Liberals are Hunting Conservatives: But it is they who are most vulnerable

Yes, the liberal communists are hunting conservatives and to those who have been following the Constitution and can see how little respect these anti-American forces have for natural law it is scary.  I still watch Rudi Giuliani’s shows on Rumble since YouTube took away his platform as well as Steve Bannon’s War Room.  Bannon had a great segment with S.G. Cheah who described much of what I have been talking about for years, only now people are listening more than they did. She is Chinese and described well the intents of communism from China now in America.  All of them have a sense of fear in their voices, terror really because they feel the game is up and there is nothing they can do about it, that the stolen election of 2020 that put Beijing Biden in place was Petrograd in 1917 and that national communism is now the way of life in America from now on.  And smart people know what that means in every tyrannical society from Stalin, to Mao, Castro, everywhere, they always purge their political rivals with firing squads and exile.  I was talking just a few days ago with a tough guy who has killed lots of people in his life, and he’s thinking the same thing.  Its over and now we are all fugitives, head for the hills and try and survive.  But now that the smoke has cleared a bit I see something different and a little knowledge of history will support that its not conservatives who should be scared, it’s the communist Democrats who have made their move without all their pieces in place, and are most vulnerable to complete collapse.   

I am not one who believes that conservatives are on the out.  They have used a lot of fancy tricks to make us feel that way, but reality has something else to say about the matter.  The great vulnerability that Democrats have with their alliance to the Devos billionaires is that communism cannot exsist alongside capitalism and requires a culture to completely remove all other options for the people in their society otherwise it dies.  As I said in the video above, that is what happened in Berlin when communism was tried there with the famous “Wall” and again in Cuba where people grabbed anything that could float and headed for Florida.  We still see that today with illegal immigration, the billionaire chess players have used global socialism and communism to take over these little armpit countries then to encourage open borders to drive them like cattle to the United States where Cloward and Piven strategies will bankrupt America with the welfare state which those same billionaire class of people make the loans with interest to solidify their control over banking and eliminating any rivals in the process.  It’s an old game headed for failure and Democrats will find quickly that it will fall on its face in America too. 

With all that said I don’t support armed conflict until these communist government types come for our guns.  When they toss out the Bill of Rights, then that would be the time to behave like that.  But we’re not there yet.  As it turns out, Trump will continue to play an active role in politics, the MAGA movement is very much intact as an infrastructure and the Democrats have shown their communist hand in ways that will bring them great pain.  Biden doesn’t know what he’s signing with the immigration plans, he doesn’t understand how money works, other than we have a laptop full of evidence showing his family, and other families in politics have become rich selling out our country to the Chinese.  When you understand what is going on it becomes clear that all these villains had to rig the election to stay out of jail.  Its not conservatives who should be heading to the hills and hiding, waiting for the federal government to come to our homes like Randy Weaver at Ruby Ridge to gun us down in a gunfight to the death by an ominous government, it’s the bluff of the Democrats that needs to be called to put the burden of hiding on them. 

To hide their weakness they have resorted to the politicization of information as a typical communist attack on our culture so to remove competing ideas from people’s minds so they can get away with this scheme.  But like I pointed out in the video, in a free culture like America where the expectation has always been in options, driving everything to a single point of failure isn’t going to fly.  The cracks are already so big just a few days into the Biden communist administration that the water is coming out of the bucket as fast as they can put it in. The problem they have is they would have to suspend openly the Bill of Rights to pull off this effort.  They are hoping to drive the American people to doing that out of a need for safety, which was what Covid was all about.  But people in the MAGA movement aren’t doing that, instead they are sticking together.  Trump is out their continuing to endorse GOP candidates which will continue.  Even the phony impeachment effort isn’t sticking as they hoped it would.  That was a shot at us all.  We feel it, but we aren’t doing what they expected, which is laying down our guns and surrendering to their “awesome” power.  Like I’ve said many other times, these dumb communist ideas sound great in a teacher’s lounge or at some dinner party in Devos, but when put to reality, they quickly fall apart.  Democrats are trying to bait us into violence so they can suspend the Bill of Rights for the “safety” of the nation, but they won’t dare do it themselves because they do not have the manpower or political will to attack 300 million guns that are already in the hands of free people scattered throughout the country in such remote locations that the government is powerless to enforce anything.  The only way they can pull this coup off is if they convince us that they have already won. 

But history shows over and over again that they are far from winning.  This politicization of information failed at the Salem Witch Trials, it failed in Nazi Germany, it is failing in modern day China, it fails everywhere its ever been tried.  Yet counting on it to work this time in the freest country on earth is their strategy.  They don’t have a plan B and they are not off to a good start.  So my advice would be to keep your guns holstered.  This is a fight they have already lost and they know it.  They committed a lot of crimes to perform this insurrection.  The courts may not want to make a call on it because they worry about being killed or harassed as hunted for upholding the law.  But there are better ways to skin this cat.  Trump and the MAGA movement are supposed to go into hiding.  If we don’t and we continue to do as we have been doing, we’ll smoke them out of their position where they are already exposed.  But they hope they can hide in all these smoke screens.  Yet they can’t.  It’s not us who should be worried about being hunted, it’s the criminal communists of the Democrat Party who are guilty and you’ll find very soon just how vulnerable they are.  So stay with it and ride out this storm. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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