A New Kind of Enemy: The Millennials next door from punk rock festivals

We must always remember, we’re living in the future, not the past.  These modern villains are not the mustache curling black hatted varmints of some wild west past, these such as Zuckerberg had bar mitzvahs that were Star Wars themed where one day they were eating Darth Vader birthday cake, then just 8 years later were one of the richest people in the world.  We’re dealing with a new kind of villain when we are talking about the wealthy social media giants who have inserted themselves into our American republic to overthrow it into the realm of Chinese communism and so far our approach has been to sit around and whine about how unfair it all has been.  As I said in my video above, we’re dealing with the first generation of “everybody gets a trophy” types of kids who are just now getting into middle age as they have been wealthy for all of their adult lives, that’s certainly the case with Jack Dorsey of Twitter and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook.  They are millennials raised under conditions we always warned about.  Even though Dorsey and Zuckerberg did appear to have decent childhoods with intact family structures, their followers at the social media companies they created didn’t and it makes social collectivism very easy to follow which is now why so many of them are gravitating to big brother Chinese communist government for some sense of belonging to something family like.  If these millennials couldn’t get a positive family experience out of their biological families then they might think to have it through their nations, states and global governments. And that makes them all very dangerous, but without the scary facades we are used to seeing from villains.  These villains are your next door neighbors and the kids you bought cookies from during school fundraisers.  And that brief hesitation has caused us to not recognize the evil that has been amiss and gives us this current dilemma as these tech companies have made themselves their own kind of government not working to preserve America, but to overthrow it.

Jack Dorsey might need to find himself through meditation retreats like the ones he does to Myanmar but he does not have a right to run America.  Bill Gates is another tech billionaire who like the Beatles before him found fascination with Eastern cultures and their techniques on meditation, then fancied themselves as boons to the evils of Western Civilization by teaching all of us to wear a nose ring and to be more “Buddhist” in our thinking of the world.  For many years the silent war between the East and the West has targeted the perceived self-greed of the west with answers shown from the East, in their acceptance of being just one little speck of dust in the scheme of things and to accept the sorrows of life willingly.  In other words, let down your guard to communism and find peace in collective salvation.  Lost people like Dorsey and Gates who have apparently always struggled to find themselves as tech geeks among the accepted mainstream members of western civilization have raged against the machine until they became the machine.  And now that they have been given such power, seek to use it to overthrow the idea of America with a government that was never elected, but was put in place through wealth, influence, and a little help from the philosophies of the East which look so good to a punk rock lover like Dorsey, or a dateless geek like Zuckerberg.

These millennials who now run Silicone Valley did not grow up with the reality of Ralphie from A Christmas Story.  They likely have no idea who Roy Rogers was.  But they could tell you where the next punk rock festival is going to be playing and where you can buy a hit of speed, dope, or some other illicit drug in San Francisco.  Their parents didn’t take them out shooting with a new Red Ryder BB gun.  Likely they saw their friends get in trouble at school for even making the shape of a gun with their fingers, so they turned to video games and computer equipment instead.  And since the rest of the world had not figured out the untapped market of electronics, these millennial geeks had a captive audience, even if they still had a lot of personal problems to work out first.  But before they knew it, people like Dorsey were at the White House advising presidents, working on the board at the Walt Disney Company, and were the objects of affection from governments all over the world who want to rule them all using tech to perform the task not with guns, but with “like” buttons.  And that’s where we find ourselves presently, that is the kind of war we are fighting and against whom.  These tyrants snuck up on us because they were positioned as the boys next door harmless and well-intentioned providing technology that was open sourced and very Keanu Reeves like.  The average shopper at Game Stop could understand and support.  Even the blue haired punk rocker throwing their fists to the machine could like.  Then suddenly during the election of 2020 we saw that the antiestablishment tech companies had become the machine they were all raging against, and that the nose rings and blue hair was all just a ruse.  Twitter and Facebook had aligned with the communist governments of the world to destroy America with the same immature reality that a punk rocker goes to a concert drunk and on drugs to dance the night away in a vein effort to find themselves in a mosh pit in front of the stage of a bunch of sweaty teenagers singing the latest song about rebellion just as the Chinese overlords smile to themselves at such a silent overthrow.

But like all children who make their first poo, or find it funny to pass gas or to belch, these millennials think they made the Trump movement, and the MAGA participants and they actually have the audacity to feel bad about it, as if they were responsible for the Trump presidency and that through their eastern aligned meditations feel they must also end it.  So they pulled us all in by pretending to be our friends, then during a critical election year, turned against not just us, but all of America in favor of a global alliance with hostile communist forces from China.  They didn’t think of it as treason or sedition as they promoted to keep hydroxychloroquine away from the people who needed it because the coronavirus was meant to turn the world to socialism, then Chinese communism outright suspending our constitution through emergency orders.  And if that wasn’t bad enough, they openly participated in vile censorship that belongs only in communist countries like China, and they applied it to American culture without regret.  But worst of all, they assumed that would do the trick, that people would take it and that would be the end of the story, that retribution for their actions would not come to pass.  And it is there that they showed their lack of understanding about the world and that people were more complicated than “like” buttons.  And now they find themselves under fire in ways they never thought possible.  Which they deserve the pain that comes thereafter.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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