Yes, There Was Voter Fraud: How our public education system set America up to fail

I took my time on this one because it’s a big problem which explains a whole lot.  The issue in the video above is the very good interview of Rand Paul on with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos during a Sunday bit in January 2021.  The proposal by Stephanopoulos to Paul was, “do you accept that there was no election fraud.”  Of course Rand Paul couldn’t say that because there is vast evidence of fraud and even worse, that our government isn’t really our government but is under complete control of global billionaires who have hijacked our republic in favor of United Nations control rallied behind Chinese communism.  If you are vastly rich and have assets in many countries all with their various rules and regulations, you want global communism, so the rules everywhere are the same for your company.  So, we can understand how these large corporations built by capitalism would want a system of Chinese communism to manage their assets under.  They want the same rules everywhere to make it easy for them to manage their affairs, and they have all bet that America will become insolvent and that China will be the future model.  So there you have the vast conspiracy nobody has been talking about until Trump pulled back the curtain and showed us who was working the smoke machine.  Meanwhile, the elements of our society that we have trusted were running things, such as our legal system, our media system and our political system have gathered together to run interference for this big communist game, and we are seeing the effects now in 2021. 

I warned about this decades ago, this has all been made possible by our very progressive Dewey designed public school education system that many of us have been victims of.  As it stands, about half of our nation fell for it, and the other half didn’t and those divisions largely had something to do with innate intelligence of the individuals participating and the strength of their family relationships.  The purpose of public education all through the 20th century and into the 21st was not to teach anybody how to think, but to teach them to follow instructions.  This has all been on purpose and is part of the former Russian communist plot to rot America from the inside out, which really became aggressive during the 1930s and started to show results in the 1960s.  Driven by the teacher unions year by year the teaching of communism and atheist indoctrination grew proportionally year by year until we see today that we have lost several generations of Americans to the education system and that they have very little defense against this billionaire class who have set themselves up to be the experts on life—such as Bill Gates.  People raised in public education and activist colleges intent to teach obedience and not critical thinking are powerless to understand how the system of today is meant to destroy American sovereignty bit by bit until communism such as it is in China is the means of domestic life in the United States. 

That is the premise behind the Stephanopoulos question.  The billionaire class owns our politics, they own our judicial system, they own the potential mobs such as Antifa and can bring them to life with a few text messages to attack any target anywhere, they own our media companies.  For instance, if you work at Bloomberg, we all know the politics there.  Or George Soros’ Open Society work, it is easy to see why no media companies want to question the results of the election.  When we learn how many billionaires support even attorney general positions in various states, its not hard to see why there is so much paralysis in our government because they fear not getting their share of donated money, or what the money can buy to destroy their careers and thus their lives.  So only the really top tier commentators like Tucker Carlson or Laura Ingraham can even someone afford to question the voter fraud scandal to some extent due to their massive ratings.  Then to see to what extent social media is under the same controls to instigate the 1984 novel proposal of 2 + 2 = 5 concept its not hard to see what is happening if you can still think critically as a person.   George Stephanopoulos in this case was playing the high school teacher or the college professor.  You get your grade based on following instructions by the teacher, not in learning how to think for yourself.  So there it was, Georgie Boy asked Rand to turn off his mind and to follow instructions for the good of the nation, to unite his supporters behind the line of dialogue that there was no election fraud, because the nation needed to heal.

And just like in high school if you declare yourself not part of the “in” crowd, the popular kids will pick on you and make your life a living hell, which is precisely what we have seen by all the outlets mentioned, the media, the government and even the judicial system.  The lawsuits by Dominion against Rudy Giuliani, Sidney Powell and even the My Pillow Guy, Mike Lindell are further testimony that if you go against the bullies, they’ll show up at your locker and beat you up.  You see, that is how the system was set up from the beginning and to what strategic impasse.  And the people who wanted to rule the world with global communism, the big billionaire class—not all of them, but most of them have nurtured that system along the entire time so that generations of people all over the world would not be able to think critically, once the families were destroyed, once the government raised the children, then through the teacher’s unions and the efforts of states to adopt all these measures through the curriculum that we would have an entire society of people willing to follow instructions, to wear their stupid masks, to vote when and how they were instructed, and when they saw something illegal like a teacher molesting a student, not to say anything about it so to protect the reputation of the school.  The institution is bigger than the individual—isn’t that what the Republican Mitch McConnell has been saying?

Most Trump supporters have not lost the ability to think critically and they see what’s happening.  But even Rand Paul had trouble with George’s straw man argument, a foundation of thought rooted in quicksand that the more you move, the faster you sink because the rules are defined by the needs of institutionalism rather than the needs of any individual, even the president of the United States.  And those who control the nature of those institutions are those pouring money into them, such as these ruling class of billionaires.  Its not that we let them have all this power, we certainly didn’t vote for them.  We mostly let them alone as admired capitalists who hit the jackpot and largely we were happy to see them achieve such success.  But what they did with that trust was to turn on us and to scheme to make communism the ruler of our lives.  And they shaped our public education system at the foundation level to turn us from critical thinkers to obedient servants to their plans for global rule, and now we are struggling to get our minds wrapped around it.  But the first step in that process is understanding how it happened, and now dear reader you can see a bit in that direction, which will help save our nation, and preserve a good life for your children if you act on what you’ve learned. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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