Communism has Destroyed Music: How you can measure the health of any culture, especially the United States

One thing that we have not done a good job of doing is in defining why communism is bad and why capitalism is good.  Typically, we take the lazy way out and just try to villainize the other side without explaining why and how communism is a major detriment to any culture, or that capitalism helps so many people lift out of poverty.  Another dirty little secret that nobody talks about because they truly don’t understand the definitions regarding these problems because the goal of communism has always been to take from those who have and give to those who don’t to justifiably wipe out poverty.  But the communism of their method only makes more poverty.  It makes more people equally impoverished, but their intent is to make government more powerful so that they can then be the brokers of fairness.  Whereas capitalism already had the problem worked out, which is why the big unelected billionaire government that occupies so much conspiracy, yet was exposed as real in the 2020 election season want America to collapse so that the rest of the world will stop trying to be like them and ruin their plans for equal countries all over the world that will drop their local governments in favor of one global one, something like Star Trek’s Federation. 

I’m above average qualified for this topic for two reasons.  As I have said, I spent twenty years of my adult life building up a network that would allow me to be a film director in Hollywood.  It was all I wanted to do for even more years than that as I was growing up.  So I always paid close attention to box office results and how critics set up their movie reviews.  For me the Academy Awards was always like the Superbowl, I looked forward to it for months and would spend that weekend watching everything I could on the matter.  When I learned how that industry had been destroyed from within by communist insertion which had several direct impacts on me, I did become pretty disenchanted.  It was a very hard period in my life on the back of a long list of hard periods.  It was unfair and crushing to say the least.  The second is that I still do creative things, particularly in book writing.  I’ve been working on a third book over the last four years which actually deals with this subject extensively.  I did some far-flung travel as research including Japan, England and France, as well as several big locations in the United States particularly Charleston to work out the themes.  It took the time because the subject is elusive, what makes a business successful or not, a person or not, or a nation.  It’s called The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business: A skeleton Key to Western Civilization.  I’ve talked about it before, actually a lot because its been on my mind most of that time.  I had it ready to go to the publisher over Christmas, but ran into a snag with Amazon, who is the biggest bookseller in the world.  After what they did to Parler there was no way I could work with them, so I have been busy rearranging the plans for publishing the book.

In the video above I told my Walmart story which explains essentially why West Berlin and East Berlin were so radically different, one was a communist state the other was considered a western refuge of capitalism.  Now when Europe talks about capitalism, they really mean managed capitalism, more like socialism.  However, for this point, the differences between authoritarian controls of governments couldn’t be starker.  Yet the goal for socialism is always communism because it all flows out of the originator, Karl Marx and many around the world have not yet come to realize how stupid communism is, or how corrosive it is to the state of the world intellectually.  The people who sell communism to the public want to be in control, which describes the billionaire class well.  They have not yet accepted the harsh reality of what communism does to people.  So to my point we are seeing it today in our culture of arts, music, movies, television shows, in all the creative circles.  With the introduction of “wokeness” and all these social rules that are now in our entertainments in America, we are seeing the first casualties of a mixed socialist culture headed for outright communism.  The evidence for that is in the tech censorship and the endorsement of the Democrat Party of that level of state control over the population, creatively.  As I said in the video, Walmart was playing music in their store meant to cheer people up, it was a new thing at this particular store, and the music they were playing was like a greatest hits from the 80s—40 years ago! 

In the United States during the Ronald Reagan presidency, we saw a very open creative climate where new hit movies and top 40 songs were produced literally every week. We had a very vibrant entertainment culture, and our society reflected the results which then trickled into most every business and home environment in the country.  But the more mixed economy of socialism that was placed on America through Bill Clinton, George W. Bush in direct reaction to the 9/11 terrorist event, then 8 years of Obama, we have seen constant attacks on capitalism and the biggest impact that has shown its ugly head first was in our creative cultures.  Entertainment that would have been made in the 70s and 80s didn’t see the light of day in the 90s to the present.  Year by year it got worse and its not a conspiracy.  Just think of the music you like and ask yourself why you like it and compare it to the amount of music from the past and the percentage of those you also like.  I grew up in the 80s so its easy to see.  Some people born later may not even have a point of reference, but they do find they enjoy the 80s music, which is why Walmart had to dial back the clock that far just to get something piped into their stores that everyone could agree on was good. 

When a culture is dying you can see it first by the arts and entertainment because those activities are considered leisurely.  But it also takes a lot of creativity to make entertainment, to write a song or produce a movie.  I had Motley Crue’s “The Dirt” playing very loud in my car the other day and I was thinking more along these lines about the state of music.  This culture that we have today could not produce a song or a musical group that could mass produce and get rich off “The Dirt.”  There are still songs like that out there, but they are only on Apple Music or some remote access app.  People don’t have the common experience of enjoying songs together.  Even though more artists can participate through the big tech companies, the ability to hear the music is funneled through their censors and before you know it only a few technocrats are letting music out into the wider world to be enjoyed.  And when there isn’t profit on these songs, like a Motley Crue group who wanted to get rich to support their crazy drug habits and wild women then what’s the point of trying.  And in that simple statement, that is the definition of why communism fails everywhere its tried, even in the largest corporations in the world.  Once corporate communism seeps into a work culture, its over for them too.  And that is how you can know and see the dangers of communism in whatever culture you are living in.  You might not see it in the courts, or other government buildings, but you can always see it first in arts and entertainment. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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