Roger Goodell Did a Great Job: China would love to have something like the NFL, that’s why they are trying to destroy ours

I know the trend at the moment is to be angry at the NFL for their wokeness and this season I haven’t paid much attention to the various football games like I normally would due to the liberal activism that we have seen this season as the election was clearly stolen from Trump. There is a lot of anger and people are looking for somewhere to go with it. But because Tampa Bay was in the Super Bowl this year, I had to see what was going on with my favorite team and during the media day blue pill ceremonies I listened to the statements of Roger Goodell very carefully. I also watched the various Tom Brady interviews and how some media reporters were trying to bait him into making comments on President Trump, who has been friends with Brady for a long time. I immediately thought of Atlas Shrugged while watching Goodell, an executive for the NFL that has all these liberal hooks stuck into it, trying to keep the games open for public entertainment. Did he give in to all the wokeness, with the kneeling players, the obvious Democrat platform, the Black Lives Matters Marxist messages, yes he did. But as an executive that kind of comes with the territory. Anybody in any executive position finds themselves playing poker a lot, especially these days. You can’t always communicate your true feelings to others because if you do, they will see the value you are hiding, and they will attack once they think there is something to gain. In the NFL, there is a lot for the parasites of existence to loot off of, and to my mind, for Roger Goodell to keep the NFL open for business during the crazy year of the 2020 season was nothing short of a miracle. From that perspective, he deserves some credit.

Obviously in the book Atlas Shrugged all the looters of the world sought to steal anything, or attach themselves to anything that had any kind of value. That is the typical behavior of Marxist minded people who love socialism and communism so much operating in the open within the Democrat Party and even within the Republican ranks. There are a lot of malicious characters out there and most of them should and could be viewed as robbers out for bad intent. But when you are managing the flow of millions of dollars, you can’t get caught up in every little crusade either, because sometimes that is the strategy, is to overwhelm the system into collapse. In Atlas Shrugged the answer was to give everything up and retreat into a hidden paradise in the mountains of Colorado. But to do that you have to give up everything you fought to build, and for a lot of people, that is really difficult. The thinking by Ayn Rand is that the creators of everything can do it again, so leaving it to the looters is logical. But morally, is it the right thing to do in surrendering the things we have built to the looters of the world? That is in a lot of ways where Trump found himself often in his presidency, especially in relation to Covid-19. You can’t always give away your opinion, but in playing along to see what kind of cards they have in poker, you might just end up stuck in the trick, like in endorsing that Covid was a pandemic when it was really just a made up set-up for election fraud.

The real way to win the game is to not play obviously, but any executive playing to a mass market doesn’t have that option. The problem is in the mixed market philosophy that has infected the American way of life. We all don’t think alike and when some people are trying to build things and the others are trying to steal value from those things, someone is going to come out on the unfair side of things. Football is essentially a marketing platform that uses metaphors of American capitalism that has been targeted by Marxists, socialists and communists around the world managing many corporations through those methods. So to drive the advertising dollars, and the various unions involved with the players, the media, and even tradespeople, an executive like Goodell has to thread that needle in many different ways just not to trigger any of the looter groups into damaging behavior for the product. Then to punish Goodell, many people rightfully angry at the looter class infecting their beloved game want to boycott and take money away from the game. It really is a no win situation forcing Goodell to turn away from one side or the other, eventually. I saw at the end of the season at the Super Bowl a better situation for patriotism than there was at the beginning of the season. The Black Lives Matters Marxism wasn’t as overt as it had been, and neither was the kneeling. The silly comments from Troy Aikman about military flyovers using too much gas wasn’t getting out of the broadcasting booth as it had been. There was a real attempt to bring people together under a flag of patriotism.

But then there is this, the Democrat Party acting criminally and robbing conservatives of their president then asking for unity. It’s a tough environment to operate in as any business, and this is exactly how much of the world falls to communism. Once the elements of value close down, you get the depleted conditions of Russia and China. You might have heard that the President of China is trying to make more sports stars in his communist culture because the men have been so beaten that they act more like girls now than men in the traditional sense, so China is trying to make more sports stars like we have in America. Yet it’s the wokeness politics that the communists are using to attempt to destroy the NFL, because if China can’t have sports stars, then the United States shouldn’t have them either because to their point of view, its not fair. And if the freedom movement can help destroy that culture, China is even happier, because it’s their communist policies which destroy things like sports in a culture. What is the Chinese version of Tom Brady? Crickets?

With all that it was amazing the Roger Goodell was able to fight through everything to get to a Super Bowl game. It was nice to see the commercials again, it was nice to see people operating without masks again and some hint of what life back to normal would look like. They did a nice job with the cardboard cutouts in the seats to make the audience look full on the cameral. There as a lot I saw that was positive. And Goodell and even Brady did a great job of keeping the looters at bay long enough to have the actual game on time and entertaining as we’d expect. It’s a tough line to walk and I think Roger Goodell walked it well. Hopefully, the next season will be more normal and without a lot of the wokeness. We will, see, but at least we can be optimistic about something. Even in a flawed state, we have something a place like China would love to have, which is exactly why they want to destroy it.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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