Here is the Proof of Massive Voter Fraud in the 2020 Elections: Even more reasons to love Mike Lindell

In case you haven’t yet watched it I have included on this article Mike Lindell’s two hour video introducing some of the proof of how the 2020 election was stolen from us and a government had a coup orchestrated from the financial community to instill Beijing Biden in Trump’s place by committing vast crimes in the process.  The video is good, and it has a tremendous amount of information in it to explain what happened, but for me its just the tip of the iceberg.  I have no doubt that Donald Trump was elected president of the United States.  To me its quite clear that we have a criminal class of communists, thugs and wanna’ be rulers of the entire world who stole our election to coverup massive crimes they have been committing from the inside of our government and they couldn’t afford to be caught by not only us, but the majority of the American public.  So they stole the election just like they steal our money, our laws and our national morality in order to destroy it for their global aims.  Some people call them the Illuminati, some people call them globalists, I call them thieves and weak people who hide behind the curtain and try to project an Oz-like appeal to other world misfits in the long career of theft that their financial types are best known for and I’m certainly not one who is happy about it.  And I love to know that there is a guy like Mike Lindell, the inventor of My Pillow, out there who is willing to put his good fortune to use and defend President Trump when it looks like the rest of the world in every fashion has gone mad.

So how do you get a majority of the population to either denying their complicity in a crime, or into ignoring evidence of it on an unfathomable scale involving millions of perpetrators?  Well, you control their ability to make money, and once you’ve done that, you own them, or at least that’s how the unelected class of financial manipulators believe and why they want to control virtually everything that has to do with the flow of money so that they can continue this behavior for the benefit of themselves.  I have been pointing out how these people were exposed in the book by Carroll Quigley titled Tragedy and Hope which is 1300 pages long and is one of the favorites of Bill Clinton.  Those are the people who are behind this election fraud against President Trump and they control virtually every institution that sees the flow of money.  With that understanding most people including most reading this, they can’t afford to understand any truth on this matter because they fear losing everything they have built their lives around in the process.  It’s the worse kind of extortion, when you believe and know things, but are unable to act against such an evil because you fear not being able to make money.  My way of dealing with it is with the black flag.  I would be happy to turn pirate or outlaw in a second as a response.  Yielding your life to the criminal influence of these unelected criminals just isn’t an option for me.  They don’t get to tell us how to think, what we think and when we’ll think it just so they can continue to exploit their racket of organized crime.  But seldom do you get someone like a Mike Lindell who has a great deal to lose with his My Pillow company.  He’s at the height of his profitability with it yet he’s putting it all on the line to expose election fraud the way good Americans should, and I just love him for it.

As I said in the video above, I’m ready to put My Pillow products in every room in my house and anywhere else that I can think of.  I expect every American to behave as Mike Lindell has, but just seeing one person behave properly in this time of treachery and deceit is just wonderful.  And I’m happy to see people supporting him as the cancel culture has tried to swoop in and put him out of business.  This isn’t the first time I’ve seen cancel culture do its work.  I’ve seen very good people put on the shades so they can’t see all the vast evil at work just so they can continue to stay financially viable.  The more money you have, the more vulnerable you are to cancel culture tactics and I’ve seen up close and very personal very good strong people buckle to the demands out of fear of losing everything they have worked their entire lives to build.  For the government criminal class of unelected financiers and manipulators, it takes nothing for them to steal something built by these people.  But for the people being stolen from, it has taken in many cases their entire lives.  When the balance of power goes to those who have nothing to lose, but the targets have everything to lose, then we can call such a malice evil at best, yet there it is every day now.  But Mike Lindell has pushed back against those threats and is bringing us that evidence of election fraud that most everyone is saying doesn’t exsist and is “unfounded.” 

As Lindell has shown in his video also shown on this article, the election fraud happened because most of the people in the process feared losing their jobs if they didn’t go along with it, including most of the news media who want their jobs from those same financiers conducting the voter fraud.  Politicians want money from those financiers, especially since it has been demonstrated that the electronic voting machines can be controlled.  Nobody wins elections as long as the financial class controls the election results so politicians are weary to point it out and stand with Trump.  Its not just “he who has the gold rules,” But its, “he who has the power rules.”  When you control the election process, which the financial class clearly does after the 2020 results, then politicians in most cases have no choice but to bow to that power if they want to stay in office.  In this way, the criminals have been able to control the entire election process from top to bottom as we’ve seen.  People can wonder about the election; they may even believe there is fraud.  But if you want to stay employed, you must keep your mouth shut.  And you must believe in gay rights, and transgender politics along the way.  And you must gradually accept the goals of communism if you want to keep a job, and in that way, these lunatics of finance plan to take over the entire world.  That is until Mike Lindell put it all on the line and stood up to the bullies.  So as far as I’m concerned, Mike Lindell is one of the good guys and I will buy more of his products to support him in a time of need.  And its good that other people think the same way, My Pillow is busier than ever even as the big box stores of corporate America have been banning My Pillow from their stores.  It is in that act of support that America shines brightest, and right now there is no brighter star shining than Mike Lindell as the face of tyranny has shown its fangs in the most threatening manner possible. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior
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