Be A Man: Don’t ever give up your man card

Of course since the election of 2020 I’ve personally reflected on all the things that are wrong with it, why the hatred of President Trump, and what the strategy is of the other side has been and continues to be.  Many things that we suspect and have talked about for years, and decades have an obvious conclusion that we can’t ignore.  In many cases prior to the election of President Trump we were in that slow boil of the frog metaphor that became so popular during the Tea Party days where the frog is in the pot of water having the temperature gradually increased, yet the frog doesn’t jump out because its so slow that it doesn’t notice until its cooked.  But with Trump and the great job he did as President the contrast of an America First agenda has revealed some very sobering facts.  The political left aren’t just ideologically motivated into a happy, healthy counter to Republican proposals in congress, they are out to destroy all of us and to remake us into the communists of Asia.  There is no doubt about it now especially after what we did learn from the behavior of all involved during the entire year of 2020.  We are meant to bend the knee to the communists of China and nothing else.  Our sovereignty as Americans is laughed at by the entire world as if they were in on a secret we are just becoming aware of and one of the biggest ways they’ve managed to implement the scam was by tricking us into accepting that masculinity is toxic and needs to be reformed.  However, reality shows clearly that the reason they think like that is to remove any opposition that they might face while taking over our country and turning it into a state of communist China.  They don’t want any opposition, so they have attacked masculinity as a means of conquering our country.

This point was driven home quite dramatically for me recently as I was at Liberty Center in Butler County, Ohio eating some Chinese food in the pouring rain sitting on a bench reading a book using the brim of my hat to shield the book and the food from the weather.  Sure, I could have been eating inside, but it was cold out and I tend to think better in adverse conditions.  I think its good to come out of your comfort zone at least once a day to stay sharp on ideas so when there is a chance to read a book, have some lunch and think under inclement weather conditions I see it as an opportunity.  I usually wear a lot of leather, so I don’t get wet, the rain runs off me easily leaving me quite comfortable.  That’s one way that I deal with stress and the week for many reasons was excessively harsh, so I was really enjoying myself reading my book and eating in the rain listening to the water run off my hat as the elements swirled around me.  But wouldn’t you know it, a car pulled up near my bench and a guy got out to make a short little step into a nearby store and he couldn’t get out of his car without opening an umbrella to shield him from the weather.  That guy reminded me of the problem where masculinity had been attacked and he was the product of it.  China would not be scared to attack America with men like that shown on the news.  In fact, they’d be encouraged by it.  After my meal I shot the video shown above.

The sexes have been defined by communists which is the same as saying liberals and we’ve allowed it to occur.  I see both sexes as valuable, I personally think women are more valuable than men and I treat them that way with great respect.  I show them far better respect than I do men, but I generally treat everyone well until they give me a reason not to.  And in my family my wife plays a very traditional role.  For our entire 30 plus year marriage she has never had to work at a career.  Whatever amount of money we needed for the family under some of the most adverse conditions, I went out and made.  And in trade when I get to my reading chair at the end of the day, she brings my food to me and makes sure I’m taken care of.  I fix the things that break around the house while she takes care of all the family arrangements and needs.  She’s ultra-feminine and likes it, and my role is ultra-masculine, and it works very well.  Neither of us have any tolerance for a bunch of progressive re-interpretation of how a family or a member of some sex should behave in the world.  The communists whether they came from Russia or now from China want to destroy the American family through divorce, pornography, and all these stupid woke rules that are suddenly all the rage.  As I said, we’ve been married for over 30 years.  Maybe 2 months of that entire time was easy, but most of the pressure has come from losers who can’t maintain a relationship for five minutes, so we are pretty resolute about these matters these days.  And I am firm that if anybody really wants to keep their country, then they better learn to work together and to support each other in what they are good at starting with this ruination of a culture surrounding us that sees masculinity as toxic. 

That guy getting out of that car afraid of the rain likely isn’t much good to anybody in his life, not his kids, certainly not his wife, his profession certainly not his country.  He may have gotten into the store without getting his hair wet, or his suit, but he lost his man card in the process and that seems to be a lot of our problems these days.  Men have been giving up their man cards too easily tricked, and in doing so leaving the Chinese communists laughing at us.  Then to justify their move of embarrassment they have been going further to the political left where all the sheep are and further advocating for more progressive government policies which was the intent all along.  They know they should not be using an umbrella while walking in the rain.  They know if there is a noise in the night that they should patrol their neighborhood at gunpoint to scout for danger.  They know their kids are looking for guidance in a dangerous world and that as men they have surrendered that guidance to the incompetent authority of government and its pathetic.  But at least their little clothes didn’t get wet while they were buying aftershave, so the razor doesn’t scuff the smooth skin of their face.  As if that’s what women really want—told to us by a liberal press, and by a liberal global network of countries who don’t want to look so wimpy and stupid next to an average American.  It became clear to me that we could go out and fix voter laws, we could go out as Republicans re-shaped by Trump and re-take the House and Senate, we can do a lot of things to fix our nation that involve policy.  But the first thing we need to do as men is to use masculinity to repeal these hostile communist forces, and a lot of that starts by not being afraid of the rain.  If its raining, don’t run for cover like some baby.  Don’t run from danger of any kind.  Face it down and manage it because the world is watching and they are most terrified of the kind of masculinity that they see from the free society of America, so give them a good look at what scares them most.  Don’t be a baby, be a man!

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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