The Terrorists of Devos: Attacking America from a climate change summit to spread global communism

So, you want to know what the summation of the Devos Economic Summit of 2021 was?  You remember last year that I reported that last year’s summit was all about getting rid of President Trump, because the America First agenda was going against the world’s desire for global communism.  And it was there that they all decided to advance their coronavirus weapon early as was just war gamed at the Event 201 symposium in New York during October 2019.  Of course, that event had been sponsored by Bill and Malinda Gates, among others so everywhere their money touched, especially the World Health Organization, was ready to implement the climate change radicalism that was really behind the Covid-19 weapon that was then unleashed by China into an unsuspecting world.  These new terrorists now had the money, they weren’t the old kind of Weather Underground, or Ted Kaczynski types of yesteryear.  No, these modern terrorists have gone from working outside of the government to become part of it by actually buying the kind of politicians that used to come after them.  And the plans for this new kind of terrorism was unleashed at Devos in 2020 after Trump gave his great speech about the state of American economic independence. 

With all that in mind, the 2021 summit unveiled the communist terrorists’ new plans which was to overtly take over American capitalism through Covid-19 and invoking the world with a Great Reset, which was essentially was the long-established plans to inject global communism in every country in the world once the United States had fallen.  With the corporate incursion of the American presidential election pushing Trump out of office with an election fraud coup the Devos crowd was feeling haughty at their chances now that they had Biden in the White House who would sign into law anything they put in front of him.  Through executive orders, Biden had already shown that he would do as promised when the backers of his presidency had set up the plan early in 2020 for him.  Biden just wanted to die with the title “president” next to his name for history to remember just as his wife wanted to be known for a “doctor.”  These were after all easy people to control so long as titles meant so much to their small intellects and they were living up to their expectations.  With all that put forth, it was time for the global communists to make their move, which was the theme of Davos 2021. 

Now most of the time articles like this are written, it is from the point of view of victimhood, as if the big guys are crushing the little guys. However, that is not my approach, and is also why I go by the name of Overmanwarrior.  These losers at Devos are not superior to me.  And I would argue dear reader that they aren’t superior to you either.  You have all the control over your life, and they can’t stand it.  They do everything they can to hide from that reality to the point where they are always engaged in all these secret societies.  They are “secret” because they don’t want to get their asses kicked.  While they are at Devos and other places they can hide from reality behind their billions of dollars and think that its OK to tamper with our elections and plan attacks against our country.  They can buy our politicians who are cheap sluts on the intersection of every street and think that will be enough to conquer the United States of America.  If only they could get Mitch McConnell out of the way, or Trump, that they could easily take over America and establish their Great Reset.  After all, Bill Gates told them so, the little geek himself from Microsoft.  And of course, if you are communist schemer from some other country one look at Mark Zuckerberg would lead you to believe that Americans are easy to kick around.  I’d think that if I didn’t know better. 

Yet what never gets talked about at these Devos Summits and the other climate change gatherings they have around the world trying to micromanage our lives in every way possible like kids playing some video game, not rooted in reality, but in fantasy completely, is that the silent majority is still in charge in America and they aren’t going to go along with these stupid plans.  As I said in the video above, the billionaire class of people who run our American government now only want people to bend the knee to them in some Game of Thrones fashion.  They want revenge for that high school date they never had, or the bullies in school who pulled their underwear up over their heads at recess.  They have all the money in the world, but deep down inside they are still 12-year-old kids who never got over being the unpopular geeks nobody respected and were picked on for their stringy hair and stupid looking glasses.  They have been plotting their revenge for decades and aligned themselves with global communism not because it was a good idea, but because it made the most statistical sense from a purely strategic level.  And once they married overpowering liberal women such as Gates did and Zuckerberg, they quickly adopted their wives points of views on climate change which was defined by Ted Kaczynski’s manifesto against technology and modern living.  Twitter’s Jack Dorsey even took on the look of Kaczynski and has turned to eastern meditation to guide him in his communist thoughts and liberal activism. 

But all these plans were made in the vacuum of reality where only their inner sanctum of yes people agreed with them so they could get a fat paycheck and to keep their job.  In so doing, the terrorists of Devos never considered all aspects of their maniacal plans, that the American people were far from conquered and in accepting their communist proposals.  Without the proper perspective, the terrorists of Davos, the architects of the Great Reset in converting the world to communism, including the United States forgot that people just elected Donald Trump for president in 2016 and in 2020 10 million more people at least voted for him again.  These are not people ready to accept communism as their reality, far from it.  And the assumption from the Davos crowd was that they could purchase the election for Biden in 2020 and everything would snap into normal again, which would fulfill the goals of many Davos meetings over the years.  Yet that goal only worked on paper.  Reality was a long way from their assumptions.  With all that said, I see major flaws in their plans, and they are easy to beat.  They are not the big scary bad guys that conspiracy theories want to think of these losers.  I certainly will never be “bending the knee” to these Devos people, or anybody for that matter.  I didn’t vote for these idiots, and I’m not going to listen to what they have to say.  I don’t work for them.  I’m not going to work for them, ever.  And they have not accounted for the fact that there are at least 75 million people just like me who feel the same way.  That is why ultimately they will fail in these plans, but are something we should pay attention to as their plans will require our defense of our country due to their intentions.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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