The Biden Rocky Horror Picture Show: Trying to pick a fight with America

I always felt when I first saw the Rocky Horror Picture Show at a midnight showing at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio that I was seeing an attack on America. I was 18 at the time and everyone kept telling me what a great movie it was, how revolutionary it was, how people would climb on stage and act out the movie as it was playing.  I had no idea what it was about or what the political message was so I thought it would be fun.  When I got there I was horrified and as people acting like idiots throwing popcorn around the theater, and anything else they could find as the rest of the world slept, I saw an outright attack on our country and I wasn’t happy about it. I hated the movie, I hated the people in that movie, and I hated the culture that made the movie and put it out to a gullible public attempting to use art to destroy western civilization.  I had an instinct of it then, later I would gather up the facts, and now today I can say with some authority that the appointment of the freakshow Ralph or Rachel Levine from the Pennsylvania Health Director role it did have into a Biden administration Assistant Secretary of Health was an attack on us, and a big-time middle finger. 

To make matters even worse in this new communist culture of wokeness that we are supposed to accept blindly we aren’t even supposed to criticize the move because we don’t want to be called “transphobic.”  Personally, I don’t care what people do sexually, I don’t want to know about it and when it comes to these kinds of government appointments which we all pay for with tax dollars and mountains of continued debt to hostile nations, we can’t help but think about the sexuality of people like Lavine, because it puts it in our face audaciously.  Call it transphobic if you want to, that girl is a guy and I’m not playing games with pronouns defined by communist Democrats.  They could have picked anybody they wanted for a job like that, especially given the serious nature and over the top nature of today’s health departments which are demanding all kinds of passive responses to made-up plandemics like Covid-19.  Its not like this is an appointment that nobody will pay attention to.  Likely, people will look at it more than ever, so they put Levine right in front of our face on purpose, to piss us off, and to get used to it and learn to like it.

Going back to the Rocky Horror Picture Show the mood was the same as this appointment of Levine.  They dare regular people to question the freakshow, or to criticize it.  The audaciousness of the trans movement was always meant to assault our Christian sensibilities and provoke our character by the horror of it.  Back in the early 90s the Rocky Horror Picture Show stage play was touring the United States and the production was a political invasion disguised as art.  I saw the live show and was even more outraged than when I saw the movie at that little campus theater a few years prior.  Around that time I was involved in picking out stage equipment for nightclub venues and I found myself at one of the biggest and best gay bars in Cincinnati to see their light display on their stage setup.  Not the kind of place I’d choose to go, but I learned some things by going there.  It was everything that any logical stigma would ration about the people attending.  On the stage I was there to look at was a nightly show of transexuals who paraded around like women in audacious Rocky Horror Picture Show attire clearly thumbing their nose at the conservative nature of Cincinnati nightlife. 

I was glad for the experience; I don’t normally get to see people like that up close or to talk to them.  Its one thing to see them in movies or on a stage play, but it’s quite another to speak to them and get to know their mind.  In the case of the lighting investigation, I had to wait for them to finish their show because one of the participants was the manager for the stage set up, so I had to talk to the guy in full drag, which was very distracting.  Putting on my professional hat I managed to get through the experience fine.  But it was clear that the guy had mental problems.  He was not “normal,” let’s put it that way.  I tell that story because nobody can say I didn’t give those kinds of people a chance, or that if only I’d give them a chance, I’d feel different.  No, people who are guys dressing as girls have problems and they need help.  They don’t get to decide policy for the rest of us, and we cannot normalize insanity.  My opinions about these matters are based on experience.  Government or the media doesn’t get to decide what is insanity or sanity.  And they don’t get to tell me not to judge, nor what my opinion about those types of things will be. 

The pick of that Pennsylvania Health Director into a formal federal role knowing that it’s a guy dressing up as a girl then insisting on a name change is an attack on the basic fabric of our society, its anti-family for sure, anti-Christian certainly, its anti-science in fact.  It’s a poke in our eye meant to overthrow our country by insulting our sensibilities and it wasn’t by accident.  It was on purpose.  Its not as if Levine was the best pick out of a long list of people, they picked him because he dresses up as a girl and embraces the values of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, which is unmistakably insulting.  Its one thing to be fair and compassionate to mentally ill people, it’s quite another to promote them as part of a leadership role in government even knowing that it will deliberately anger many people in that country.  It is a foot on their necks in daring them to say something about the effort or the woke police will punish them for not accepting such insanity. 

So to confirm my earliest thoughts on this matter, these people behind the transgender movement were always trying to overthrow the goodness of our country and we let them do it under the presumption of fairness.  They exploited us and were quite audacious about it in the process.  To attack the basic premise of family building with transexual activism is something that we should all be angry about.  Again, I don’t care what people do in their private lives.  I personally think sex should be a very small thing that anybody thinks about.  We certainly shouldn’t make policy based on it such is the case with Lavine.  If that guy was the best health guy out there, that’s fine.  If he wants to dress like a girl, who cares.  But to rub our faces in it and to dare us to say something, anything about it is a government looking for a fight.  One they provoked.  And that bad is clearly on them. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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