Double Masks are More Government Stupidity: Biden administration is embarrassing America to the world

When they say, follow the science, wear a mask, you are essentially listening to a government that has no idea what they are doing or why they are doing it.  We can talk about communist conspiracies coming from Bill Gates and Dr. Doom but for the masses of rank-and-file government employees, such as the freak show of the Biden administration, the Rocky Horror Picture Show assistant secretary of health, they are as dumb as rocks.  Well, that would be putting down rocks to equate them with government, but you get the point.  Those advocating for mask mandates and now, to wear two or three masks at a time are advertising to the world that they have no idea what the real science is in dealing with Covid-19 if we are to believe anything at all about the virus as reported by the CDC.  Well of course we have covered that here before, the real science of Covid-19.  We know now that the half-life of Covid in direct sunlight is just a few minutes before it is killed.  So, sunlight helps kill the virus and is good for stopping it from spreading.  We also know that UV-C light also kills the virus in seconds.  Using UV-C wands, or scanners for public transportation seats, entry into buildings, and other mass gatherings make management of the spread very achievable.  We also understand that hydroxychloroquine is an excellent treatment for the virus for those who do get it.  All those elements are science.  Wearing a mask is simply superstitious voodoo. 

But we shouldn’t be surprised, these government types are the same idiots who think that climate change is a national emergency.  They think snowstorms mean there is global warming and look at every flood and temperature fluctuation as if it were a sign of another scamdemic that they can exploit to gain more political power through fear.  The science of the climate change activists are the same as the Covid-19 lunatics.  Their unit of measure is only modern science, within 150 years or so, their sampling of data rarely takes into account the long winds of human history, or even geologic history.  Where fear was meant to inspire the public to surrender logic to government scientists nestling on the tit of government funding for their basic sustenance, the end game was to earn trust in that manner so that people would then accept the voodoo science of climate change and all the communist goals that the greenie weenies have for the world.  The masks were meant to sell this story to a gullible public.  But when the details of science are explored, then the argument falls apart quickly with anybody who learned to read at the age of 6 to 7 years of age.  Only idiots and losers believe the phony government science of the environmental wackos and the surrender all logic to Covid people. 

Many of us understand the politics domestically, and our country is divided on the matter down political party lines.  Otherwise, we could say that stupid people believe in a killer Covid or a catastrophe of climate change, whereas smart people know its nonsense.  But to the world they see us all the same, and for such a smart nation as America is supposed to be to have such losers claiming these things is just embarrassing.  Dr. Fauci has the scientific merit of a medicine man along the banks of the Amazon in South America.  Praying to the gods of Covid to avoid a spread by wearing masks hoping that it might just work is just as stupid as blood letting to help people recover from diseases 100 years ago.  Without question when history hears about this whole mask wearing business, they will laugh at how stupid our society was in dealing with a made up pandemic by the World Health Organization that isn’t one bit interested in global health, but in the spread of Chinese communism to the far corners of the earth, including the pushing over of American capitalism in the West. 

It has been truly stunning, not just through political observation, but in sheer reality how different the Trump administration has been with what ignorance and malpractice the Biden administration is showing up to be early in the year of its first administration.  It’s the difference between a sophisticated and experienced group of managers turning over the keys of a great company to a bunch of children just learning to talk.  Sure, I hate Beijing Biden and his criminal underworld of government administrators.  But beyond that, they are really stupid.  And they are broadcasting it to the world.  The world is laughing at how stupid we are as a country now that they are dealing with the Biden communist Democrats.  They are a joke, and their mask policies for dealing with a disease are the first layer of observation that people see.  We might expect such voodoo science in far flung corners of the world where they don’t have many books, or even electricity.  But to listen to these government idiots rattle off Covid measures of avoidance such as wearing two masks to avoid the spread is laughable.  It was bad enough at just one, when real science has been ignored. 

However, I have said often that Covid was never about the virus, it was always about politics and elections.  Even more broadly, it was about making their argument for climate change, a scam Democrats have been trying for years to sell communism to the world by a different method.   Instead of the communist invasions of Fidel Castro and Stalin, this communist invasion was hidden behind climate change policies.  When people rejected that, they came up with this Covid-19 scam to attempt to lay a foundation where people might trust the experts for a change.  Then once a bunch of dumb people were running around wearing masks and social distancing, maybe then they might believe in global warming and follow government directions.  Of course, some Americans are pretty stupid, and they will believe anything anybody tells them, and those people typically vote for Democrats.  But there are many millions of people who aren’t so stupid.  They still vote for Republicans and want Trump back, especially now that we have seen just how witless the Biden people are.  The press conferences are painfully stupid, and shallow.  Far worse than people feared prior to the stolen election. 

Its important to know that not all Americans are so stupid as these Democrats running around with two and three masks hiding from a virus outbreak that we can’t even trust the results that are published on the deaths, or even the case counts.  There are so many false positives and so few other things that people used to get sick from that are now being called Covid that it’s looking like even I was giving the government science community too much credit.  The whole Covid industry looks phony now, that none of it was real, and that should make people very angry.  Not only are these idiots making us look dumb to the world, but they have been lying to us.  Their desire for us to continue wearing the dumb masks isn’t due to science, but its to keep selling the hoax.  Government science and real science are not the same things.  And the wearing of masks has nothing to do with science, it has everything to do with selling one of the biggest hoaxes ever done to a society, and trying desperately from getting caught in the lie, which I would say, is too late.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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