Insurrection: It wasn’t the Trump supporters, it was the government that did the deed

Insurrection, who us?  Trump supporters who were born out of the Tea Party movement?  Yes, we had an insurrection of the Republican Party, we pushed out RINOs where we could through voting and years of reading books and sharing the titles with others so we could vote more properly.  We didn’t take the Republican Party over by gun point.  But through education.  And when we managed to get Trump in office, he followed the Constitution by the letter and represented his voters religiously.  He may not actually be as conservative as he legislated, but he kept his word and did a damn good job.  So, what are we to make of the overreaction by communist leftists who lied, cheated, and actually stole the election of 2020 then expected the rest of us to just take it and like it?  A few angry people stormed the Capitol building when the voter certification happened, and the feeling of betrayal had nowhere to go.  We did not have a lawful society, but a government of thieves, and liars. For some people it was too much, but then there were agitators among the groups meant to make things look worse, which is an old-time playbook by the communists going back to their march against the provisional government of Russia in Petrograd.  It was nothing new, but it happened recently, and the Democrats know that they have many crimes to hide, so they tried to use the distraction of the Capitol protest to justify a complete lockdown of capitals all across America from an angry mob who had just watched a communist coup of our government by them inserting Beijing Biden as RINO Republicans contemplated impeachment of a very, very popular President in Trump.

Now my position after a lot of contemplation on the matter is to use the contrasts of a Biden communist government to defeat the assumption that the Trump pro capitalist government was anything less than spectacular.  In just a few years the mistakes of the Biden people will be gloriously obvious, and we can then put this communist argument to bed for perhaps forever.  The trajectory of the world is toward more freedom, not more state control, so this long-planned effort by the communists of China to take control of America through controlling both parties of North American politics is about 15 years too late.  The Biden communists are doomed to play their communist concert at the train station long after the train has left the station with everyone on it.  The insurrection has not come from the Trump people, it came from a minority government that did not have voter support in the election which they broke all kinds of federal laws to steal, and they can’t afford to have people call them out on it.  The insurrection of anything is completely on the head of them.  Trump supporters have been very patient and remarkably well behaved.  So we really don’t need a lecture from the likes of the Democrats about anything regarding insurrection accusations.  Any insurrections that have occurred, or have even been thought about are the ones they are guilty of as they have attempted to replace a capitalist form of government with a Chinese communist one. 

The capacity to lie and manipulate has never better been seen than in the Democrats of 2020.  I always point back to the year of Covid-19, an obvious hoax.  Sure, most of my family has had it.  Most people I know professionally have had it.  Most everywhere you go someone has had it, and they’ve recovered from it.  I view it as a tough cold.  But to make it out to a deadly disease that we must implement all these communist plots like mask mandates and social distancing have been a joke.  It might have worked in a communist country like China where over a billion people do what the state tells them because they know of no other way of living.  America knows better, we’ve tasted freedom and we expect freedom.  We have played along with the mask mandates expecting a return to normal.  And now that it is obvious to the rest of the world that the communists of the political left never plan to go back to normal, that these new rules were invented to change American society forever into a communist one have only created more anger.  Its not the angry people who are at fault, it’s the people who made those people angry on purpose with malicious intent.  The insurgents!

The insurgency was made by Democrats around this inauguration to cover their crimes, their many crimes.  For the evidence I always refer to the Biden laptop. I said before the election that the Democrats couldn’t afford to lose, because a law-and-order Trump second term would only put their criminal conduct on trial.  Their wealthy billionaire supporters behind all this crime was even more guilty.  They have stuck themselves into the role of unelected officials attempting to overthrow America through the buying up of our elected representatives robbing us of the merit of our votes. Then to take it several steps further when we voted for Trump anyway, they stole that too.  And before we can figure out what happened to us, they are using that tired old playbook of the past, of poking us in the eye trying to get us to take a swing so they could cry abuse of them and make themselves victims of the things they are actually guilty of.  With all the precautions of the Beijing Biden inauguration they weren’t there to stop an insurrection, it was to protect the insurgents from the actions they committed from half the nation angry about it. 

Oh, I know, I can hear the Sovereign Citizens now, none of us are free, we are all owned by a corporate cabal of the billionaire class who own our mortgages, our jobs, all of our debt and they can cash out on us any time they want, we are all slaves to them.  Or the Oath Keepers who pledge Constitutional purity in all forms who have no tolerance for any of this and are ready to fight to the death to defend our country.  Whomever it is and whatever group they come from, all of them are a little bit right in what they say.  But what they aren’t are the insurgents.  The insurgents are those who have tried to implement communism in America through left-leaning policies from Nazi socialism to Marxist communism being taught in our local universities hidden carefully behind college football programs to chase it all down with something we all enjoy.  There are a lot of very angry people, but they weren’t born that way.  They had their way of life assaulted and attacked outrightly and through deceit and they are looking for a head to pay for it all.  But it wasn’t them who caused all the trouble, and it certainly wasn’t they who are or were the insurgents.  The insurgents are those who believe in communism and have tried to stick it in our lives against our will, even to the point where they highjacked our election system.  Up until now we could always rely on elections to get rid of the bad people in our government.  But in 2020, the insurgents showed us that not even that would work, that they were prepared to take America by force if necessary, and it is that which has caused all the trouble.  And what has created the world we are in now. 

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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