Beating the Bad Guys with Piracy: Attacking the short sellers the way they attack us

The reason I also associate myself ultimately with skulls and black flags, such as the Don’t Tread on Me flag that is always on my Overmanwarrior.Blog articles is because if the world were to fall apart, it is always my intention to turn to piracy.  Such as the example we see today, I’m a very responsible person, I pay my bills, I vote, I take good care of my family, I am politically active in helping my community anywhere I can.  I do a lot of good things every day to help make the world better before I go to bed at night.  Nobody could argue any of that for a fraction of a second.  But I personally have one primary priority in my life, and I always have, I demand to be free to do what I want, to think what I want, and to plan my life the way I want.  And when people get in the way of that, they open themselves to be destroyed.  I didn’t ask for them to stick their noses in my life, so when they feel the pain of incursion, its their fault.  But that also doesn’t always mean that you take violence to them when they need to be taught a lesson.  There are other ways which is what I’m talking about in the video above.  I call it piracy, but it can come in many forms and the best way to use piracy as an application of justice is for the very reason discussed.  You don’t ever fight an enemy on their terms.  You find their weakness then you exploit it which is precisely what a bunch of minor league investors did on Reddit when they bought up GameStop stock and turned the tide on a bunch of short sellers from major hedge funds intent to get even more wealthy crushing the long-time brick and mortar store. 

My advice to anybody who cares to listen is that the reason I don’t and never will worry what any Deep State tyranny might have planned for me is that I will turn pirate in a fraction of a second when I am attacked.  And they know it too, I’ve had to do that many times in my life.  What turning to piracy means is that if they take your means of income, if they ruin the means you have as a conservative to do all the good things above that I mentioned, then there is a way to get them back with interest.  If you honestly try to be a good person in life and they actively seek to ruin you, your job, your family with harassment as they are clearly threatening with these new cancel culture applications, then by turning pirate you can get them back by ruining all the things they care about, whether its their wealth, or dismantling their families in whatever form they value it.  The way to destroy them is not always with a noble fight in the street or at your local state capitol.  Its to hunt them in their dreams and make sleep impossible.  The black flag of piracy was used in just that sort of way when they attacked ships who psychologically knew that when they saw such a flag, that it was best to surrender on the spot rather than be captured and to lose everything upon seizer.  In a lot of ways raising the black flag saved lives. 

There has been a lot of talk about the GameStop stock over the last several days and weeks.  I personally love GameStop, I understand the changing business model, but I am very glad that these Reddit investors stood up for GameStop and ruined the plot that the hedge funds had for destroying the company through short selling.  These same villains have exploited Covid-19 to make winners and losers of a changing economy that they were shaping as they always have so its good to take the fight to them and hurt them where they are weakest.  An armed attack of their homes and the lynching of their hides would not have been more effective than the public embarrassment that they have suffered under this noble attack. It’s the same group of people who have funded this crappy government we are dealing with now and who openly stole the election of 2020 keeping Trump from a second term.  If you know the history of Barry Goldwater and Joseph McCarthy you will find the identical strategies by the Deep State establishment to ruin them.  Its not new but it is proof that our government is not our own and it gets funded by these same hedge fund operators.  The disgrace is that for so many years we’ve allowed this process to go on, the theft of our elected representatives by money made from short selling companies like GameStop and destroying like sinking ships during the Golden Age of Piracy.  Its good to turn the tables on those villains and that is what happened over the GameStop stock. 

I would say that the best way to beat the climate terrorists like John Kerry, and the executive orders of Beijing Biden is in much the same manner.  The weakness of these government terrorizers who hijacked our election in 2020 to make way for a New World Order that is funded by hedge funders and Silicone Valley billionaires is to embarrass them.  Don’t attack them with more rules that they’ll just ignore and don’t think that they’ll let you vote them out of power.  But their biggest weakness is competency, they are naturally weak when it comes to putting competency on the ground and are easy to beat if you exploit it.  When a Reddit group of investors can shake the Deep State to its very core the way the GameStop investors did, it’s a great, moral victory that we need a lot more of.  They are prepared to deal with an armed attack, and they are baiting any of us to attack them the way Timothy McVeigh did in Oklahoma City, or the way the FBI allowed Osama bin-Laden terrorists to attack the World Trade Center in order to provoke a change state of more federal control over all our lives.  They don’t care who dies, they just care that they take control of public sentiment to have an excuse to spread government deeper into our lives.  Meanwhile these hedge fund terrorists who have obviously been manipulating the market for years have always been in control because politicians will do anything to get their hands on the money made in the short selling of stock to fund the kind of villiony that we witnessed when the Robinhood app shut down the process of stock exchange to protect the hedge funders, just as they did with the Trump election.  And the GameStop stock buyers did the right thing, they turned to piracy to hurt the enemy the most by giving them back what they’ve been dishing out for such a long time.  And that sting on them is good, its better than killing them.  Exposing their incompetence is far more devastating and it is that which turning to piracy as a new form of rebellion can best unlock in our continued pursuit of freedom and hope.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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