How Cancel Culture Destroys Lives: A real lesson from a real past

It’s one thing to speculate on the impact of a cancel culture, but what I talk about in the video above is one that started a long time ago which now has a direct result which ignited a chain reaction to a business demise.  The business I am featuring was a very nice restaurant in the West Chester, Ohio area that was very popular.  I went there often and I knew the guy well.  He was a nice guy, hardly a political radical, but he was getting tired of paying excessive taxes to the Lakota school system which is the area government school controlled by a teacher’s union that means to teach our kids Marxism and woke sentiments that will ultimately destroy their minds.  But 10 years ago, not so many people were pointing out these things and when some of the mad mother barnacles of the teacher’s union found out that this business owner was part of a group I was in to fight the tax increases they came after him with fangs out threatening to boycott this restaurant until its destruction.  As you can see from the video, he eventually had to close the doors for a lot of reasons, but it all started with that Lakota boycott issue a decade prior.

I covered the drama on this blog site back then, but the point of this article is to deal with the results.  It was wrong then for community activists to attack a business for voicing an opinion stating that the point of their discontent was to protect their children into having a good education.  That was their justification.  But now that the building sits empty and is not bringing joy to the community as it once did, we must look at the cost of these early phases of cancel culture which are now threatened so voraciously that we hardly notice them any longer due to the frequent occurrences.  Without question if we look at the children now a decade later after these Lakota activists have done their damage was it worth it to see them now, tattooed losers experimenting with drugs in their early 20s with their government school days long behind them.  To see their lonely dispositions wasting their life and hating their parents because those same Lakota activists were caught living their lazy lives and needs for attention through their children only to exploit them into ruin.  Its safe to say none of those children grew up to be the next Einstein or Elon Musk.  At best they will be just like their parents once the drug years are behind them and maybe they’ll get their acts together well enough to buy a house and pay a mortgage.  But beyond that, they’ll probably fall short of their parent’s pathetic existence. 

And meanwhile there sits empty a once thriving business full of dreams and hope where the community came together often to share in joy.  It was sacrificed to the starving whims of the progressives and anarchists of our Lakota community, largely people who moved in from failed communities elsewhere starving to put their kids into a successful school district while they as parents acted badly and hoped that the government school would wave a magic wand and make their kids better than they were.  And to fight for that, the pro tax parents and union radicals were willing to destroy all the risk and rewards of a business owner and to consume him as a martyr at an alter of liberalism for the proven failures of a communist society.  Ten years ago, when I said such things people thought it was kooky.  Now they know it wasn’t harsh enough.  I knew people only could take so much.  In hindsight its quite clear, but back then, the children they were fighting for still had uncharted lives, they were an open book.  And the lazy parents thought that if only we raised taxes to appease the teachers union running Lakota schools, that miraculously some pixy dust might make their kids have a good life. 

But virtually all of those kids from then until now are rotting away in a hopeless existence, drinking too much, indulged too much on pornography and with hardly any good job opportunities.   Many of them have never really broken away from home even with vast educations.  Their parents blame them for not leaving home for a lot of reasons, most of them they blame on politics, on Trump’s tweets, or some other social conditions.  But what they don’t want to admit to themselves is that their 25 year old child is still looking for the love of their parents which they were denied when they were in school because the parents had dropped them off at the public school babysitter to raise while they ran around going to social gatherings with other political radicals who would rather spend time with other loser parents wanting to get invited to an event at the Four Bridges Country Club rather than spend time with those same kids. Now that it is clear that the government schools failed the kids, and the parents failed the kids, what is there for the kids of that generation.  Now they are empty husks of hope just as that restaurant sits empty and lifeless.  The boycott radicals destroyed everything in their wake just as they thought at the time that they were saving the world.  History will never forget what they did.

Well, I did say all this back then, only people needed context.  I warned of what would happen back when the world was still somewhat normal.  Now those same cancel culture tactics are used even more widely, including among social media platforms.  Yet the results will be the same.  Lives will be destroyed in the process the same as if a looter came in the night and stole everybody’s stuff or even killed them in their sleep.  The acts of maliciousness disguised as if often is as justice, or righteousness as defined by communist radicals fighting against capitalism is the mode of massive social failure.  However, even with improper definitions for things, the reality will always be the same.  The action of suppressing opinion and reality will always result in the destruction of culture and opportunity for all.  That restaurant is a sad story.  But what is even a sadder story is that ten years from now because of what we are seeing today, the impact of negativity and cost to happiness in life for everyone will be much greater and far reaching.  Few people ever think about how much energy it takes to start a restaurant and to maintain one.   But when those efforts come up short, everyone loses, which is the lesson here.  But the efforts of the liberal left are always justified for a good cause, a sacrifice for the benefit of society.  Of course only too late does everyone see with clarity how false that premise was yet what remains is a closed business that could have contributed to a healthy society, instead it sits there a rotting memory of a better time and place before the mistakes of liberalism did their damage and ruined the lives of many more people in the process

. Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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2 thoughts on “How Cancel Culture Destroys Lives: A real lesson from a real past

  1. The members of the teacher’s union run every aspect of public schools. They politic in the classroom for levies, school board members, school calendar, public issues, private issues and many other things that are none of their business. They can and do take out their hostility on students when they disagree with a parent ‘s stand on an issue. As you state, they even have the power to destroy a business. The union has no place in our schools. The children are sacrificial pawns to be used as a means to an end that is determined at a far higher level than a local school district.


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