Conspiracy Theories are the First Step in Solving Problems: How Beijing Biden will try to hide his failures

We’ve seen this game before, however this time we have history to reflect on.  A Democrat administration comes into office with the House and Senate under their command and they immediately attack the aspects of society that they consider “fringe” in order to send a message to the rest of American society.  The process of these endeavors spawn many conspiracy theories, conspiracies because the facts of the matter are often hidden by the government in the same way that censorship played a role in the 2020 election, to keep evidence from debate so that a line of official government dialogue can be used to shape a social narrative.  But for the Ruby Ridge incident where the FBI and ATF stepped way over the line to inspire nation wide support for government gun control, it was a disaster.  It didn’t work, Ruby Ridge was a massacre by government forces on a family living in the mountains trying to get away from an overly regulated society.  A year later, the Clinton administration tried it again with the Waco incident which turned out to be a massive failure with many innocent lives lost.  These events supposedly inspired Timothy McVeigh to become a domestic terrorist and blow up the Federal Building in Oklahoma City, to get revenge on a tyrannical government.  So, we should conclude based on statements from the Biden administration that the government is again early in its term going to poke the fence to provoke radicalized anti-government types to do something stupid to give them justification to throw out the Bill of Rights and the entire American Constitution in favor of a new form of global court in the hands of the United Nations. 

It was great that nobody in any of the capitals of states all across the United States did not jump offsides after being provoked by the FBI to do so at the Beijing Biden inauguration.  They fully intended to capitalize off of some anger from Trump supports to carry them into early executive orders against guns, and you could tell by Biden’s little speech that was on their mind.  When they were talking about defeating domestic terrorism they weren’t talking about their people, the Antifa thugs, the Black Lives Matters vandals, the Hollywood threats of violence, the abortion protestors, the nude girls of Peta, or CNN producing the movie Blackfish to attempt to destroy Sea World as a company to implement their version of environmentalism.  No, they were talking about you and me dear reader whom they consider “alt right,” people who believe in family unity, God and the American flag and guns to protect our property from insurgent attackers and other hostile agents.  When they talk about domestic terrorism the interpretation is based on what they are “terrorized” by, such as knowing who our moms and dads are, of being firmly comfortable with our sexualities, and waking up every morning and going to a job and earning money instead of looking to government to take care of us and keep in power a perpetual government class of bureaucrats who can rule behind their desks all our lives with minimal effort by their part.  And it is with that definition of attacking our sensibilities that they plan to rule the world by provoking us to jump off their hard count and to get penalized by the result.

Conspiracy theories are perfectly logical ways of solving problems, you must always ask questions before you can fix something.  Such as why does my engine make this noise when I start it, because it sounds bad?  Well, you wouldn’t start your analysis by cleaning the seats of your car or checking the battery cables.  You would want to look somewhere in the vicinity of the starter, or perhaps the engine oil level to figure out why there is a grinding noise.  You might conclude through logic that it is the pinion of the starter that is staying engaged with the engine too long on start up and that is the source of the problem.  Until a correction is made, it could be said that the starter has caused a conspiracy to the proper functioning of an engine and until the fix is concluded it is a theory.  Of course, the next step would be to change the starter with a new part.  Upon starting the car and the noise suddenly goes away, we can now say that we have a conspiracy fact and have solved the problem.  The problem with government is that we can think of all the ways to fix a problem that we see and hear, but the government is constantly destroying the evidence to the fix leaving us to never fixing the problem which then leads to frustrations.  People who get tired of this nonsense then become anti-government types, because they can see and hear the problems, but the government because it wants the car always broken for their own grip on power always prevents fixing the problems.  The government of course has a bus service, and they want us to ride their bus instead of driving our car because it gives them control of our lives, where we go, when we get there and what we do while in transit.  Anti-government forces aren’t born like a deer in the forest, they are made by the incompetence of the government around them and people line up on the political spectrum based on their tolerance for failure. 

Some people who are really good at fixing things for instance might be the first to get upset and move to a mountaintop to get away from a stupid government, or they might move into a Waco compound to escape an evil world full of problems with no solutions in the outside world.  Other people who couldn’t fix a door latch to their homes might always look to government to fix everything.  When they notice a squeak of a wagon wheel, they call government to fix it.  The repair person may just put some oil on the thing to make it go away which is simple enough.  But to the ignorant caller, the government may look like a miracle worker.  Whatever the case, the tolerance for government failure is the real issue and the conspiracy theories cause by problems where solutions are not allowed will continue to be a force of politics.  But the cause of it all is government failure and government’s desire to maintain an illusion of competency.  That is why they target incidents like the Ruby Ridge debacle or Waco.  They want a side story that makes them look good in comparison and drives society toward social movement that seeps deeper into communism during each occurrence.  And they are going to try it early and often with a Biden administration.  That is why its important not to bite on it, don’t make it easy for them because they will be an administration of failure and the worse it gets for them, the more they will try to inspire conspiracy theories to distract from their problems.   The best way to crush them is to let them be exposed in that failure and not to give them easy distractions toward the true domestic terrorism, the ones they always cause.  They bust the people who react to them, so don’t take the bait.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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