The Dirty Little Secret of the Biden Inauguration: Using Covid again as a political weapon and to conceal malicious intent

The thing to remember about the Beijing Biden inauguration of 2021 is that they had to use Covid to hide the lack of public support at the ceremony and that they had to use Covid-19 to cheat the election in the first place to even get there.  In the video above, I was working through my thoughts on a very emotional day, one where I feel a personal rage, but also used some extensive experience in keeping my thoughts on the legal side of history, and not surrendering to the inflammatory rage that I have been feeling.  The value of strategy is to not let the whims of emotion rob you of your wits when you need it most, and for this kind of major communist insurrection, the ability to identify a proper strategy into what happens next is the most important thing.  And that’s the conclusion of the entire inauguration for insurgent President Biden and his legions of communist doomsdayers and left-winged radicals.  The communist left does not have the numbers they need to show support for this president and they had to hide that fact with fake Covid protocols, which were originally made up to destroy President Trump’s chances of getting elected, even though the numbers on the ground show clearly that Trump won.  The bean counting communists and the political machine made up of the billionaire government class of Soros, Gates and the gang had to cheat to win, and they used Covid to hide it, which was clearly the theme of the inauguration event.  Every camera angle said to the world, “we do not have support from the American people, so we are using Covid protocols to make it look good for the show.” 

As I have said everything I have about Covid, let me share a bit of personal news.  Today is the day that my family has been given to see my mother who is in a nursery home recovering from Covid-19.  We are allowed 15 minutes to see her through a window.  A lifetime of experience with a person has had the government come in and regulate how much we can see her or her us, and the whole thing is based on complete political garbage and made-up facts by government bureaucrats meant to justify their insatiable need for power.  And for my enemies reading this, I never in a given day spend more than 15 minutes in close contact with anyone, so forget the contact tracing.  I’m not surrendering my liberty for any occasion, even when it becomes personal like this.  So, my hatred for Covid-19 and the governments that created it is intensely maniacal, especially since people close to me have gotten the illness.  I have taken it personal.  Still my opinion about it is more resolute than ever.  Covid-19 is a fake.  I’ve seen people come down with it.  I’ve watched them get over it.  Especially my mom.  If she can recover given some of her health issues, anybody can.  As far as I’m concerned, the only threat to people who get sick of it comes from the government that has stuck their noses into family business and taken people like her into quarantine without a support structure to use her as a political pawn meant to infect presidential global politics.  So, for those who think I feel the way I do about Covid because it hasn’t hit home, think again.  Instead of lightening up on the issue, I hate the government more than ever for lying to us and using Covid to advance a communist political agenda.  Nothing the CDC has come up with to deal with Covid is what I would consider viable science.  Its speculative voodoo at best.

Call me Dr. Cliffhanger if you want, I feel I can talk shop with any doctor in the world.  Most people feel like doctors are a special group of smart people, but to me they are just another overly specialized field of endeavor.  Nothing special, but to believe what some of them, not all of them, but certainly the government doctors who get paid to sell a party line—you would have to accept that they are smarter than you are.  Which they aren’t.  At this point I know personally hundreds of people who have had Covid and the carnage has not matched the hype on television and elsewhere in the media.  I live my life in such a way as I never have more than 15 minutes around anybody, so I’m not participating in this government scam.  It was a scam in the beginning, and when the established way of things saw that the public would obey orders, and would fall for the Covid Scam, the same billionair class of government behind our government decided to call all in and use Covid to cheat this election.  Then they used Covid to hide the fact that they didn’t actually have voters to come to the inauguration, so they pretended that Covid was dangerous, but that it really gave them a fake cover story to hide their steal of the election.  There is nothing dangerous about Covid.  They have been lying to us all along and continue to because they’ve dug themselves in such a deep hole with it, that there is no coming out now.  But that is what the lack of crowds told me as to what was happening at the inauguration.

I didn’t tell the little story about my personal experiences with Covid in the video even though I was thinking about it, because I don’t like to do that.  But it did make me angry to see how the government tried to sell their cheat through innocent people like my family and other people I know who are gullible on the matter and do put their trust in the “authorities,” who don’t feel they can dispute a doctor recommendation.  The unnecessary level of pain they have put people through just to sell their disruptive characters and to steal an election was reprehensible.  But it does reveal something important about our enemy, that they know they don’t have the numbers to beat a populist president.  And they knew they couldn’t show public enthusiasm for their communist pick in Biden against the will of the public and they had to use Covid to hide the lack of social interest.  Its all part of the same grand lie that is all interconnected between Covid-19 as a direct path to global communism led by the Chinese and mass voter fraud again on behalf of the tampering by the Chinese into the political investments they have made in both parties of American politics.  This was an unforgivable scandal privately and internationally, and it was a circus to watch.  A display of pure evil and something that will require revenge on a mass scale to resolve.  But when I say revenge, I don’t mean in the ways they understand, such as violence.  I mean to destroy everything their beings are made of, to the very spirit of communism that they have embedded in our culture for the last century.  Yet what was revealed at the inauguration is their distinct knowledge of their fatal flaw which Covid attempted to hide.  But for those not so inclined to being suckers, they saw it for what it was, and their weakness is spread open for all to see.  

Cliffhanger the Overmanwarrior

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