Impeachment Efforts are Worthless: How to beat our enemies

To understand why congress is so volatile in impeaching President Trump for nothing really, you have to understand the game.  A quick review of what they did to Joseph McCarthy for revealing the communist plot in America during the 50s or what the establishment did to Barry Goldwater just for daring to run for president will reveal that these games aren’t new.  We just didn’t have context to them when we first saw this activity.  Then you must understand that our elected government isn’t really our government, our republic has been hijacked by global rich people like George Soros, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates.  There are many more, but it must be understood that they do not respect the republic for which America stands, they seek to progress beyond it into the global citizen movement, and eventually the latest dystopian novel of terror and fear—an America under the red flag of communism controlled by China who would then be controlled by the United Nations.  Many of us have wondered about these things for a long time, but now we have the proof, it was revealed to us in two scandals from 2020, the phony Covid-19 pandemic which was created to instill control on a free nation and introduce the idea of suspending the Constitution under emergency powers and giving government centralized authority over all our lives.  The other is the massive voter fraud that was concealed to a level logic would have never predicted.  Two of our three branches of government conspired to remove the Executive Branch from power.  And the motivation for doing all that came from these same ruling class billionaires drunk with power.  They controlled the media.  They controlled the politics.  They controlled the evidence.

In this process the wealthy activists in the billionaire class, I’ve mentioned just a few but once you add Tom Styer to the mix, or Mike Bloomberg, Jack Dorsey, and all the other big tech Silicone Valley types, especially Google, these people were forced out of hiding by Trump in order to apply the same kinds of pressure that were applied to McCarthy and Goldwater.  Due to the success of those antagonisms the billionaire activists thought the same tactics would work against Trump, which hasn’t happened.  Well, about now you are probably wondering dear reader what we are supposed to do about the billionaire activists who are operating their own global government using our current American government as their pawns in the big game.  To answer that question you must understand what they fear the most, what the key is in defeating them.  I’m glad you asked, because it was all spelled out in Carroll Quigley’s Tragedy and Hope.  Just as any criminal leaves behind a calling card daring people to find them out (like the Unabomber Ted Kaczynski,) the billionaire activists have done the same which is hidden in the massive text of that 1300-page book.  But in essence it’s this—they fear most that the masses will wake up to their plans of global domination and put a stop to their massive global schemes.  There is a hatred of the middle class—which is a term I don’t like.  I don’t consider myself “middle class” because that assumes that there is some “upper class” which I don’t recognize in America.  But in the world of the billionaire club—most of them—they are still 15-year-old kids trying to get a date for the big spring dance.  They may have all the money in the world, but intellectually they are not fully developed as they’d like to appear.  That’s why they love the idea of a class system that they control, and what is really behind their schemes.  But if the masses understand how they are being led to the slaughterhouse, those plans fall apart quickly.  That is what they fear most.

For them that is what happened during Trump’s administration and threat for the future.  The MAGA movement is their worst nightmare.  As I have been saying all through 2020, even with things looking as bad as they are now, Trump forced these billionaire people out in the open, much to their dislike.  And it showed that ruling class just how little control they had over the process.  Bloomberg spent $100 million in Florida for instance only to have Trump easily win, even with voter fraud.  They tried in Miami-Dade to find the votes, but the gap was too wide, so they had to surrender it early on election night.  With all the weapons applied, the censorship, the barrage of mainstream media which is controlled by these billionaires, everything that was tried failed.  So of course, these billionaires give a lot of money to our political representatives and they were told to impeach Trump hoping that the stigma of it would ruin a future run for president the way that a senate censor ruined Joseph McCarthy.  But evidence has shown that Trump’s supporters have not moved away from supporting him and even with the impeachment trial lingering in the nightly news, Trump still polls at the top of the Republican Party for 2024.  Nothing these guys have come up with has worked, not even the scandemic of Covid-19.  They know they cheated; they know the real numbers of Trump’s run for president which they had to peel away in order to get their guy Biden to the White House.  They know the truth and it scares them very much.

That’s all this impeachment is, it’s a last-ditch effort to get control of the process of elections without the world seeing the people behind the curtain.  But Toto has already pulled that sucker back and we can see the wizards hidden there, and have been hidden there all of our lives.  Suddenly all the mysterious elements of our government make a lot more sense.  These people want to be in the ruling class, they want to turn the middle class into the proletariat whom they control, because they aren’t very smart and think that they have found with Karl Marx the secret sauce of global domination.  But their weakness was always in staying hidden and keeping their plans secret at the Bilderberg meetings and at Devos.  Yet they have seen what Trump did to them and they can’t put the Genie back in the bottle.  They are trying desperately, and congress is doing what they are told to do.  Republicans looking for more Soros money, or from the Koch Brothers are playing along, but that’s all it amounts to.  The impeachment is a sham and is weak.  Its not about justice, its simply about control.

That is why my tone is much less severe than in what many are proposing needs to be done to save our country.  Don’t look at congress and let the fight happen there.  Look to the billionaire class, the people mentioned in this article and many others and smoke them out of their hiding places.  Bill Gates is already feeling the heat regarding his relationship with Dr. Doom (Fauci) and he’s hoping that the problem will go away.  But it won’t.  Bill Gates has participated in domestic terrorism regarding Covid-19 and allowed it to be set up as a political weapon to manipulate the presidential election.  He’d love to stay hidden, as he has been for decades, but Trump’s administration pulled back the curtain forcing them to reveal themselves in order to stop Trump.  And for that we can validate the claims made in Quigley’s book, which was one of Bill Clinton’s favorites.  How the wealthy elite plan to rule the world through communism and how they can start a world court at the United Nations to protect their international investments.  They aren’t citizens of sovereignty to the United States, they are citizens of the world and they plan to destroy the concept of America and to rule over us all with nothing in the way.  And their greatest fear which will be easy to exploit is that they fear us learning of it and acting on that knowledge in a similar way that Reddit users bought up GameStop stock and turned the tide on the hedge fund short sellers. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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2 thoughts on “Impeachment Efforts are Worthless: How to beat our enemies

  1. Joseph McCarthy was 100% correct regarding the evil corruption in our government. There was and is so much evil going on and the media and officials conspire to cover up for each other. McCarthy was a very brave man to stand up and expose the corruption, but the media and the Senators worked together to discredit him. To this day “ McCarthyism” is a term coined to discredit anyone exposing real corruption. We have a government purchased by the highest bidder. This is at all levels from the school board to the presidency. Few are in office without either union support or corporate sponsors. Our Republic is in deep trouble. Currently, Washington, D.C. is under siege with the National Guard and fences everywhere. Covid is the least of our real worries. A total distraction.


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