The Trophy of the QAnon Shaman: How to beat the Big Government types

Before I get into the really sad story of the Qanon Shaman let me give you the secret to beating these government losers.  Its simple really, they want your approval.  They want to be liked and respected.  They are after all the popular kids from your grade school days.  They want to be class president or President of the United States, or even the world.  They want desperately a title to define them such as communist teacher union supporter Jill Biden.  These idiots just want a title that you’ll respect.  They spend every moment in their lives building such a life, so the way to destroy their very existence is by denying them what they crave.  And in doing so they will rot on the vine like grapes without water.  I’m a tremendous gun rights supporter, and I am one who personally would prefer a physical fight in the traditional way.  But I’ve been doing this a long time in my hometown, and I’ve thought hard on this situation after learning what we did about the Trump presidency and what our FBI has been up to over the years, how they are working for the enemy these days for all the reasons I’ve mentioned, because they think the Democrats are the cool kids from their school days.  The behavior is hard wired into us all from our education systems including the way we think about fighting and conflict.  But in truth, these idiots are easy to beat.  They are naturally incompetent, and they want to be liked to hide it.  Hit them in those issues and you will have them reeling.  You don’t need to attack the capitol, and you don’t need to get yourself all up in a dander.  You have all the weapons to beat these bastards.  The Constitution provides everything you need for the occasion.  Don’t get caught playing their game. 

I’m not a Qanon guy, never have been.  Because to do so would be to admit that there is some power greater to us all working behind the scenes and that’s just not the case.  In the above video I referred to the government behind the government, which is true.  It’s the finance class that hides in the shadows and puts money where they want to control the situation.  But there is nothing special about them.  There is nothing special about the secret societies like the Skull and Bones, and the Illuminati, not from my perspective.  I don’t care what secret rituals the Masons have.  I don’t care if lizard people from some other planet are secretly behind the New World Order.  To me its all irrelevant.  Those people are no more special than you or I dear reader and they certainly don’t have power over us.  Now by default, they may pretend they have power because they are in secret societies closed off to the world outside, so in that vacuum of thought, they think they are masters of the universe.  But in reality, they are small-minded people with coffee stains on their polo shirts with too many nose hairs coming out of their noses.  In the end what they want is rectification for their school days where they wanted to be one of the cool kids, the popular kids, and they have spent the rest of their lives trying to get there, even if it means they get a government job to be one.    

The military insurrection act that was behind the Trump voter cheat story was likely a plant by the Democrats to plant the seeds for their last-ditch effort to get rid of Trump forever with the phony impeachment.  Just as they planted the phony Russian Hoax story during all the years of the Trump presidency so to cover the real China interference in the 2020 election that was long planned, they managed to sucker people like this Qanon Shaman guy into storming the capitol and acting badly so they could catch him and make an example of him.  I personally thought what he did was pretty good, marching into the chambers of congress and showing everyone that it was really the people’s house and that he was taking it back.  But whatever he gained he gave up much faster as soon as the lawyers got a hold of him and he folded like wet poker cards soaked in whiskey and falling apart in the fingers of the players who were too drunk to notice.  Rather than being the bold Trump supporter he turned on President Trump way too fast erasing anything good that might have come out of his actions otherwise.  He would have been better not to even be at the Capitol that day than to go, poke the popular kids in the eye, then get caught and turned into hamburger by the system they control.  When you fight people like this don’t fight the fight you wish you were fighting, fight the fight that is in front of you on the terms that are required.  Don’t let them control the ground you fight on. 

You always hear, don’t bring a knife to a gunfight.  Actually, a knife does a great job in any fight, it does way more damage than a bullet, so maybe you do bring a knife in case the other guy misses.  But these government types are all about passive aggressive combat.  Fighting them straight won’t work.  So, hit them where it hurts them the most.  Hit their insecurities, their need to be wanted and loved.  Their desire to be popular and their tendencies to be incompetent.  Be critical of their every move, which is easy because they can do nothing right.  The reason they want to be in the popular herd is because individually they lack the skills for competency, so that is where you hit them.  Don’t let them play tricks on your eyes and ears and fall for the conspiracy theories they plant like bait in the water to draw you into a fight where they control the ground.  That’s what happened to the Qanon Shaman and you see what they did with that fish once they pulled him into their boat.  They stuffed him and mounted him on their wall like a trophy, and they’ll do the same to any of us if we take their bait.  Rather, turn the tables on them and hit them where it really hurts.  And don’t hesitate. 

They control the government; they control the law.  They control almost everything you can see and hear in the media.  But they don’t control your mind.  They want to, but they don’t.  They want you to worship them, to make them feel smart and powerful.  They need you to be suckered into their mirage so they can feel good about themselves, that’s why they took government jobs to begin with.  But they don’t want you to know that you have all the power.  When the Qanon Shaman walked into that congressional chamber he was acknowledging that he had invaded a place of power, as if he were taking power away from them.  And in so doing, he broke many laws, and they can now throw the book at him, because they control the book and the ground.  But in truth, it was a power they never had.  They only gained the power by being a victim to a menace they created by poking us through the fence and daring us to attack them.  Democrats gain all their powers from victimhood—so don’t fight them that way.  Instead, fight them where they are most vulnerable—in their ability to be competent. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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