Now the Criminal Democrats Want to Make Laws: The blue minority can’t enforce the silent majority

OK, let’s get this straight, the communist Democrats have for years broken the law, they’ve advocated for ignoring drug laws, ignoring immigration laws, supporting the terrorists of the Weather Underground, the subversion of communists into our education system, actively participated in sedition— (China espionage) and rioting in the streets whenever they don’t get their way.  But now, miraculously since they now have authorized administrative power, they want, and expect all of us to follow the rules they come up with.  Does that sound sane to you dear reader?  To me, it sounds like lunacy.  The communist left made themselves the hostile agents in politics, they decided to take power by force and by cheating and it was they who overextended themselves.  It wasn’t us who came up with all these wacky new laws and unenforceable laws.  These dumb ideas sound good in a teacher’s lounge over coffee as untested fantasies, but when applied to reality, everything falls apart quickly.  That is certainly the case with the Democrats capturing all three houses.  I know its hard for people to watch them do such stupid things to our country, but its also time for a good hard ol’ lesson that the communists invading our country have always dreaded, what happens when they actually do get power, on paper only, but power of some kind—they have to deal with the fact that their long laid plans had never been vetted and was built purely on academic theory not based on reality.

As I said in the video above, the communist Democrats are like peacocks, they are all fluffy feathers.  Pluck them clean and they are just skinny little birds easy to beat.  For those worried about house-to-house searches and worrying about losing your guns and your life to these idiots, clear your mind and think harder on the matter.  For those who are ready to take up firearms against these insurgents, hang on for a minute.  Don’t forget that all the power is really still in your hands.  These people are poised to fail like a hollow cake about to go into the oven.  Its not going to make it and they know it.  Just have a look at an election map and study all the red that is between cities and fill counties all across America.  The communists after even a century of marketing behind the Democrat Party are still in the minority.  To get that power they had to cheat massively, and they had hoped that would be all that was required of them.  Rather, all their big socialist and communist ideas are going to come up way short of reality.  Sure, they can sign executive orders.  Trump signed executive orders too, but states and people decided to defy them, and the same will happen in this case too. 

Additionally, think about the 25,000 troops that occupied Washington D.C. to protect the communists during the inauguration.  It took quite an effort to get that many troops to the capitol.  But in truth, that isn’t many people.  Spread those troops out across the country and they become weak and ineffective.  And truth be told, most of them and most of law enforcement still support Trump.  They aren’t Biden people.  25,000 is the amount of people at a college basketball game.  It looks like a lot if you pack them into an arena, but if you spread them out over the highways and communities, it doesn’t come close to covering highway exits, let alone going door to door with gun confiscations when 300 million people are armed and angry at this lying cheating communist government.  With most troops already Trump supporters, who is going to carry out all these threats that the Democrats are making?  Hmmmmmm?  Who? 

As is usually the case with communists and in general Democrats, they haven’t thought things through to their obvious conclusions.  Because they are removed from reality often, they assume that things will work out in life as they do in their limited minds with the small thinking they are only capable of.  However, reality has a harsh lesson for them.  As it has been for decades, they always had the excuse that they needed one more seat hear, or one more seat there.  Back when Obama was president, they were still denying that they were socialists and communists, so they had to still put on a public presentation that looked like what Americans expect.  And when Clinton was president, people still cared about sex, and he had all the affairs, so they were never really able to get past the social stigma in a very conservative country to unleash their wildest fantasies.  But now after they had to reveal who they were to oppose Trump, terrified that he would erase their communist efforts over the past century they had to make their move, they had the media in the bag, the voter fraud all worked out, and they were ready for their Petrograd moment.  And now they have no more excuses, and their thoughts are now running right through their fingers as they try to cup their hands together to hold back the leaky gaps.  It’s a big country that votes conservative, is trending conservative and is quickly getting more and more angry at not being listened to.  They are tired of being called names for wanting different things for America than the communists want, and they are calling the leftist bluff more and more by the day. 

These communist Democrats have bitten off far more than they can chew, and they didn’t have a plan B.  Their plots formed in academia have only attracted the minds of stupid people who can’t change their own oil.  Hardy Americans aren’t buying it, they still fly their Trump flags and are ready to follow Trump anywhere.  The real terror for the communist Democrats is that Trump was able to bring 250,000 people to Washington, far more than the government was able to bring in with troops.  And by doing a little math, if only a fraction of 1% of the 75 million people who voted for Trump showed up in such large numbers, the government does not have the resources to enforce anything.  They are paper tigers who have done a lot of talking but can’t back it up with fact or enforcement.  And most of us understand the nature of the elaborate ruse, and we remember all the laws these people have broken over the years, and we are not going to respect them now that the shoe is on the other foot.  Any law made by a hostile communist regime like what Beijing Biden represents is laughable whether or not it’s the transgender military people, or higher taxes.  Try sending some Rocky Horror Picture Show freak to tell us the Bill of Rights has been suspended.  Yeah, that won’t go over well.  Such a creature would be a laughingstock.  Not only do communist Democrats fall short on their numbers, they fall short in the kind of fighting people who would do their enforcement.  Some long-haired lip sticked pig isn’t going to make it long with any level of respect out in those deeply red counties.  And then to enforce policies by a criminal government with those kinds of people, the communists are in for a surprise. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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