McCarthyism Was Good: We should have listened

One of the reasons I’ve had so many jobs and experiences was because I wanted to work as a film director in Hollywood.  The closest I came was on a few occasions in the 2000s where it all started to come together and I found myself a few times hanging around “A” listers and having dinner with the finance people in the open air restaurants of Glendale and I was getting excited about it.  But while on set with a particular project about the time that Facebook was hatching and we were all talking about it at the catering truck it was clear that I was a Midwest guy too set in my conservative values to work in the Hollywood of this century.  It wasn’t personal, but I was a white guy, I was Biblically conservative from Ohio, and I just didn’t fit the mold the entire industry was shaping.  That made sense to me to some extent, my reasons for being there were actors like Clint Eastwood, John Wayne, Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson—and these people were as far away from those guys that you could get.  This wasn’t the Hollywood I wanted to work in and these were not the people I wanted to call friends, and believe me, the feeling was mutual.  They liked me for what they could get out of me, but that was as far as that ball could be thrown and it was a major disappointment. A real let down. 

With that stigma out of the way, and that dream crushed I decided to take a different career path, but instead of becoming bitter, I refocused my efforts into fighting the conditions that turned Hollywood, which I loved, into such a terrible place making such terrible products.  But one thing has always bugged me, I was invited to the table because of some of my skills and talents, but I was blacklisted when they found out how conservative I was.  It became clear to me that the Joseph McCarthy hearings from the 50s were absolutely right, communists had infiltrated Hollywood and many industries, yet they pled the 5th Amendment and proceeded to attack our country rotting it from the inside out.  I had always suspected such a thing was happening but now I had proof and evidence of reverse discrimination.  Democrat communists during the McCarthy hearings all the way up to the present would point to the threat of blacklisting that they all feared coming out of that event.  After all, they were Americans too.  It just wasn’t right.  I always gave them the benefit of the doubt but what I witnessed in reality was that it was always just reverse discrimination.  The communists of the Soviet Union, and now China were always intent to capture American broadcasting and entertainment, and I saw it up close.  I liked the people personally, but they were certainly drunk on ideology. 

I was invited to give a private bullwhip show to an A-list actress and her children while I was at an event, which I did.  Her family really appreciated it and she wanted to talk.  She was as far left as the most devoted communist although she had almost no idea what a communist was by definition.  But by ideology she knew that as a leading actress, she had to think those things to make a living and she was making a great living.  Sure, I liked her as a person, and many of her friends.  But her mind was trash, complete garbage.  No wonder it was so easy for communism to penetrate Hollywood at every level.  It came in through finance, we had a few of those at the same event and they were interested in my bullwhip act too.  And they wanted to talk, but they represented pure communist Chinese investment into Hollywood starting on the technical end.  Of course the usual thing that happens at those events is that when people start talking, you never tell people what you really think about things, you go along with those who have all the gold, because as I have said before, “he who has the gold, rules.”  Communists stole the gold from America then used it to gain power over them.  It was as simple as that.

But the evils of McCarthyism that Democrats are always talking about have been committed by them many times over.  They cried foul during the McCarthy hearings about their fears of being blacklisted, then they turned right around once they gained power and started blacklisting everyone.  I know firsthand which is the point of this article.  Now I’m not one to cry about things.  I just took my lifelong dream and applied it to other things and I’ll always be successful because that’s what I do.  But I saw the blacklisting up close, and now that the communists have put Biden in the White House, the Democrats/communists feel drunk with power and have suggested the blacklisting of Trump appointees and anybody caught supporting the Trump administration.  That is the kind of blacklisting Democrats were terrified of during the McCarthy hearings, but now we know why they cried about it so deeply.  We have now witnessed the Democrats playbook for several decades now, and we understand the goals of the communists over the last century and its clear that they always meant to use the guilt of good people to put powers in place that they were actually doing.  Joseph McCarthy was right when he called out communism and he built a compelling case which the FBI was able to support with hard evidence.  But it wasn’t the conservatives that were doing the blacklisting.  It turned out to be the Democrats when they took over the industries like Trojan Horses pretending to work with Americans but always seeking to destroy it from within and topple the capitalist system of its economy and to replace it with a global communist model. 

Because of my personal experiences I saw this all happening much sooner than the Obama or eventual Biden communist governments directly tied to China and Iran for the spread of the virus of political ideology called communism.  But there was never more proof than in watching the first two or three days of the Biden administration after its swearing in.  Trump was pro America first, Biden was anti-America everything and the roots of that hatred comes from the intentions of the communist who have been very open about their goals.  But when McCarthy tried to root them out of our society before it was too late, they pled the 5th and cried foul on future blacklisting of jobs.  As it turned out, they were just projecting what they were planning all along, to take over industries and use corporatism taught in college to infect entire future generations with woke communism and to rule by blacklisting which is on the tip of everyone’s tongue these days.  Its to the point where most conservatives are now really concerned about losing their ability to make a living due to communist blacklisting.  It wasn’t McCarthy who was guilty of proposing such a thing.  As it turned out the communists were angry at him for revealing their plans, because that is how they always meant to spread in America.  And now we can see the plot for what it always was. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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