the teacher’s unions will exploit that in every instance and no public school district will ever return to a 5-day work week in class.  Schools will never fully re-open now that Covid-19 has shown them how to get out of work, yet still get paid.  I see it as a blessing because I knew the system wasn’t sustainable, but what wasn’t so obvious is how it would come to be without destroying our entire civilization.  Good for us, the teacher’s unions showed what they were really about during Covid-19 and people can see it, and have learned to live without them. 

I’ve been saying for a while that if you really love your kid, you would send them to a private school or you would home school them.  In most cases a public school will greatly limit your child’s world outlook and clip their wings in the world tremendously.  Public school is meant to keep minds caged, not to unleash them into the next world genius.  Public school is about teaching liberalism when kids are in school, to provide a free babysitting service to busy parents, and to pave the way for a communist society which was always Dewey’s design for public education.  Its free, so people used it, but Dewey knew what would happen.  It was the way to bring Karl Marx to every child, and because it was free, people didn’t complain.  Well public education isn’t free, property owners pay for it which was part of the design also.  Public education was always about liberal radicalism and attacking private property through progressive taxation until the system collapsed, as it is now under Covid.  Then the global government could eradicate private property due to the impossible tax burdens and that would usher in the new progressive age these idiots have been planning for over the last 100 years.  But what they didn’t count on in this grand plan was their progressive communist teacher unions would take every excuse to have work stoppages and force parents to come up with alternatives to their education monopolies. 

Oh, I’ve heard it before, the teachers, the administrators, the school boards don’t think of themselves as communists.  That’s because they have been taught the new words for it, like being “progressive” or in as being political Democrats.  But what they think and what they teach they might as well be educated in the Karl Marx school of thought on direct communism as it has been taught in the Soviet Union and today’s China.  Whenever you hear the word “consensus building” you are hearing from a communist by the original definitions of it, toward the aims of communism.  Every public school is engaged in that behavior, but nobody talked about it because what parents really wanted was free babysitting while they went to work, had their affairs, and made messes out of their lives and hoped that a good school district would keep their kids from growing up into degenerates.  Well, it didn’t work.  What made it all work was the promise parents had that a school would be open 5 days a week during the day and that they could count on the school to do its part in raising their children.  But since Covid, parents have seen the scam for what it is.  The teachers are lazy.  They may tell the media they want to get back to work, but they are hiding behind the masses in their unions to stay away from work blaming Covid for their binge watching on Netflix accounts.  The truth is that so long as there are teacher unions, public education never had a chance and now they can’t put that Genie back in the bottle.  It was never the magic from an unrubbed lamp that would turn an unloved child into the next great mind on planet earth.  It was all an illusion that has become painfully obvious since Covid-19 shut down all the schools in order to help sell the opportunity for election fraud and a coup of an American president.  The teachers went too far and now their brand is damaged beyond repair.  To my perspective that’s a great thing, its better to know than not to.  But hoping for a return to normal, this is the new normal they have been talking about.  Its just not what the followers of Dewey wanted, which is pretty funny. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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