Communists are Lazy: The little secret they try to hide from the world

I didn’t suddenly become obsessed with the word “communism.”  Communism has been with us for a great many years, and I have been grateful that over the last four years I have not had to think much about it.  Trump has done a great job and put China in a check position beating them at the trade wars and other policies that had been ripping off Americans for years. During the Tea Party years, I was in fact very concerned about communism and how they had infiltrated the teacher unions of our education system, and all labor unions in general.  But with Trump’s America First agenda, he had put communism on its heels and on the defensive for the first real time in my lifetime.  Even doing a better job at it than Ronald Reagan during the Cold War with Russia.  However, I have been on something of a journey over these past few years as I enjoyed Trump’s presidency.  First, I was able to do something I had wanted to do for a very long time, visit the British Museum and study the spots where Karl Marx did his work on his books.  I didn’t do that because I like Marx, but to answer several questions that I had about the matter, such as why did Marx spend all his time in the British Museum library leaving his kids and wife at home struggling with poverty?  And why did London so openly let Marx do his communist work in their city when he had been exiled elsewhere.  The answer actually was very disappointing, and it told me a lot about the kind of people who push communism, but as I expected, it gave insight into how to beat them at their own game, which is why now that there is a Biden administration that is pushing Chinese communism as a global takeover of the American way of life, it has become relevant.

I’ve written a few books, and I’ve been writing another one, one I’ve been talking about for a while called The Gunfighter’s Guide to Business: A Skelton Key to Western Civilization.  It was about to go to print when Amazon’s AWS business cut Parler out of their servers and the great purge of conservatives went full communist book burning.  Much of my book’s business plan involved Amazon but their actions certainly changed that.  So I am restructuring to find a way to put the book out that doesn’t involve Amazon, the largest bookseller in the world.  Not an easy problem to deal with.  But it’s coming along.  I may lose a few months, but that’s OK.  The difference in writing a book and not just filming a video or writing a blog article is that a book needs to work at many significant levels of understanding to be worthy of such an undertaking.  It’s not a problem for me to write 100,000 words.  I could do that in a day or two, but what needs to happen is that the book needs to be special, something that goes behind thoughts and observances.  And to do the research for the book I have been traveling, which is how I found myself in the British Museum trailing Marx and his habits thinking about him walking those streets, talking to people at the local pubs, riding trains and what going to the grocery looked like for his poor and sad wife with his kids literally dying of poverty.  I had observed that Marx and his theories have deeply affected corporate structure, which I had seen a lot of, and I needed to understand it so I could write my book on western strategy in the way of business and in politics that would be something significant in the way I consider books significant in my life such as The Art of War and The Book of Five Rings.  I felt the West needed its own book on strategy because in the vacuum of not having such a book European Marxism had infected most corporate cultures and that through China and the rest of Asia had stepped into Buddhist culture and had found a home there in religion and business.  We have seen this attack of Marxism and outright communism in Lean Manufacturing where group consensus building was prioritized over the efforts of individualized leadership. 

I’m not giving away anything that will erode the value of that new book of mine to announce why I have now looked at communism as the new great threat resurrected from the past that we must concern ourselves with.  I don’t know that anybody has ever really defined why communism was evil or a menace to our civilization.   We only pointed out that it was.  Without giving the answer properly it has left it open for communists coming out of our colleges, going into our corporate climates, and emerging in politics to absorb the trends creating a mixed society of misery and discomfort for all.  Yet the purpose of a book is to define those abstract concepts which in defense of Western Civilization must happen.  Especially since we don’t have Trump fighting the good fight from the White House presently.  Those fights will need to be fought by others now and to win a fight, everyone must understand the objectives.  With that in mind the reason communism is so dangerous, as its creative Karl Marx personified extravagantly is that it is the philosophy for the lazy.  Karl Marx was the kind of person who would rather hide in a library than to deal with the realities of existence, so his philosophy of Marxism reflects that as it merged into communism.  Lazy people love communism, including the Chinese, the heads of big corporations, and the leaders of political parties.  Not because they as leaders aren’t ambitious, but because they are too lazy to deal with the immense variables that come from a democratic society where everyone has a different point of view about just about everything.  As a manager seeking to make the best enterprise out of their business or their country, it would be easier if everyone just thought the same thing and lived in the same house, made the same level of money because the results would be predictable. 

I have far different ideas about how management structures should be organized and that’s why I’m writing a book on that specific topic, and I mean for it to be a guidebook for Western Civilization.  For many years we’ve heard bitch after bitch about the downfall of Western Civilization, how America will be the next Rome brought down by the barbarian hoards.  But I don’t see that happening because the barbarians of communism around the world have one big fatal flaw, they are lazy and looking to hide their lackluster ambitions behind the communism philosophy that lets them hide behind others for output.  Lean Manufacturing as we inherited it from Asia has huge traces of Marxism in it and that has greatly held back the potential of all Western countries who have adopted that madness for consensus building rather than the proper management of individualized resources who are loose on their feet, piratical in their love of profit, but otherwise difficult to point in a direction that any organization needs for success.  So by seeking that answer it uncovered the big secret as to why globalists want communism for their take overs of the world, or why nations like China are trying to shove it onto the rest of the world.  Because it lowers the bar to the level communists are comfortable with, because essentially, they are too lazy to compete. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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