The Good Thing to Come Out of Covid-19: With public schools shut down, our kids have been free to think

Well, if there was one good thing to come out of a year of Covid-19, it has been the shutting down of the public schools, and in getting kids out of those toxic environments.  I’ve been saying for over three decades just how bad government schools are for our kids, and our communities, but thanks to Covid-19 and the teacher unions overplaying their hands, people now have had a chance to see what I was talking about.  And thankfully, people have broken their dependence to some extent on using the public schools as a free babysitting service and more and more parents are now either teaching the kids at home, or they are sending them to private schools.  Either of those options are the best thing for kids anyway.  If you can’t afford a private school, then teaching the kids at home is far better than sending kids to the meet grinder of public education.  Now that the teachers have for so long refused to go back to their jobs declaring that its “not safe,” the teacher unions have given away finally their control over our kids for the essential communist doctrine that they teach under the proposed Dewey system that government schools were from the start.  Of course, public education had all kinds of good, utopian ideas, but like any public park that government runs, or even federal highway system, government screws up and overcharges for everything they do, and what you get out of all is usually a miserable experience without many options and only a fraction of what everybody set out to do in the first place. 

In the video above I tell some of the stories of my long fight with public education and the habits that parents grow used to, and come to expect out of public education.  For instance, ten years ago when I was fighting school levies, mandatory communist taxes on property in order to collapse the system for big global communist goals of eradicating private property and using that money to pay communist teachers to teach communism to our kids making the teachers somewhat wealthy in the process while it all lasts.  Yeah, don’t let teachers tell you they are starving.  That argument has about as much weight as their reluctance to stay home out of fears of Covid when in reality they just want to eat snacks and binge watch Netflix movies.  In my school district of Lakota in West Chester, Ohio, many teachers are making six figures.  They aren’t starving and by the size of their fat asses, any court of law couldn’t dispute the fact.  At best most of the government employees in these public schools are liars.  I wouldn’t trust them with watching my dog, let alone any kid in my family.  I feel the way I do about them because of my experience over many decades with them, and believe me, they aren’t worth the money. 

One of those stories involved the public school taking away bussing from parents unless we passed a levy, which of course eventually did pass.  Well guess what, the busing never fully came back partially because parents just started taking their kids to school and dropping them off.  People learned to live without the free busing service.  When my kids were growing up we always drove them to school, at least most of the time.  When I was a kid, many years ago, I saw my first sex acts on school busses before the fifth grade.  I’m sure its much worse now.  No kid should have to experience that kind of debauchery.  Public schools and the bussing practices should be rated R.  They were toxic and over the years I have come to think that all they do for children is destroy them.  They offer very little good of any kind.  Kids would be better off staying home with their parents and if you love your kids, you’d give them that chance.  Sending a child to public school is just as good as throwing them in the trash. 

Oh, I know that might hurt your feelings dear reader, but think about it.  I didn’t have a particularly bad public-school life.  I don’t have a strange psychological reason not to like public school.  But I can’t think of one good thing that came out of all my years.  If it did anything, it slowed me down and held me back just like communism does for all people.  The slowest and squeakiest are the ones who set the pace.  The ambitious and hungry for learning end up bored and punished as a result.  Sure, it’s free, but like all free things, what you get out of the Cracker Jack Box sucks.  You get better things out a McDonald’s Happy Meal than you get out of public education.  I would go as far to say that Wendy’s Happy Meals will teach high school kids more than they would learn in school.  Public school is a complete waste of time the way its set up now, but thankfully, Covid-19 has broken the spell.  The main problem with public schools is that their purpose in teaching is to brace people for mediocrity.  They are not looking for the next Einstein or Thomas Edison, but rather the next Snoop Dogg or Kardashians.  Ozzy Osborn would be something public schools admire, whereas some bookworm like Thomas Jefferson would be laughed at and ridiculed to no end.  Toxic places created by toxic people and controlled by toxic systems of government.

I may be a bit sharper with my tongue on this issue now because we are seeing the results.  We see how voters are voting, or not voting and how a lack of critical thinking is allowing massive fraud by government to control people who have had the best of their minds eroded away in their public-school years.  And their innocence was robbed from them leaving them husks of people functioning in their adult lives as dependents that the government is all too happy to get.  With every dependent coming out of public education with their wings clipped is one more government servant for a lifetime that can’t fly away from government and can’t even think for themselves enough to wonder how they became the way there are.  I might have spoken about the parasitic nature of public school prior to Covid-19 but in the wake of it, after the lockdowns and the refusal of teachers to report for work, all they have done is confirm everything I’ve said about them over the years and more.  And for the kids stuck at home because the teachers have been home and sitting on their fat asses, a light is starting to come back on in their minds.  And that’s a great thing.  Perhaps Covid-19 will stick around a while longer so that those flickering lights might ignite to full luminosity and that free minds might gain the ability to think once again.  Because that’s what we’re talking about here.  Public schools don’t help kids.  It hinders them and thus they grow up and become Democrats and they vote for communism because they don’t know any better.  Yet for the first time, with some of those new lights, we may have discovered the best of us is yet to come.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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