Why the Super Rich Love Communism: They took over our government a long time ago

Its not as if there were a century of buildup to this communist plot, so none of this happening now should come as a surprise to anybody.  But that’s what it is and its what a band of unelected wealthy people have joined together to give the world so to usher in the New World Order that conspiracy theorists have been talking about for years.  Climatically, its that old communism that has been in charge of most of the world for all of Warren Buffett’s life, and certainly Bill Gates, George Soros, Michael Bloomberg and all the big tech millennials.  Like their influence in global politics, they have kept the name and goals of their communist movement quiet so to spring it on us at just the right time.  For them, that time would have been in 2016 when nobody took Donald Trump as a serious threat from the established side of politics, and it would have been Hillary Clinton who pulled the rip cord on all out communism.  This time around these billionaires left nothing to chance, even though Trump won 10 million more voters this time around as opposed to when he won in 2016, the global communist insurgents simply bought the election results so that they could control all three branches of American government, the Legislative of course, the Executive, and through threats and intimidation, the Judicial.  Additionally, the media was bought and paid for too, so from there perspective, the election of 2020 was a game over situation.  There was nowhere for dissent to go but into their waiting arms like broken horses looking for a master to ride them to their deaths. 

Yet the mystery that emerges is why would the billionaire class align themselves to anti-capitalist communists?  Well, the answer was found in the Carroll Quigley book Tragedy and Hope which I’m referring to a lot these days because of its relevance.   I could also point to all of Jim Marrs books which are categorized as severe conspiracy theory, even though most of what he has written about is turning out to be true except for the proof of an Alien Agenda.  Those books are fun to read and think about, but nothing says global conspiracy than an author who was so arrogant that he told the plot himself in a massive book to prove how smart he was, and that one of our presidents emulated religiously, Bill Clinton.  When people use the lazy word, “globalists” they are referring to people like Quigley and the communists who are looking for global domination as the way to bring peace to the world, as they see it of course.

The fear that always comes up on the conspiracy theory front is that we must accept a reality that exists outside of our constitutional republic.  Our government was not built to protect itself from such foreign invaders as those who are domestic and foreign at the same time operating above global governments where they treat our republic like a state government for which they heavily influence with financing.  And once they have conquered the federal and state governments of the United States, there is nothing to protect the people of America from hostile communist takeover.  The billionaires picked communism just as most corporations do because its easy for a top manager to use in order to get everyone to do what they want them to do.  From their perspective we are looked upon as pawns in a great chess game, not people with individual rights.  And in chess you know how the game works.  You don’t want the chess pieces doing all kinds of crazy things, they are meant to be used to protect the king and the queen, not to have independence from the game.  Communism fits this mode nicely for them because it simplifies the rules for those who want to rule from a global elite status, a club that requires you to be a billionaire and to accept the unspoken rules.  Trump made this group angry as a fellow billionaire because he used his status to become president, which delayed their long-laid plans, and they are furious with him over it, which explains the barrage of antagonism they have employed to destroy him over the last four years.  The government of America was simply acting as pawns on behalf of this elected billionaire class of people, and that is why we have this helpless feeling in the wake of Trump.  Trump was elected to bring republican government back without having to have a civil war with violence.  Now that we have seen these villains come out of their hiding places, now we have a dilemma. 

I’ve always been skeptical of communism, but I have trusted our government to keep these powers in check.  I would read Jim Marr’s conspiracy books like a kid would read a comic book, for entertainment and fun things to think about.  I say fun because to accept those proposals as a reality would require very serious conduct to correct, and that’s why we had elections.  So, in trust of that system, those were the rules.  But now we see that the worst-case scenario is the situation and that forces us to take things to another step.  Yielding to these people is not an option, but to what degree we must take action, that is the current debate which is evolving as we speak.  But before we can do that, we must know what we are dealing with, and now we do.  It’s a billionaire class of insurgents who are using their wealth to bypass our global governments and to instill communism to unite the world under an easy management system for them to deal with.  Communism has never been successful, especially for the people downstream of it.  But for the very top, the absolute authority it gives them over what they consider to be the “pawns” of life is beneficial to them.  The Trump presidency forced them to reveal it, which we should be grateful of.  Because prior to 2020, we had no way of knowing who was playing the real chess game because we were led to believe it was our own government representing us as a republic, not as an insurgent class operating outside the rules of our Constitution not just for a few years, but decades, really planting the seeds for a century to implement.  They were patient the way chess players often are.  And they carried it out with their fortunes passed from one generation to another to have their grandchildren implement, or in George Soros’ case, (first generation because he’s as old as dirt). 

However, to answer the question for this purpose, now you know and can use that knowledge to help solve the problem.  It is good to read books on conspiracy to know what questions to ask, but nothing is better than actual perspective from one of them, which is what Carroll Quigley’s book represents.  From him you get the Georgetown perspective of academia who are all for this billionaire class taking over America with communism.  They have been teaching it to us and our kids for a very long time, without mentioning the “C’ word of course.  But now the masks are off, and we can see what they are, and now is the time for us to do something about it.

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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4 thoughts on “Why the Super Rich Love Communism: They took over our government a long time ago

  1. Hey Rich,

    Good piece however, I think there are only two ways out of this – 1 – every wrong direction pushed through by the Dems be contested and lawsuits filed to get them to the supreme court before they pack SCOTUS or, 2-armed conflict. At this point the Dems have fully captured the flag and we are now in a totalitarian take-over. As you know when you have one party unchecked controlling all branches of government, the opposing side will never win. With Biden being health compromised and seemingly unable to take on anything requiring critical thinking and decision making, his left-wing handlers are in charge – and he will likely sign anything put it front of him.

    Too much damage will occur over the next two years that there will be no return – especially with wide open borders and getting rid of the filibuster. I’m feeling that armed conflict could be on the way but I hope for peaceful legislative solutions.

    Randy Simmons Mobile: 513-509-0939



    1. Hey, its great to hear from you. You certainly aren’t alone in your thoughts. Very smart people who are very peace loving are saying precisely the same thing. But I think we have more options than they want us to believe. There are still cards in the deck to play before all Hell breaks loose.


  2. Sadly, few heeded my warnings. Dumbing down generations of children in government/union controlled schools produced followers. Unfortunately, the people they follow are also dumbed down. Check out the caliber of the entertainment that they blindly follow. Few consider themselves “Patriots.” Few were taught government and American history.


    1. You’ve always tried to warn everyone about John Dewey and the communists of doom. At least now when we talk about communism, people don’t think we are wearing tinfoil hats. They might say so, but they don’t believe it any longer. The evidence is right in front of all our faces.


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