Trump Was a Great Bodyguard: Now we must fight our own battles

I know its hard, for such a long time Trump has been there fighting battles that we either didn’t have the courage to fight ourselves, or we didn’t have the resources.  I am encouraged with his post presidency intent, and the continued court cases of Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, and even Mike Lindell.  I think I will have a My Pillow product in every room in my house before this is all said and done due to my support of Lindell and the awesome hatred that the communist Democrats have for him.  I think it’s just beautiful.  I think its great to see other people besides Trump fighting this swamp fight, its about time.  Trump certainly isn’t out of the game, but we are now at a different phase of this fight and it has to happen in order for anything to change.  All this reminds me of one of my favorite movies from my childhood, My Bodyguard which I talk about in the video above.  It also reminds me of Karate Kid and all those old movies where a kid must learn to grow up and defend themselves once some person of strength in their life just can’t do it forever.  At some point, we all need to learn to defend ourselves, and to attack the villains in our lives on our own, and not to hide behind one centralized figure.  Trump has been our bodyguard for several years now and we’ve learned many valuable things.  But its time for us to take the fight to the next level, and to fight for our country and our Constitution.  Not to hide behind a bodyguard, or even the police and military.  Its time we take responsibility for our own fights and to take it to our abusers on our own terms. 

Its quite clear to me, especially after the year of 2020.  I didn’t want to be that conspiracy theorist who announced after Devos last year that the global cabal would be blitzing President Trump in an all-out effort to ruining him forever.  Then of course came the blitz in the form of Covid-19.  The scamdemic meant to alter the 2020 elections not just in the primaries of March, but the big election in November, to allow cheating and all sorts of malicious intent to playout on the stage play of life.  By now, that’s an old story. The global communists made their move and elements of our government played along, even opening the gates to our enemies for a complete insurrection.  They wanted to strip away America’s bodyguard in Trump so that we would all be vulnerable to their open insurrection.  So, my conspiracy theory became fact rather quickly.  Just a few days into the insurgent Biden’s administration, you see the blue states and cities starting to reopen due to the Covid protocols.  As I always said, Covid was purely political, it had nothing at all to do with safety.  But think how many people died so that they could be made into victims to help sell the story of Covid to a gullible public.  Pretty shameful behavior.

But the viciousness of the attacks on Trump reminded me of that hatred in My Bodyguard when the mean antagonist kid played by Matt Dillon in that film went out and got an even meaner bodyguard to beat up the hero of the story’s bodyguard, Ricky I think his name was.  The end of the movie culminated in everyone fighting, the two bodyguards fighting each other while the picked-on kid had to learn to defend himself by fighting.  It was a film of high school justice which most people understand and carry with them into their adult lives.  And on a massive national scale, what just happened to Trump was essentially the same thing that happened to Ricky at the end of My Bodyguard.  Sure, we expect Trump to get revenge, but what are we going to do about it to help him?  We can’t just sit around on our hands.  We owe it to ourselves and our country to start pushing back against those who are purposely picking on us and antagonizing us uselessly.  They do it because they want power and control over us for all the adolescent reasons that there are bullies in high schools.  There was no justification for the way the communists came after Trump in 2020.  Their only real motivation is that they wanted to be the bullies of the world and they didn’t like that we went out and hired Trump for President.  And now they meant to get us back for it.

The least we can do is call them back the names they have been calling us.  The communist left Democrats have no problem calling us all kinds of terrible names.  That old notion about sticks and stones may break your bones but words would never hurt me came from some old communist pacifist who has no clue what they are talking about.  Of course, words can hurt you, in this modern cancel culture we have, it is because we have been turning the other cheek on these fights that we find ourselves terrified of words that clearly will break our bones, and our very lives which has left many of us sitting on the sidelines of this fight for years.  But we should do so no longer.  Call them names, if they confront you, make them pay for it.  Don’t take it.  Do it yourself, don’t sit around waiting for Trump to come to your rescue.  Trump did his job, now its time for you to pick the fight up from there and carry it to the natural conclusion. 

This has always been a theme for me, there is nothing I hate more in life than bullies.  My hatred of communists and Democrats in general is because they make their livings by being bullies.  So its natural for me to hate them.  But most people just want to live their lives and be left alone.  They don’t want to fight anybody.  But bullies want to fight you, that’s for sure and they will do so whether or not you ask for it.  However, for freedom to work at all, when provoked, you must fight.  That doesn’t mean you kill the other person.  Killing people is lazy.  It says to the world that you are too lazy to learn to fight and must eliminate all threats so that you don’t have to fight them over and over again.  Instead, you should learn to fight so that the other side is beaten to the level of their soul.  You can’t just kill them, you must beat them to the essence of their very lives and force them to live as prisoners in bodies of defeat for the rest of their lives.  You don’t give them the easy way out of death.  You make them look at themselves every day in the mirror knowing they lost to you.  That is how you must deal with them.   Trump understands that and because of him, many people wake up each day feeling that way.  But now you must do the same for the same objective.  And in that way, you can earn your freedom, save your country, and bring justice to the world.  Don’t look to someone else to do such a thing.   Look in your own mirror and make the person who looks back at you do so, because what it all comes down to is your will against theirs, and to that there is no law in the world that can change that outcome.  Make them lose at every level of the universe and send their souls to Hell with debt to collect from the Devil themselves and cast their eternal lives to the breath of fire and brimstone, and never let up on those bullies again, ever.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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