Government Should Serve Us, Not Be Sugar Daddies: The attempt to steal American women

The insult of Beijing Biden’s proposal that moms get paid for doing mom work is that it is meant to exploit more women into a victimhood class into making more government dependents out of them with the ruse that the government is trying to help recognize their importance.  It is also meant to set up the idea of a universal wage where the government pays people in a socialist kind of manner and decides what the value for work is, as opposed to market forces.  There is nothing good to come out of this proposal in any manner with the greatest insult of all being the one I described in the video above, that government is essentially looking to become the sugar daddy of our wives and women by replacing the men in their lives with their overbearing presence.  For so long the government has told us to treat women equally, to work at a job, to send our kids to their government schools to raise, and to treat everyone equally.  Then when they have the women separated from their husbands, they want to pay them to stay home so they can make voters out of them, and to add to their list of victims in a long climb for power and control meant to hurtle our country straight into communism, which is no small matter.

This is a fight that is very personal for me.  I find this Beijing Biden proposal particularly insulting.  I have always, my entire life fought very hard to stand up for the rights of stay-at-home moms.  I watched my mother get ridiculed to no end in the 70s as she was a room mother in my school and all the other moms were career moms who looked down their noses at her for not following the tide into leaving the home and getting a career of her own.  I married a woman who only wanted to be a mom in her life and I worked hard to make that dream come true for her.  I’ve been married for over 30 years and we kept her home with the kids the entire time.  I worked two and three jobs at a time sometimes two full time jobs Monday through Friday with a part time job on the weekends to cover our costs.  For many years we only had one car so I rode a bicycle 12 miles or more one way to get to all my jobs so that she could have a car to make sure the kids had what they needed and I never complained about it.  To my mind, I brought kids into the world, I married her knowing what I was getting in to, and I had to live up to my end of the bargain so I worked really damn hard to make sure my family had everything they would need and always put them first.  I don’t need the government to tell me what the value of women are, I have always put them first in the traditional sense that men used to hold doors open for women, or treat them with utmost respect when it came to raising a family. I’ve been that way when the entire world was saying that women should be in the workplace sharing space with everyone equally and that the public schools would then raise our children.  In my house that was never an option, it was never on the table for consideration, and it never will be. 

It is understandable that not everyone believes in those kinds of things to the degree I do.  I’ve managed to be accepting of people who don’t believe in putting the mother in the center of the family and to protect her to the degree I do.  But I also know something else about the matter, that the progressives, the socialists, the communists of the world have no idea what they are doing, and they do not understand what makes a good child.  After all, as I have been pointing out a lot lately, I did read Quigley’s book Tragedy and Hope during these busy years of raising my family and one of the “establishment” types admitted as much, that the “New World Order” still didn’t understand what made a good child.  Well, I did know.  I certainly wasn’t going to listen to a bunch of losers tell me to step away from my family and to turn over that responsibility to the stupid government, and that has always been my policy.  And to this day I wouldn’t have changed a thing.  It has been, and continues to be an honor to work to care for my family and put my wife in a strong position to always be there to take care of our kids, their kids and whatever kids come in the future.  But surrendering was never an option, it is each man’s responsibility to take care of their families, and the real insult to the Beijing Biden proposal is to further emasculate the men of American culture to come in like a thief in the night and pay moms by robbing their husbands of the merit of the work.  To cheapen the ambition. 

Its in the same category of a mandatory minimum wage of $15 per hour, or a living wage for all people to be paid equally whether or not they are a mom at home or a physicist at NASA the government is working toward a universal wage by attacking the family structure itself and exploiting those who don’t feel society values them enough.  But I can’t imagine anybody has valued moms more than I have, well before the government decided to exploit them for political purposes so its quite an insult to me to see motherhood cheapened by this illegal government.  While Joey Biden was making deals in Ukraine through his family to sell out our country, I was literally working 20 hours per day to make sure my family had the basics.  Any progressive would say why work so hard when you could just use the system of safety nets to stay home and spend more time with your family, and maybe play more video games.  Well, the answer to that question is that it is better to own the work, to own the money and to live honestly than to sell-out to a sugar daddy who can then take credit for raising your family robbing you of even that.  That is why what they are proposing is such a menace.  What makes a good child is not having food on the shelves, or a public transportation system to take them to the store, but in seeing their parents work hard and teach them values, and how to maintain personal ownership, more specifically owning the responsibility for being a good person. 

On the surface it sounds good to pay moms who stay home for their work by the government, but that job falls on the husband of the kids and the mom.  It is in the value the man has for the women and his kids that justifies expense.  With me, I gave 100% of my money to my wife to manage the needs of our family and I still do.  That means its worth any amount of money, whatever I can pour into it, to ensure that I have a good family, that they have the opportunity for a good life.  The government will put a cap on it, which is their point.   They will say that the efforts of a mother is only worth “this much.”  Then to get the money the moms will have to do conditional things to get it, like send the kids to the government schools and not question what goes on there for instance.  But no matter how the issue is sliced up, its bad.  Government needs to stay out of family business completely.  Instead, they need to serve the families as elected representatives, not sugar daddies.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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4 thoughts on “Government Should Serve Us, Not Be Sugar Daddies: The attempt to steal American women

  1. Just what do you call welfare for single mothers with a multitude of children per various sperm donors? You own the moms, you own the nation. When Johnson signed the very generous single mother bill, he has been quoted as saying, “we will own these nig??rs for 200 years”. How horrible of a person he was? Imagine how different this country would be with intact families with responsible dads. Every cent the government gives must be taken (a penalty) from a responsible person that “earns” a wage. “ENTITLEMENTS” have grown to an unsustainable level over the years. Now we have a president promising all benefits to those people entering our country illegally. This, while highly educated people wait for years to legally immigrate into this sovereign nation.


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